Family Vacation Cruises

Family Vacations Cruises #1:

By Kelcie from Wichita - A fun family vacation I took was a five day cruise. We went on the Carnival Cruise Lines, leaving from New Orleans. Throughout the week we had a total of two days on land and three days at sea. The First stop was at Progresso, Mexico where we took a jeep tour to Mayan ruins, a catholic church, and a Mexican cemetery.

The Second stop on land was Cozumel, Mexico where my husband and I went to dolphin resort and were able to swim with two dolphins with four other people. During the at sea days, the boat had so many activities to participate in like movies, clubs, the casino.

They would also hold contests like talent shows, as well as all day buffets and swimming pools. We had such a great time meeting the staff and new people on board. The experience was one of a kind and would definitely recommend a cruise to anyone looking for vacation ideas.

Family Vacations Cruises #2:

By Stacey from Maryland - On my 18th birthday my family took me on a Disney cruise. It was absolutely the most fun. We left port in Florida and headed to the Bahamas. While on the boat several activities were playing sports, laying around by the pool and swimming, and relaxing in the spa.

One of the nights there was a firework show right off of the boat. Every night when we came back to our cabin our bed was made and there was an animal made out of a towel. Every night that animal was different. When we arrived at the islands there was shopping to be done and we got to swim with sting rays.

Each evening on the boat we had a fancy dinner in one of the restaurants and for lunch and breakfast it was all you can eat buffet at any time you wanted to go. After the 5 days of the cruise we headed back to port in Florida.

Family Vacations Cruises #3:

By Adam from California - Several years ago, I went on a Mexican cruise to Ensenada with my brothers and sisters. This was to be the last vacation that we were going to have together for some time. It was a fantastic experience. The cruise line that we used was Carnival.

For anyone who has not taken a cruise, I would highly recommend the experience. The rooms were comfortable, and the ports of call were safe and lots of fun. The best part of the experience was the food! The buffet was available around the clock, and you could call for room service at any time for no extra charge.

The staff on the ship was there to fawn over you and make you feel special. They did a wonderful job. There was always an event happening somewhere on the ship, something for all ages. If you get the chance to take a cruise, do it! There are some fantastic deals available on several websites, so check it out and get out on the open sea!

Family Vacations Cruises #4:

By Brandy from New Hampshire - A few years ago I finally took my first cruise. Our family went to the eastern Caribbean on board a ship from the Princess cruise line. Our boat was to stop at St. Martin, St. Thomas, and the private Island owned by the company.

The cruise ship itself was a blast. Even if we had not stopped anywhere I would have had fun being on the ship for the whole seven days. The buffet was amazing and the cuisine changed day-to-day to keep the passengers from getting bored. I was pregnant at the time so food on our vacation was very important to me.

There were also a few restaurants to choose from if you wanted to order off a menu. The pizza place stayed open all night which made midnight snaking fun. I did not drink but cannot wait to go again and actually spend time in the bar. The bar was located on the highest point of the ship and offered full panoramic views out the windows. It was shaped as one big circle.

The casino offered anything from slots, to video poker, to black jack. It was very easy to spend hours in there. The staff in the casino and outside on the rest of the ship were always friendly and really added to the experience.

I especially enjoyed the shows. There was singing and dancing, a hypnotist, and the ships own version of the newlywed game to watch. Many of the ships staff members were also in the shows and at points the audience was invited to participate.

While the ship allowed both adults and children they did a great job keeping the activities and areas separate from one another. We all had a great time. I would definitely tell my friends to use Princess for their cruise.

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