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I have some Grand Canyon Tips for you. My name is Dana, my boyfriend is Fred and I‘d like to tell you about our recent vacation to the famous Grand Canyon. Our adventure started last summer while we were on a wonderful vacation in Las Vegas. It occurred to me that the Grand Canyon was only 250 miles away.

Now, we had only ever seen pictures of the Grand Canyon but we had always said that we must see it before we get too old to travel.

So we started asking questions to see if we could afford a side trip to the Canyon. We arrived in Vegas by air, so this meant we had to find transportation for this excursion.

We searched the hotels along the strip to find a Grand Canyon tour that was within our price range but we just couldn‘t find what we needed. We were feeling a bit downbeat when someone told us about Tix4Less.

Tix4Less was a great find so that’s my first Grand Canyon Tips for you. Tix4Less is offers discounted tours, shows and lots of other fun stuff to do.

We found a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour and a West Rim Bus Tour. Both were in our budget.

After a discussion we settled on the West Rim Bus Tour as we wanted to take lots of pictures of the Canyon and the discounted price fit our wallets very nicely.

Some other extra things about the bus tour were the inclusion of a light breakfast and buffet lunch plus a photo opportunity at Hoover Dam on route to the Grand Canyon. Finding extras like that is the second of my Grand Canyon Tips.

At about 5:30am the next morning we were picked up by a shuttle bus at our hotel and taken to the Luxor Hotel. A large air-conditioned coach was waiting along with the other folks taking the tour.

We met out guide, Mark, and received large name tags. This is standard policy to help the guide keep track of everyone.

Free chilled bottles of water were supplied to all passengers on the coach throughout the day to prevent anyone from getting dehydrated. I was quite impressed by this as I was drinking a large amount of water whilst in Las Vegas and the water isn't very cheap out there.

I’d like to suggest that always staying hydrated in the warmer climates is another of my Grand Canyon Tips.

The bus stopped at Hoover Dam long enough for taking pictures and stretching out legs and then we were off to the main event, the Grand Canyon.

From Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon, the tour guide played a short DVD that spoke about the history of the Canyon which we thought was quite a nice touch. He also showed his knowledge in telling us a lot of interesting facts about this amazing place.

When we arrived at the Canyon our first stop was at Eagle Point whose name comes from the fact that the rock formation looks like an eagle with spread wings.

The whole tour group was absolutely stunned by our first view of the Canyon and all of the cameras came out. That reminds me to pass on another of my Grand Canyon Tips, which is don’t forget your camera.

The only word I could think of was majestic. The guide told us that this part of the west rim is actually a part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

A member of the Hualapai tribe stood on the rocks where we tourists were admiring the spectacular views. He was available to ask any questions so I asked if he ever got bored of the sight of this breathtaking beauty. He answered no because the landscape changes a little every single day. Small and big rocks break off and fall away.

It was this comment that led me to move backwards from the edge as it is a long way down. May I pass on another of my Grand Canyon Tips and suggest that you be very, very careful when you visit there and don’t wear flip flops on a trip like this, as I did.

When the hour that was allocated to Eagle Point was up, we made our way back to the coach. The next stop was Guano Point. As you walk along the path, you see different perspectives of the breathtaking views of the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and you have clear views of the Colorado River.

As you walk further around, you come to a large hill that you can walk up and take great pictures although I was too much of a chicken to climb up it myself.

It is also at Guano Point that you can see mining remains. The scenery at this place looks like it is background from a film. It really does not look real.

By then it was time to board the bus for the trip back to Vegas. On the way back there was one little detour. No it wasn’t trouble. It was fun! The driver took us to a horned sheep ranch so the cameras came out again for some great pictures.

That brings us to another of my Grand Canyon Tips which is; always choose a touring company who supplies that extra touch.

In conclusion I want to say that visiting the Grand Canyon was the most remarkable thing I‘ve done in a long time. I can honestly say that I have not seen a scene so breathtaking in my life. The pictures that I have taken look like I am standing behind a film set. It really is unbelievable.

I strongly recommend that you visit the Grand Canyon ASAP and that brings up to the last of my Grand Canyon Tips which is: if you’re ever in Las Vegas take a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

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