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Top France vacation ideas include the idyllic Riviera town of Mougins, home of the internationally renowned restaurant "Le Moulin de Mougins". Both the town and the restaurant are gathering place of the stars during the May International Film Festival.

Just 10 minutes from Cannes and 15 minutes from Grasse, excellent quality golfing vacation along with artists' studios, galleries and museums. Just minutes from the craziness of the French Riviera is the "City of Art", Vence.

Set amidst the olive groves and cypress trees of the hilly backcountry, Vence has long been a gathering place for artists, painters, sculptors and writers.

It is famous for its galleries, fountains flowing with clear mineral water and the best open air market in the region. Chourchevel is the highest ski area in the French Alps. Three valleys come together to form the largest ski area in the world.

With hundreds of trails crisscrossing several ski resorts you will find the perfect slope for every skill level from beginner to expert. Besides the fantastic skiing, Chourchevel is also famous for its luxury hotels and fine dining.

Visit Annecy, in the French Alps, for a taste of renaissance France. Situated beside Lake Annecy it has become a very popular France vacation spot.

There are many churches, monasteries and four medieval castles. With a number of canals running through town it is like a small version of Venice. The scenery and 17th century architecture makes it quite a beautiful spot. St. Tropez, on the French Riviera, is the place to rub elbows with chic Parisians and the international "Jet Set".

Made famous, in part, by people like Picasso and Brigitte Bardot, this international tourist mecca remains charming despite its reputation as one of the wild resorts. St. Tropez has the nicest beaches on the Riviera.

After Paris, Lourdes is France’s most visited city. In 1858, a local girl had visions of the Virgin Mary by a grotto spring. People have been flocking to the spring ever since then for the healing powers that they believe are in the water. Every year, millions come from all over the world. Lourdes is located in the Pyrenees region near the Spanish border.

If your France vacation take you to Paris, make a day trip to the Normandy D-Day Landing beaches and the Caen War Memorial.

There are various tours available but with there is a limit of 8 people per group and they provide an English speaking guide. Visit the artificial harbor at Arromanches, the German gun battery at Longues-sur-Mer, the American Military Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer & Omaha Beach and La Pointe du Hoc, scene of some of the war's fiercest fighting.

In Treigny, France about 125 miles south of Paris, they are building a stone castle complete with turrets, great walls and a moat. Everything is being done with hand tools just like in medieval times. It's a huge project born from the dreams of one man, Michel Guyot who set it all in motion.

Over a quarter million visitors each year come to watch the stone cutters, carpenters, potters, rope-makers and blacksmiths. Dressed in period clothing, they are building the castle from scratch and to original designs.

This France vacation idea is truly unique. Parc Asterix is France's counterpart to Disneyland in Paris. Located 2.5 hours from Calais, France, this excellent theme park features fun comic characters in a Roman/Viking/Druid theme. It has some 30 rides that range from the Towers of Zues, Europe's biggest wooden roller coaster, to the kiddie carousel for the youngest family members.

The Goudurix will take you through seven complete thrilling loop-de-loops. Then there's the ghost train, the dolphin show - something for the whole family.

Auvergne is a region of Southwest France that is popular for it's small towns full of rich history such as such as Saint-Nectaire, Brioude, Issoire, and Orcival. Also its charming Romanesque churches and the fact that it has over 80 extinct volcanos.

One of the best hotels in the area is the Les Deux Abbesses which used to be a 12th century chateau. It is located in the village of Saint-Arcons-d'Allier, a tiny pebble-laned village built of basal rock.

For great family France vacation ideas try a trip to Disneyland Paris. Fans of Mickey Mouse affectionately refer to it as DLP and it is jam packed with fun. There are plenty of traditional rides but many include a French twist. You can enjoy all the favorites such as Space Mountain, The Star Tours in Discoveryland, Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's A Small World ride, and Walt Disney Studios Park.

There are some excellent restaurants with the perfect blend of Gallic pride and American efficiency. Nearby is Val d'Europe shopping mall with tons of shops and small exhibits. The seat of a bicycle is a wonderful way to go site-seeing in Paris, France. Paris is making it easy to enjoy the city by bicycle.

They have set up a bike service with thousands of bikes available at hundreds of stations throughout the city. It's inexpensive, relaxing and a great way to see the city like you've never been able to before. There are over 250 miles of bike paths in the city and more are being built as Paris strives to become more and more green and bike-friendly.

Paris, France - Have you ever fallen so completely in love that it hurts to be away from them? Well this is what happened to me with Paris, France. Hard to put in words - the love is something you've always felt a need for inside but didn't know you actually felt and it makes you cry to feel it!

I fell in love with Paris harder then I've ever fallen for any person before - and the thing is Paris loves me back. I stayed in a Citadines Apart'Hotel close to the Louvre. It had a large window that opened onto a square with two large fountains.

Every day I would go to a patisserie, markets and local grocers to buy one of my meals for the day, sometimes to make a picnic, sometimes to prepare in the apartment. Baguette sandwiches are the Parisian fast-food and I'd pick one up from time to time.

My favorite place to people watch was in front of Notre Dame. But my favorite place to hang out was les Jardins due Tuilleries - statues, kids on donkey rides, crepes, flowers, fountains, planned gardens... heaven. Go to the Louvre, Consierge, Eiffel Tower, the Crypts, Musee de Orsay, Marche aux Peche (huge flea market) Panthenon, Sacre Coure, Archaelogical site under Notre Dame, les Infirmaries, Musee of Natural History.

The best views were from the Arc du Triomphe. Best place for kids, Jardins du Luxembourg and Disney Paris. WALK everywhere and explore. For longer treks take the metro and the bus for cheap only take a cab to and from airport (due to your large amounts of luggage). Sit at any Cafe for a rest (get pop and fries perhaps) to say you did - but don't expect great food there.

Spend some money and go to the ritzy places - I found an Italian restaurant that was remarkable - both in price AND taste. Otherwise just enjoys what you'd get at home (Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut). They steam their buns at McDonalds there and its not the greatest. Your best bet is to due the baguette sandwiches / picnic / cook for your self. With all the walking you will be hungry and thirty all the time but don't expect the food to satisfy you like here in North America - smaller portions than we are used to.

For the locals - talk to them in French first... its okay if you are horrible - just do it. Don't ask if they speak English. They will know you are an English talker and will switch for you on their own but seem to appreciate the fact that you tried and that you don't expect the world to speak English. The best experiences I had were sitting somewhere outside and a local elder will just start up a conversation with you in French.

Some of the friendliest people I've ever met and more social than strangers and neighbors back home. It will be in French and you may only understand bits and pieces (if you've done your French studying before - take some classes before you go) but they are genuinely interest in your life and tell you all about theirs... its so great! A Paris, France vacation is my favorite - have fun! - By Nathan from London, Ontario

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