Fun Vacation Ideas

Fun Vacation Ideas #1:

By Lyn from CA – One of favorite fun vacation ideas is a visit to Costa Mesa, California. I have been there several times. There are so many different things to do. Huntington and Newport Beach are both just about 10 minutes away from the city of Costa Mesa. All the stores off of the shore of Huntington Beach have many nice things to buy for friends and loved ones.

You can also rent beach cruisers, boats, jet skis, and pretty much everything else you could think of to make your vacation as fun as possible.

There are also many different luxurious places to stay right by the beach also, which makes it easy to walk about 20 steps into sand and your there.

Huntington Beach hosts a lot of events and concerts there also, so even when you think you ran out of new places and new things to do, there are many opportunities left. That's why Costa Mesa is my favorite place to visit.

Fun Vacation Ideas #2:

By Arnie from Oregon – For me, vacation fun means fishing. I love to go fishing in the Pacific Northwest. A favorite spot is Baker County, in Oregon.

Philip's Reservoir, just above the Mason Dam is a great place to camp and fish. There are places to camp around the lake to the Sumpter side.

During the middle of the day, you can visit the Sumpter Dredge, and get a glimpse into Oregon's mining past. There are also some small shops in Sumpter that have antiques.

Near the Dredge, there is the Sumpter Station. This is a small railroad that sometimes offers rides on an old wood fired steam train.

It is especially fun during the Christmas Season, as everything is covered in snow. Ice fishing at the lake is very productive, if you don't mind the cold.

If you have a boat, fishing here is very good. Kokanee are in the deeper water, and trout, yellow perch, and every bass are available at various times of the year.

Rainbow trout are stocked here often in the summer months. You can catch fish with many kinds of bait and lures. I prefer inline spinners. Black with a silver blade has been the best one for me, sometimes catching more than any other lure.

Camping at the Union creek campground is relaxed; they have the most park like campground. For those that prefer fewer people, follow the signs around the lake to the ones past Sumpter, they have fewer people and facilities.

Fun Vacation Ideas #3:

By Lauren from Dallas - My favorite place to vacation is Vancouver, British Columbia. While Vancouver is spectacular all year long, it is especially gorgeous during the summer when there are long periods of sunlight and you have clear views of the mountains, the water and the cityscape of skyscrapers and hills.

Compared to other cities in North America, Vancouver is clean, well-kept city, which is important to me. This makes it a great place for urban outdoor recreation like biking, walking or skating around the magnificent Stanley Park.

Vancouver British Columbia
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The park is huge and has many amenities for visitors like picnic areas, playgrounds for kids and you can rents sports equipment at shops next to the park. I also love the shopping in Vancouver especially on Robson Street. You can find quirky boutiques as well as high-end designer shops.

The city also has a great foodie scene with tons of amazing serving Indian, Thai, Japanese food and cuisine from other parts of the world as well as tons of coffee shops. The city’s nightlife is also great with jazz and rock clubs in the Gaslamp District well as dance clubs in the gay-friendly Davie Village area that attracts world-renowned DJs.

All in all, Vancouver offers something for everyone who visits, whether you are single person looking to explore arts or nightlife or a family looking for healthy, kid-friendly activities.

Fun Vacation Ideas #4:

By Melvin from Wisconsin - My favorite fun vacation spot is in Door County, Wisconsin. Between the months of May and September there is no place I'd rather be. I can do fun things like go camping or hiking in national parks, take a swim in the bay, or even go sailing. For entertainment nothing beats seeing a live performance at the Peninsula Players, which has five great plays every summer. The dining options are quite varied too.

If you want, you can go to a fancy restaurant like Trios, which serves up fancier food like duck. Or you can get a good old fashioned burger and malt at Not Licked Yet, a fantastic ice cream shop. If you just want to walk around, the town of Fish Creek has plenty of shops with unique local offerings. You can find clothing, knick-knacks, souvenirs, artwork, and more.

Your choice of places to stay is quite varied too. There are luxury resorts, but there are also very affordable motels and hotels in towns, so you are never far away from any fun activities. Personally, I prefer to rent a cabin on the water so I can go fishing whenever I want. Door County is a great place for a vacation, due to its wide range of entertainment, restaurants, and shopping options.

Fun Vacation Ideas #5:

By Jeff from Los Angeles - My favorite place to vacation is the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I’ve been many times and we always have fun. The scenery is beautiful with mountains, valleys, and countless trees. Though it can get a little busy at peak season in places, you’re always just minutes away from being alone in the wilderness.

Last visit, we stayed a few nights at Whitney’s Inn in Jackson. It’s one of the most peaceful and quaint inns I’ve ever stayed in, though our room was a little small for the price. There is lots of hiking and swimming, especially along the scenic Kancamagus Highway, and for those who prefer viewing the wilderness from afar, there is plenty of outlet shopping.

For families, there is the always popular Story Land, a theme park originally based around children’s story books, and now expanded with sections dedicated to foreign lands and imaginary places. Kids love it; I know I did when my parents took me there as a child.

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