Florida Keys Vacation Ideas

Florida Keys Vacations #1:

By Deb from Long Island - My favorite place to vacation is the Florida Keys! My husband and I love the Middle Florida Keys. We actually honeymooned in Marathon and it was romantic and lovely. We didn't want a congested, noisy resort, preferring instead to get away to a quiet, relaxing place with a beach and a swimming pool.

We stayed at Conch Key Cottages (Duck Key in Marathon,) and we got exactly what we were looking for: peace, quiet, beauty, a semi private beach and a swimming pool. It was very tropical and lovely, all we expected and more! We stayed in a beachfront cottage. It was pricey, but worth every penny.

We drove to Key West (about an hour) one day for shopping and fun, touristy stuff. (Key West gets a little crazy at night with the bars, so we left before dark). I did some research and we took a very nice dinner cruise one night and saw a spectacular sunset.

We ate at "Key Fisheries" in Marathon one night after someone recommended it to us. We were surprised because it is a casual, small, marina type of place.

We learned fast though . . . the food was AMAZING - we ate here nearly every night thereafter! And the sunsets from the marina were a photographers (mine!) dream.

Every time we go to the Keys we come home relaxed and happy, dreaming of when we will visit again. For relaxing and romantic vacation ideas try Florida Keys vacations!

Florida Keys Vacations #2:

Florida Keys Vacations By Ginny from Florida - Key West, the tiny island at the end of the road that begins in Maine and ends at the southernmost point of the continental United States, is my favorite vacation place.

The main commercial thoroughfare, Duval Street, is known as the longest road in the USA, because it really does run the distance between the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

Along its way are the funky bars, like Sloppy Joe’s where Hemingway hung out, and all kinds of eateries, art galleries, retail shops and especially St. Paul’s Episcopal Church that offers free lunchtime piano and organ recitals in its beautiful stained-glass window interior.

For a small offbeat place, Key West also offers culture for the sophisticated traveler in its Red Barn Theater, Waterfront Playhouse and another venue named for a former resident, the Tennessee Williams Theater.

Dining out can be a unique experience, with a great variety of indoor and outdoor establishments, both waterfront or on one of the little lanes of the island. Seven Fish, Hogfish, Harpoon Harry’s are all a bit hard to find but worth the trouble with good food and fair prices.

Fine dining is available to anyone looking for tall martinis, with quiet background music and tablecloths, such as Square One, Michael’s or Louie’s Backyard, all well-known and lovely.

Key West has a huge amount of live music venues, some old and some new. The Green Parrot is one of the most popular old saloons in the Keys, in business since 1890 and still going strong.

Hotel prices can be a bit expensive since Key West became such a popular tourist destination, but a good value for my money is the Southernmost Hotel Collection at the southern end of Duval Street.

This collection consisting of an oceanfront motel and two luxurious guesthouses and a hotel across the street is in a great location, at the quiet end of Duval Street, with free parking. I can leave my car parked the entire time because it is within walking distance to all the interesting sights, including the marker at the Southernmost Point.

Florida Keys Vacations #3:

By Jeff from Florida - My favorite place to vacation ideas would have to include Florida Keys vacations. Like anywhere on earth, there are pro’s and con’s to travelling to this secluded area. Regardless, abundant sunshine and tropical flora/fauna await anyone who wishes to experience this unique and diverse area.

Located in the southernmost part of Florida, this area is accessible by cruise ship, airplane, and automobile. For many Americans, this destination lies within a short drive from many of Florida’s other prominent attractions. With a plethora of islands (about 1700), there sure is something to do for everyone in your party or family.

Specifically, activities such as fishing, diving, snorkeling, boating, jet skis, skydiving, and just about every type of entertainment are located in the Florida Keys. If one wishes to enjoy the only beach in America on the top 10 list, you will find Bahia Honda most pleasing.

For those who are history buffs, a short trip to the Dry Tortugas may be in order. This civil war era fort, located 50 miles from Key West, once housed the Lincoln conspirators and now serves as a remote camping area/museum.

All in all, you can find anything to do down in the Keys. And chances are you will enjoy these activities more than anywhere else on earth. This can be attributed to the “island life”. The Florida Keys is my recommended vacation idea.

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