Fun Affordable Family Vacation Ideas

Fun Affordable Family Vacations Idea #1:

A camping vacation in Cedar Breaks National Monument is a great way to avoid breaking the family vacation budget.

Located in Dixie National Forest in south western Utah, Cedar Breaks is beautiful as well as economical. This is an area of canyons, mesas, rivers and cliffs. Summer here brings lush alpine meadows and spectacular wildflower displays.

The family can go fishing, boating, hiking, cycling, wildlife viewing or just explore with your camera. Cedar Breaks National Monument is a natural landmark of incredible views. The Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau can help you plan a trip which is both children-friendly and value-priced!

Fun Affordable Family Vacations Idea #2:

Contributed by Cathy Hutchison - One of my favorite family vacation memories as a child was a road trip. My mom loaded up the trunk with a cooler full of lunch supplies for the week; my sister and I piled in to the backseat, and Dad began driving south on I35.

There was no itinerary—we simply decided as a family which billboards looked the most appealing and stopped there. (You know, stuff like the "World’s Largest Ball of Twine.")

I don’t think we missed a single historical marker. (Though even as a kid, I couldn’t always figure out what they were marking.) We had lunches at rest stops, stayed at inexpensive hotels and ate dinner at chain restaurants.

We started in Ft. Worth and ended up in San Antonio visiting InnerSpace in Georgetown, Aquamarina Springs in San Marcos, the market (still have the castanets I purchased….sombrero is long gone) and The Alamo in San Antonio.

As a grown up, I look back and can’t remember why we spent the night in Waco on the way back and ate at a Bonanza and went to the movies since we were only an hour and a half from home. But it sure was fun. Something about the "adventure" of it really connected with me, and some thirty years later, I still remember it.

Fun Affordable Family Vacation Ideas #3:

Many people are finding Fort Collins, located in northern Colorado to be an affordable family vacation destination. It’s certainly in a beautiful location with the Colorado Mountains as a backdrop for all your activities.

Cycling is a cheap vacation activity. Fort Collins has a hundred of miles of bike paths and nature trails that are perfect for a day of biking and a picnic lunch. Use Fort Collins as a base to explore this list of
10 free family friendly things to do in northern Colorado.

  • Poudre Canyon -- picnic, hike, bike (visitors can even borrow bikes from the Public Library!)
  • Swetsville Zoo
  • Gardens on Spring Creek – interactive botanical garden with a Children’s Garden and excellent programs for all ages
  • Greenway Paths (again, the Bike Loan Program at the Public Library is great!)
  • Bee Family Centennial Farm – learn about farming in the past and present at this interactive museum
  • Parks, parks, parks. Fort Collins has more than 800 acres of dedicated park space, including the fully accessible playground at the new Spring Canyon Park
  • Scenic by-way - Cache La Poudre/North Park Scenic Byway
  • Old Town Square live music during spring/summer -- Thursday night, Tuesday afternoon, and Sunday night concerts, all summer long
  • Explore history at the Fort Collins Museum
  • Environmental Learning Center – view rehabilitated birds of prey, walk on the nature trail, or participate in ongoing educational programs

Fun Affordable Family Vacations Idea #4:

By Jon from New Jersey - RVing really is a fun and economical way to take a cheap family vacation. I recently rented a motor home from El Monte RV to travel from northern New Jersey to Niagara Falls with my children. As a representative for the RV Industry Association, we’ve RVed in the past, but not for a few years. Wow, did we miss it.

Here are some top reasons:

  • We stopped at attractions off the highways and took back roads. It gave us a sense of adventure and freedom.
  • We had everything with us: bedrooms, full bath and complete kitchen.
  • It was an inexpensive way to travel. We didn’t need to pay airfare. And once we got to our destination, as we didn’t have to stay at run-down budget motels or expensive hotels. We could make meals and eat on board, eliminating restaurant charges and.
  • With the money we saved and a huge home-on-wheels at our disposal, we found ourselves (actually the we was my kids) buying more souvenirs.
The country’s campgrounds run from resorts to rustic and everything in between. I hope you can let your readers know about the benefits of RVing, regardless of where they are going.

RV Camping Video

Fun Affordable Family Vacations Idea #5:

By David from OH - Just thought I pass this on to your readers who are looking for an affordable vacation spot. You should check out Branson, Missouri. I used to live there (until 1999).

Now I'm in Columbus, Ohio. We (me and my wife - and no, we are not retirees or country folk) still go back there now and then while visiting old friends or family in that area. It is NOT just country music - as is often reported.

We, of course, vacation at many spots around the country - but the best prices we ever deal with are in the Branson area. Not just the motels, but the music shows and at the theme park (Silver Dollar City) had FREE parking! You never hear of that anymore. They charged a lot to park at Kings Island near Cincinnati when we traveled there.

Fun Affordable Family Vacations Idea #6:

The best vacation experience I have had was when my family chose to vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. Instead of the usual standard hotel room, we booked a cabin in the mountains a few miles from the tourist attractions. It was so worth the money.

We cut costs by being able to cook some of our meals in the furnished kitchen and on the outdoor grill, the view from the deck was spectacular and one of our best memories was sitting in the hot tub one evening and watching snow drifting down onto the pines.

Shops sell locally crafted items at very affordable prices and the list of attractions is huge (an aquarium, Ripley's museum, the Smokey Mountains State Park, Dollywood, live shows, dinner theaters, go-carts, miniature golf, on and on).

Restaurants are plentiful and cover all price ranges; if you are a fan of waffle/pancake houses then this is the place for you because Gatlinburg is famous for its numerous waffle/pancake offerings. Over all Gatlinburg, TN offers a very affordable family friendly getaway; you will have a great time there. – Tom from TN

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