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Germany Vacation Ideas #1: Tour Neusschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. This was the home of "Mad" King Ludwig who spent 17 years building this "fairy-tale" castle yet only lived in it for 172 days.

It is considered by many to be Europe's most spectacular castle. Hohenschwangua Castle, which was Ludwig's boyhood home, is nearby.

Germany Vacation Ideas #2: Have a thrill watching the daredevil Hang Gliders and Parasailers that swarm off the top of the Tegelberg gondola in Bavaria.

You can ride the lift to the top and watch as scores of thrill seekers leap off the 5,500-foot summit. You can ride back down or if you are in a mood for some exercise it's a good two and a half hour walk back down.

Germany Vacation Ideas #3: If you like to plan ahead mark your vacation calendar for the year 2010. The town of Oberammergau will be performing the Passion Play to sold out audiences.

When the Black Plague hit some, 350 years ago, the people of the town made a deal with God and were spared. Once each decade they perform the all-day drama of the crucifixion of Christ. In 2000 they had audiences of 5,000 for all 100 performances.

Germany #4: In Tirol you will find a favorite pastime of thrill seekers, The Luge. There are two near Reutte. Bichlbach is shorter but steeper while Biberwier is longer.

You take a lift up to the top, climb into the luge, a cross between a sled and a go-cart, and then you hurtle down to the bottom. It's an exciting ride that is considered safe for even a novice.

Germany #5: How about a Black Forest walking tour. Active Journeys has a self-guided walk that winds its way through a dense and vast forested area crossed by large valleys. You will pass through ancient villages and towns amid the most dramatic scenery in the region.
Stuttgart Germany Beer hall vacation Ideas
Germany Vacation Ideas #6: My last vacation was to Stuttgart Germany. My son was in the Army and stationed in Germany so I figured it was a perfect time to visit. What an outstanding destination for a visit. I was worried that not knowing in German would make it uncomfortable but it wasn't even an issue because most people speak a little English.

I spent time just walking the streets and taking in all the beautiful architecture. I think my favorite thing of all was the zoo, it was so amazing and the botanical garden is a can't miss place to see. The food and wine is amazing. I think I might have gained 10 pounds in my week there.

If you love beer Stuttgart might have some of the best in the world. Lots of shops so you can find plenty of things to bring home to remember your trip. One other place that is a must see is the farmers market, it really is a place to enjoy the local culture. I loved my vacation and would recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to visit Stuttgart Germany. - Karen from NY

Germany Vacation Ideas #7: For a taste of The Middle Ages visit romantic Rothenburg, Germany's best preserved medieval walled town. Take a walk along the wall or a walking tour of the city. Also don't miss the iemenschneider wood carving in St. Jakob's Church and the Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum.
Germany #7: Along the Berlin wall is the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie 8Museum which preserves the memory of the famous checkpoint between the American and Soviet sectors of Berlin during the Cold War. Here at one of Europe's most interesting museums you can get a taste of the drama and heroism of daring escapes over, under, and through the infamous wall.
Germany Vacation Ideas #9: A trip to Dachau would not be what I consider a "cool" or fun part of a vacation. But it is interesting, thought-provoking and well worth your time. It is a powerful experience and a good reminder to everyone of our duty to be vigilant against evil. There are other Nazi concentration camps but Dachau is the most accessible to the public.
Germany Vacation Ideas #10: How about a Houseboat Tour in the state of Mecklenburg-West. The area is renowned for its large number of interconnected rivers and lakes, creating a network of waterways that make it possible to tour much of the state by houseboat. There is no more comfortable or intimate way of discovering the lovely Mecklenburg countryside.

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