Fort Lauderdale Florida Tourist Attractions

Fort Lauderdale Florida Tourist Attractions #1:

Here’s a vacation idea for the family, especially if you have children with an interest in learning. Visit Ft. Lauderdale’s Museum of Discovery & Science.

Here you’ll find a plethora of things that will both entertain and teach valuable information to both children and adults. That word "Discovery" perfectly describes the key to the success of this well planned museum. You will find yourself exclaiming "I didn't know that" in an excited voice, over and over.

Some of the main reasons for the accomplishments of this museum are the outstanding exhibits such as Florida EcoScapes, Welcome to our Backyard, Meteor Storm, and Our Place in Aerospace.

Probably the most loved feature of the museum is the 300+ seat AutoNation IMAX® Theatre featuring both 3D and 2D films.

These features plus many others is why the Museum has won several awards from such entities as Gold Coast Magazine and South Florida Parenting Magazine. At the end of the day at the Museum of Discovery & Science you leave with a warm feeling of discovery and well-being compared to the quickly passed thrill of a theme park ride.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Tourist Attractions #2:

Yes it’s true! There are many things in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding towns that are free. We know that you didn’t ask, but we think that on vacation you should get a chance to relax and that includes your wallet.

The most salient free item in and around Fort Lauderdale is a walk on the beach. Hoofing along the sand and occasionally kicking the shallow water along the edge is mind clearing and relaxing.

There are about 30 miles of beach just North and South of Fort Lauderdale. Don’t let this opportunity go wasted. Other free activities follow.

The Anne Kolb Nature Center in nearby Hollywood is one of the largest urban parks in Florida. It occupies about 20 acres along side the Intercoastal Waterway and includes a large aquarium and an amphitheater plus a 69 foot observation overlook. If you brought your fishing gear you could fish on their pier.

The Gallery at Beach Place in Fort Lauderdale is a uniquely exclusive entertainment site with dinning, shopping and live musical performances.

Apparently you only get there by boat. The Hollywood Oceanfront Boardwalk is a two mile boardwalk for pedestrians with elegant views of the beach and ocean.

There is an excellent path for walkers, joggers and bicycles. Along the way are outdoor cafes, a juice bar and ice cream vendors. The Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale is identified as a paradise for shoppers. It involves a wide variety of shops including some unusual boutiques.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Tourist Attractions #3:

Gone are the days of Fort Lauderdale being a Mecca for college students. Time has been kind and this famous seven mile long beach has transformed into a first class setting. The beach is framed on the land side by palm trees and the path is perfect for walking, jogging or rollerblading. The residents are awaiting the Centennial of Fort Lauderdale in March of 2011.

The Beach is one of the most popular of Fort Lauderdale Florida tourist attractions. It offers excellent swimming with excellent lifeguard services. If you drive by to check it out you’ll see volleyball, wind surfing, boating and jet skiing. That’s an impressive array of water related activities, but if it’s not enough then you only have to cruise up to the next town to the North.

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is a unique little friendly town with some great beaching and it packs a lot of vacationing in it’s ½ mile width. It has a charming village atmosphere and an old-time look that will seduce you. There is a natural reef that is sufficiently close for some excellent snorkeling activities.

As you would expect, both Fort Lauderdale and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea have some excellent restaurants with views of the ocean.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Tourist Attractions #4:

You’re on vacation in Fort Lauderdale and you need a little sporting excitement so where do you go?. Free falling out of an airplane would work but you’re afraid of heights.

The answer is Deep Sea Fishing and Fort Lauderdale has several charter fishermen who know right where the big fish hang out. Some of these fishermen even know a fishing spot just a couple of miles off shore where they occasionally school for some unknown reason.

We are talking rather large fish such as tuna, marlin, swordfish, and several more, including shark. Be sure that you choose a charter that has top-notch equipment for finding the fish. Of course, not all charter fishing is for big fish. Again, it’s important to discuss in detail before you hire a charter. Many vacationers, however, are satisfied with fishing off the end of a pier.

If you’re staying in Fort Lauderdale, Anglin’s Fishing Pier is you best bet as they have all the accoutrements that you would need to rent. Also, many of the east coast towns have fishing piers plus there are many bridges that work out well.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Tourist Attractions #5:

It’s been a busy vacation here in Fort Lauderdale and you’re looking for an idea on how to have an enjoyable, relaxing afternoon. Look no further. The answer is a visit to the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. The home was built in 1920 on 35 acres and is presently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Main House has a large anthology of art plus the personal artifacts of the Bartett and Birch families. The Bonnet House and surrounding land include one of the last samples of a native barrier island habitation in South Florida.

Five different ecosystems can be discovered on the grounds including a beach on the Atlantic Ocean which is the primary dune, the secondary dune which includes the house site, mangrove wetlands, a fresh water slough, and a maritime forest.

The grounds also have a Desert Garden with waterless plantings, a hibiscus garden, and the main yard planted with tropical plant life. The former property owner was a dedicated collector of orchids and the varieties she left comprise the largest compilation of orchids in the Southeast United States. The blooming plants are rotated regularly into the Orchid Showroom for a better view for the visitors.

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