Family Vacation Ideas With Teens

A family vacation with teens doesn’t have to be a trying experience. One thing you can do to make the experience more enjoyable for your teens (which translates to more enjoyable for Mom and Dad) is to choose a vacation spot with a variety of things to do.

Give your teens choices. If they only have one or two choices they may feel stuck. If they have a variety activities available they will feel like they have some control over how they spend their time.

teens swimming in the river

When choosing a destination for your family vacation, be sure to include your teens in the process.

You may be able to pick a good spot without their input but they will be resistant to it because they were not part of the choice. Selecting your vacation idea together lets them know that you care about their feelings. Create a goal for your vacation that you and your teens can share. Maybe you can all learn a new fun skill or improve one that you already share.

Backpacking and camping are good examples of vacation ideas for teenagers. It's a great way for everyone to learn about nature and learn some valuable skills. This can go a long way towards improving the self-esteem of teens.

Your teens need their space. When you arrange accommodations for a family vacation with your teens, try to get them sleeping quarters separate from you. You will appreciate staying away from their normal messiness and they will appreciate not having Mom and Dad on top of them all the time.

Tent Camping

Another tip to keep a vacation with teens running smoothly is make sure that there are activities that they can do without you. Togetherness can be great but not constantly. Give them time and opportunity to be off by themselves for a portion of the vacation.

Vacation activities tend to focus on the daytime hours. But if you vacation with teens you need to think of the evening also. Teens are less likely to want to sit around relaxing in the evening like their parents. Find some evening teen-friendly activities.

If your teen has a best friend, invite their buddy along. This can really go a long way towards making a family vacation with teens a pleasant and rewarding experience for everyone.

Costa Rica Tree Walkway
Costa Rica Tree Walkway

How about a Multi-Sport Adventure vacation in tropical Costa Rica. Thomson Family Adventures is an outfitter that offers 9 days of rafting, hiking, swimming and photography in the Costa Rica rainforests.

Explore, learn how to salsa, enjoy fun Caribbean music along with the white sand-beaches and pristine National Park forests. It's all geared towards teenagers. What an excellent way to spend a family adventure vacation with your teens.

They also have many other great vacation ideas for families. One example is their Smithsonian Family Adventures. These are getaways that combine adventure and learning. Working with the Smithsonian Institute, Thomson Family Adventures takes you past the typical tourist agenda to experience and learn about other cultures.

Discover Costa Rica with Thomson Family Adventures

An idea for a challenging and adventurous family vacation with teens is river rafting on the Upper New River in West Virginia.

There are a number of good outfitters along the Upper New River that specialize in family camping and rafting trips. This river is very popular with families because the rapids are well suited for beginners and kids.

Adventures on the Gorge offers a wide variety of family oriented adventures including rafting, zip lines, horseback riding and more. Most of the rapids are class one, which is the easiest of the six official classifications. The inflatable rafts are piloted by experienced guides who also cook and help with your camp each night. This is a great way for your teens to enjoy the outdoors and the excitement of the river rafting experience.

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