Ideas for Good Vacation Spots

Good Vacation Spots #1:

By Jane from New York - My favorite destination is Melbourne which is situated in Australia. I traveled to Melbourne for the first time in 2008 and would like to return soon. I decided to travel solo as I wanted to meet new people.

When I first arrived I stayed in the city which was fantastic. I was fortunate enough to stay at Medina Apartments which is a serviced apartment complex. It was situated near numerous clubs and bars.

While staying in the city I think I must have visited at least twenty clubs. I enjoyed spending time at crown casino which was rather elaborate and had some great entertainment. I met many interesting people there.

The food and wine scene in Melbourne is fantastic. There are a vast number of trendy cafes and restaurants which offered countless dishes and wine.

I went on many day trips including one to Apollo Bay which is a surf beach town situated along the western coast of Victoria. The beach was lovely and the great ocean road offered terrific views. All up I spent a month in Melbourne and found it wasn't long enough. When I return I intend to spend at least a year in Australia.

Good Vacation Spots #2:

By Chuck from MI - My favorite vacation destination is Isle Royale National Park, located north of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a beautiful, secluded island in Lake Superior. To get there, you either have to fly by seaplane or take a boat, which is a great kickstart to any vacation.

I like staying at Rock Harbor Lodge, which is located on the shore with beautiful views of Lake Superior. The rooms are very comfortable. It can be a very romantic getaway. Try some fresh Whitefish for dinner.

Then finish the evening with a stroll on the dock, listening to the loons in the distance. For exercise, you can plan a day hike, rent a boat, or just enjoy nature and the wildlife (fox, wolves, moose).

You can also backpack from one end of the island to the other. If backpacking, consider staying at the lodge on the first and last day of your trip. It’s a welcome site after days in the woods.

Good Vacation Spots #3:

By Dave from Idaho - I recently got back from vacationing in Leavenworth, WA. It is in north central Washington states, beautifully located in the northern cascades. The town is relatively small, but it is German themed.

The geography of the town makes it similar to European towns in the Alps. I enjoyed my vacation for several reasons. First, there are two rivers that run through the town, the Wenatchee and the Icicle.

One day we were able to take a lazy float down the river in a raft. Also, there are some amazing, yet reasonably priced golf courses in the area. If you are into golf it is perfect. They even have a real miniature golf course that consists of well-maintained greens.

This really helped me with my putting. Last, the entire town, while it may be touristy, is very chill. It is really easy to just walk around downtown without worrying about much at all. Peaceful may be the correct word.

Good Vacation Spots #4:

Colorado Springs Red Rock Landscape
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By Zach from Colorado - Five years ago my family went on a trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The mountains were beautiful and the surrounding scenery was just as amazing. We first made our venture up Pikes Peak and learned all about the races that took place in the early 1900's on the mountain itself. it really took me by surprise just how much colder it was on the top of the mountain than it was at the bottom.

Our next trip was to Royal Gorge in Canyon City, Colorado home to the world’s highest suspension bridge. The bridge itself had a wood bottom to it that gave it an eerie feeling as you drove across it. You could take a mine car down to the bottom of the gorge which contained a river with intense rapids and many thrill seekers taking on its harsh waters or even swing out over the gorge in an amusement park like ride.

Good Vacation Spots #5:

By Tammy from Montana - For good vacations spots I suggest Glacier National Park in Montana near the Canadian border. We visited in June and there was still snow to be seen and touched! The weather is cooler than in the south so it felt great. If you like to hike, the park is a wonderful place for you. There are a large number of different trails that you can enjoy.

There are many waterfalls to be viewed on many of the trails. Sometimes it was only a short distance to the waterfalls. There were even a couple of trails for people in wheelchairs. Wildlife was abundant. We saw many different kinds of birds and small mammals, but I thought the most exciting animals we saw while hiking were a mother moose and her baby moose.

We were crossing a stream on a wooden bridge when we saw the animals to our right. They were in the stream about 10 yards away! We just stood gazing while they drank some water and began lumbering away up the bank and into the forest.

Everyone thinks of the grizzly bear when they hear about Glacier wildlife, and we did see one but it was from the safety of our van. It was beside the highway about 30 yards away. That was exciting. We stayed in a great hotel on the eastern side of the park with a stream right outside the balcony. We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation in Glacier National Park.

Good Vacation Spots #6:

By Glynn from Iowa - My favorite vacation destination is Thailand. The first time I ever visited it I was with the Navy and we pulled into Pattaya Beach, Thailand. There were people on the pier like we were their relatives come home from battle. Beyond the pier were open tiki bars with people sitting around enjoying tropical drinks.

Down the street to your left were all the Americanized restaurants such as: Pizza Hut and to the right were the native restaurants with tanks of shrimp, lobster, and squid in the windows. The next time I showed up in Thailand was to visit Phuket and boy was I amazed.

My greatest adventure was going to the zoo. I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot considering you have to drive out of the city and into the country to get to it. You ride in a bus on a bumpy dirt road passing by all these shacks and as a paranoid American all I could think about was whether I would see any of my friends again.

Then all of a sudden you see this great big arch announcing the zoo. I was totally blown away. I never expected to see that the animals were so well taken care of, or to believe that there would be a ton of people visiting and enjoying themselves. My feet were killing me by the time I left, but it was well worth it.

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