Favorite Vacation Ideas - New York City

by Courtney
(Salem )

My favorite vacation idea is New York City. Recently my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see War Horse on Broadway in New York City for Valentine's Day.

Being a Technical Theatre Major at Salem State University, this was possibly the best Valentine's Day gift a girl could hope for!

Included in the surprise were not only tickets to the play, but also a one-night stay at the hotel, Ink48. Upon arrival to Ink48, we were warmly greeted in their amazing lobby, and invited to take part in a wine reception!

Having just driven straight to NYC from the north shore of Massachusetts, we were both exhausted and the lobby staff offered us complimentary tea/coffee and if we wanted to get settled into our room, they would call us to remind us of the wine reception.

While we did not partake in the wine reception, we had fallen asleep, the hotel staff was more than happy to help us get a cab and to make recommendations as to where to eat dinner, other than at the hotel itself which was really nice! T

he show was at the Lincoln Center and was amazing. When we got back to the hotel, the cab we took didn’t have a working credit card machine and we were stuck. It being our first time in NYC we didn’t know what to do! Thankfully the bellhop was there to lend us the $3 to cover the taxi! Over all, the staff at Ink48 were the most warm, kind hotel staff I have ever had the pleasure to meet!
Ink48 A New York Boutique Hotel

Justin from California -
I highly recommend New York City for your next vacation idea. A few years ago my girlfriend and my best friend and I decided to make a trip to New York City so that we could watch a baseball game in Yankee Stadium before it was to be demolished.

We saw the last A's-Yankees game there. Making the trip to New York was a very big thing for all of us because it would be a first. Immediately after arriving we were riding a subway out of Queens and into Manhattan at around 11:00 at night. It was sure an experience.

On our trip to New York we rode the subways around everywhere we wanted to go. We saw Times Square, Coney Island, The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (by way of ferry), and we also spent one entire day walking around all of Manhattan.

This included a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and a stroll by Ground Zero, which was in its first rebuilding stage. Just meeting the people and eating the food and the sights were well worth the trip, even though we didn't even experience half of what there was.
New York City Tours Info

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