Florida Winter Vacation Ideas

Florida Winter Vacation Ideas #1: Clearwater Beach, Florida was a lovely destination for our Florida winter vacation, escaping the cold, harsh weather in the Midwest. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm every day during our week-long adventure.

We stayed in a hotel that was located right on the Gulf Coast beach. There is so much to do there, my wife and I wished that we could have stayed another week. We enjoyed relaxing walks on the beach, and lying in the sand.

A chartered boat cruise out into the Gulf of Mexico was something that we both enjoyed much more than we had anticipated. There were so many nice restaurants, all within walking distance of our hotel, that we ate at a different one every evening, and the food was always wonderful.

There was so much to see and do within walking distance, so we really didn't need to use a car at all. We walked through the streets checking out all the wonderful local shops, buying many souvenirs to document our visit.

However, we did take some drives to check out the sites beyond walking distance, and there was so much to see and do.

We could have stayed for two weeks, maybe even longer, and still not have seen it all, or run out of interesting and enjoyable things to do. I hope to go back there again. That week in Clearwater Beach was the best winter vacation I've ever taken. - Jeff from Iowa

Florida Winter Vacation Ideas #2: Vacationing in Orlando, Florida was a wonderful experience. Orlando is home to many different exciting attractions including but not limited to Disney World, Universal Studios and outlet shopping.

Some of the outlets have some of the best deals I have ever seen. There are two different outlet structures containing over 100 stores. Orlando has some really nice malls and restaurants as well. The city is also not too far from the beach.

Florida weather is wonderfully hot and sunny for the most part. So feel free to wear tanks and work on your tan. The worst thing about traveling in Orlando is that there are lots of bad drivers since people are traveling there from all different parts of the world.

Not only is there great shopping and attractions, but they also have a place for wake-board practice. I suggest a family goes to Orlando during the winter months. This way you get a break from the cold plus the Florida weather is mild. This way it isn't too hot because a lot of walking is involved with going to the parks and shopping. - Natalie from SC

Florida Winter Vacation Ideas #3: Recently my family and I took a week long winter time vacation to Miami, Florida. We certainly had a great time as we do on all of our vacations, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weather was great and sunny the entire time we were in Miami which made our vacation experience even more memorable. During the day we would spend it on South Beach having fun in the sun. We also visited a wonderful mall known as Bayside that not only had shopping but entertainment as well.

At Bayside we took a short cruise around the waters to see where famous entertainers such as Whitney Houston owned one of their many homes. This vacation was definitely an adventurous vacation because we discovered a new place. My husband and I also found a babysitter to take care of our children while we went out to dinner at one of the many restaurants at Bayside.

Overall, our vacation experience in Miami was excellent. My husband and I came back to our home, relaxed and ready to work again which was just what we needed. - Grace from MI

Florida Winter Vacation Ideas #4: South Beach, Miami Florida is great place to getaway from the winter weather. My husband’s birthday was on a cold December weekend last year; I surprised him with a trip to Miami. I’m a preschool teacher in Tampa, and one of the kids’ fathers is a co-owner of a luxury hotel on South Beach. I begged and pleaded and he gave us a free hotel room for the weekend.

We drove down after work on Friday, got to the hotel (The Mercury South Beach) by around 8pm, and it was by far the coolest place we have ever gone. We parked in their parking lot for a measly $30 for the weekend, and didn't have to worry about Miami's insane parking rules.

We spent Saturday at the clothing-optional beach, in and out of the hotel room, and then drove home Sunday afternoon. The hotel room was poolside, and we had a huge sliding glass door leading us directly to the pool area. The place was beautiful! Miami is an amazing place to go in the winter, and the beaches there are so much fun. - Katy from Florida

Florida Winter Vacation Ideas #5: Last winter I took a vacation trip to Tarpon Springs, Florida. It is a small romantic town settled on the coast of Florida. Its culture is based around that of Greece. They have many Greek restaurants and boutiques to shop in. The stores sell many products found naturally in the area, such as sponges.

While at Tarpon Springs, I went scuba diving which is a memory I will forever remember. It was exhilarating to be able to see the fish swim right in front of my face. I ate at a Greek restaurant for dinner with my husband and it was really romantic. The restaurant had candles lit setting the perfect mood. I would suggest for anyone heading in the direction of Florida to head to Tarpon Springs for a stay as it is a very amazing town. - Jay from FL

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