Fun Places to Vacation

Fun Places to Vacation #1:

By Patty from Florida - For about 10 years my husband and I lived in the little town of Rockport, Massachusetts on Cape Ann. This is known as the "other cape" when spoken in context with Cape Cod.

Some 40 miles north of Boston, at the end of Rt. 128, Rockport boasts great deep-sea fishing and sailing charters, as well as oil paintings and drawings and crafts by some of the best artists this country has to offer.

One of the town's most unusual features is the little extension of land called BearSkin Neck which holds the dilapidated red fishing shack, sitting at the end of one of the docks which extends into the beautiful outer harbor.

This shack, lovingly called, "Motif No. 1", is one of the town’s focal points as it sits over the water. Its beautiful silhouette rests against the backdrop of glorious sunrises each morning which come up from the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

BearSkin Neck boasts 3 roads, the longest extending one way for about 300 yards. All along each side are little shops showing their unique wares as well as paintings.

Gift shops galore with small apartments lining the road above the shops. Bearskin Neck is one of my most fun places to vacation.

Fun Places to Vacation #2:

By Virginia from FL - Nashville, Tennessee is a favorite vacation spot for me. I flew there from my home in Florida for a cousin's wedding and stayed at the Loew's Vanderbilt Hotel. While the flight itself was not too comfortable on the small puddle jumper plane, the rest of the trip was great.

The hotel is not far from the city center and the accommodations and staff were very agreeable. Besides enjoying the wedding reception and meeting old friends and relatives, I had time to walk up and down Broadway, the main downtown street, from one end to the other.

There are many stores selling Western attire or even custom-made outfits and boots. I was thrilled to find a pair of "cowgirl" boots and a red suede jacket at reasonable prices. I hopped on a sightseeing trolley to take a tour of the Nashville area.

We visited the Grand Ole Opry building and the Country Music Hall of Fame, along with the music studios where Elvis and other great recording stars spent their time making records.

Tootsie's Orchid Lounge was loads of fun for a few drinks and a night of foot-stomping dancing to Country Western tunes. Some meals were enjoyed at a relative's home, but we did have a really nice dining experience at The Mad Platter Restaurant, which was charming and good. I look forward to a return visit to Music City!

Fun Places to Vacation #3:

By Robert from Albany - My favorite vacation ever was down to Babyland General in Georgia, during the off season. This is a wonderfully campy spot, where we could relax and enjoy the local color as well as the put hilarity of Babyland itself -- it's like what theme parks used to be like before they went all thrill ride. I love thrill rides, but there's still a time and a place for campy and for pure silly, and a week long vacation from irony was just what we needed.

Nearby is a resort in Athens, Georgia where, for no particular reason, they decided to become an Alpine village, and the whole place was pure Dixie with a Bavarian twist. It was so relaxing to be among so many people who didn't take themselves seriously, the combination of down home and yodeling doesn't sound like it would go together, but it was a truly magical vacation.

We stayed in a timeshare and at night we could see the entire sparkling village below. Oh, and this was our honeymoon. My bride and I have pictures from a truly memorable escape, just what a honeymoon should be.

Fun Places to Vacation #4:

By Jim from Mass - My favorite vacation activity is to visit my family’s Cape Cod, Massachusetts summer home, on the waterfront and go fishing. The ocean breeze always seems to be very soothing. The surrounding beautiful landscape of trees and abutting natural marshland, provide a certain level of privacy.

The night before the trip, my friends and I go to the local tackle shop in town, to buy all the necessary supplies, including hooks and bait, while browsing through the sports fishing magazines that are prominently displayed inside the store.

Our fishing trips are almost always, well underway before dawn. We normally charter a boat and make our way about three or four miles offshore, hoping to catch some healthy sized striped bass.

This particular hobby of mine is something that I have been doing, since childhood. It’s not so much about nabbing the big one, as it is about taking stock of the natural surroundings. Pristine, sparkling blue oceans and sandy beaches tend to have a calming effect on the soul. Fishing just provides the excuse, to enjoy it all.

Fun Places to Vacation #5:

By Sue from Minnesota - A January escape with a friend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is my favorite winter vacation ideas. I leave my family at home in the frigid snow banks of Minnesota. We stay at a resort right on the beach and close to shopping and entertainment. We spend many of our days on the beach enjoying the sun's warmth on our skin, relaxing to the sound of the waves.

When we get tired of that we may take a water taxi (they run like buses throughout Fort Lauderdale) to Las Olas Blvd., one of many great shopping districts or the fabulous Galleria Mall. We take advantage of the many museum and gallery options at our disposal on other days. There are great restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and lots of fun clubs for night time outings. It's a great place for a winter vacation getaway.

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