Florida Family Vacation Ideas

Florida Family Vacation Ideas #1: My favorite place to vacation is the Ft Walton Beach / Destin area in Florida. First of all, the beaches are amazing with white sand and clear turquoise water. Also, the water gets very warm in the summertime, almost like bathwater.

There are a lot of days when there are few if any waves, so the ocean feels like a gigantic swimming pool. There are also many small shells that are easy to find on the beach.

There are tons of seafood restaurants in the area, but my favorite restaurants are for pizza and Mexican food. Helen Back Pizza on Okaloosa Island in Ft Walton Bch is wonderful.

The food is great and there is an outdoor seating area that overlooks the water. La Paz Mexican restaurant in Destin is somewhere I always go when in town. The food is incredibly fresh, and there are lots of dishes that incorporate the local seafood. - By Lynn from Georgia

Florida Family Vacation Ideas #2: My favorite place to vacation is St. Augustine, Florida. White sandy beaches, history, fun, what more can you want?

St. Augustine is the oldest city in what is now the United States, and there is plenty to show for it. From the Castillo de San Marcos, the fort, to the old city gates and Old Jail, this city has all of the major history type things to do with your family.

There are many shops, and the locals are all very polite and appreciative of the tourist industry. There is also a Ripley's Believe it or Not in the city, which features many interesting artifacts. No visit to St. Augustine is complete without a trip to the Fountain of Youth, where reenactments are done many times per day, and the water is free to sample.

Looking for a place to stay? I recommend Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort. Bryn Mawr features full service campsites for RVs, fully furnished permanent trailers on site for rent, laundry facilities, public restrooms, pool, shuffleboard courts, and many other interesting features.

Best of all, this is all located right on the beach. There is a private gate that leads you directly to the beach. Many campsites have an ocean view, as well. - By Becky from Illinois

Florida Family Vacation Ideas #3: I love the smell of the ocean and listening to the waves crashing upon the sand. That is why Panama City Beach, Florida is my vote for best vacation spots in Florida. It's actually my favorite vacation spot anywhere.

We go every year and there is always so much to do. You can relax on the beach or enjoy shopping in Pier Park. The restaurants in Panama City Beach are amazing whether you want seafood from Margaretville or some ribs from Pineapple Willie you can find everything you want right there.

There is plenty of fun for groups of all ages including water parks, putt putt golf, swimming, fishing, and of course riding down the strip on scooters. There are also boat rides that will take you out to Shell Island where you can explore and find seashells. Panama City Beach is a beautiful location which is why we had our wedding there right on the beach. I look forward to going every year and never want to leave when it is time to go home. - By Sunni from Alabama

Florida Family Vacation Ideas #4: When I need to get away and relax, I like to go to Sarasota, Florida. It’s close by but has a ton of interesting things to do. Sarasota has one of the best beaches in the US - Siesta Key beach, with beautiful gulf water and quartz sand.
Sarasota Beach, Florida
Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/fabiomiami
There is also the Ringling Museum, the personal art collection of John Ringling. He was one of the five brothers that started the Ringling Brothers circus and was the main person who developed Sarasota. He built the museum to hold his vast collection of classical art and furniture. They also rotate other exhibits in the back of the museum.

There is also a circus museum (which I usually skip), a couple of restaurants, walking paths and the Ca D’Zan, or House of John. He spared no expense on the house and it is absolutely gorgeous and is right on Sarasota Bay.

Another place I visit frequently is Selby Gardens, which are famous botanical gardens for orchids and bromeliads. It’s a small but beautiful jewel also on Sarasota bay. They host an Asian festival in the spring and have rotating art exhibits from local and international artists.

For people who like to explore off the beaten path there are a ton of local theaters and art galleries too, and also Warm Mineral Springs about 45 minutes away.

Warm Mineral Springs is one of the top places in the world for its mineral content, and the water if 86 degrees all year round. It’s very popular with European tourists, but Americans don’t even realize it exists. Warm Mineral Springs is rumored to be the fountain of youth Ponce De Leon talked about discovering, but definitely worth visiting either way. - By Nicole from Florida

Florida Family Vacation Ideas #5: Florida is one of my favorite places to vacation simply due to how the vacation usually goes. I often go with my husband's family, and we enjoy a week long period of bathing in the sun, seafood dinners, and general fun.

I definitely think that it would not be as great of an experience if not for us going down together in a group. That way we are all able to enjoy each other's company in a stress free environment.

It's nice to be able to do all the relaxing things you do on a vacation while not missing any family member or friend. Plus, it's always easy to find someone who wants to do the same thing as you, and there are no arguments about what to do next.

Also, one thing that I always look forward to is the clam chowder at a restaurant near where we stay. That, alone, is enough to make me want to take a trip to Florida! Seafood is possibly my favorite type of food, so being able to get it for every meal is wonderful to me. So my vacation ideas suggestion is sun and seafood in Florida. - By Abby from Florida

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