Family Vacation Ideas In Costa Rica

Family Vacation Ideas In Costa Rica #1: A very popular vacation idea for Costa Rica is a visit to one of the country’s three volcanoes. They are all in the central part of Costa Rica. Irazu Volcano erupted in the early 1960’s and created a landscape that might remind you of the surface of the moon. You can best see it at the scenic overlook at Irazu Volcano National Park.

Nearby Ricardo Jimenez Oreamuno Recreation Area has camping available and walking trails to explore with. Paos Volcano has a huge crater that will occasionally shoot steam and muddy water 600 feet into the area. The crater is a mile wide making it the second largest in the world.

Paos Volcano National Park is just a short distance from San Jose. It is the most visited volcano in Costa Rica. The most active volcano is Arenal Volcano. It erupted in 1968 and destroyed a village and its unlucky inhabitants.

Today it still rumbles and streams lava down its slopes. For a safe and spectacular view you can go to the Arenal Observatory Lodge which sits in the forest almost 2 miles away from the volcano.

#2: San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and makes a good family vacation idea. It is located in the very beautiful Central Valley of Costa Rica surrounded by volcanic mountains that are covered with coffee plantations.

Many of these plantations offer tours. A working coffee plantation tour makes a fun and interesting outing for the family. The pleasant climate here attracts visitors from around the world. It also makes a nice home for the famous Costa Rica butterflies.

In fact there are over 1,000 species of butterflies here. Close to San Jose is The Butterfly Farm. This is a fun place to visit that the kids will love. You can take a guided tour of the tropical garden where hundreds of wonderful butterflies flutter among the tropical flowers.

Another fun spot is the amphibian and reptile zoo, The Serpentarium. Here you can see over 40 species of Costa Rica’s local snakes (including poisonous varieties), reptiles, spiders, land turtles.

Family Vacation Ideas In Costa Rica #3: In the northwest part of Costa Rica you will find Rincon de la Vieja National Park. This area is often referred to as Costa Rica’s "Wild West" because the land resembles the U.S. west.

The sights in the park are similar to what you would see in Yellowstone National Park in the U.S. There are a number of small craters that vent volcanic steam. The park also has two inactive volcanoes. You can explore the tropical forest and visit the hot springs, bubbling mudpots, craters and geysers.

The park’s many hiking trails and you can arrange for a guide if you like. A nice spot to swim here is the Hidden Falls, which is actually a series of four connected waterfalls. Take a soothing bath in the small pools thermal sulfur springs at Los Azufrales.

The nearby cold water stream is perfect for cooling off when you are finished. The fun activity in the park is watching the wildlife such as the many exotic birds, monkeys and iguanas.

#4: The Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve - A very beautiful and interesting vacation spot in Costa Rica is The Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. It’s located about fours from San Jose. This is special area of the Tilaran Mountains just the right atmospheric conditions occur to form clouds among the mountain top forests. These special conditions create a beautiful and fragile environment that promotes the growth plant life.

Your family can enjoy this unique vacation spot while staying at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge. Here at the lodge you can explore the lush green jungle on 3 miles of trails that wind around their seventy acres of private forest.

There are many different ways to enjoy this fantastic natural wonder. At the Selvature Park you can take a canopy tour of the forest on a zip line (for the more adventurous), explore among the tree tops on a suspension bridge walkway, and visit the butterfly and hummingbird gardens.

Family Vacation Ideas In Costa Rica #5: Along the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica you will find some spectacular national parks and animal reserves. This is an excellent family vacation spot for wildlife viewing and enjoying the country’s natural beauty.

A very popular destination here is the Manuel Antonio National Park. The beaches here are beautiful with their edges lined by lush tropical forest. You can see white-faced monkeys, three-toed sloths, purple and orange crabs and lots of other wildlife. There are many activities for the family here. Most can be arranged by professional tour operators.

Take a four-wheel ATV adventure along the unpaved mountain and forest roads. Take a guided horseback ride to forest waterfalls for a relaxing swim. Go for a sunset sail. Grab the binoculars and get a glimpse of the scarlet macaw, red-legged honeycreeper or one of the other 270 bird species that live here. Explore the stalactite & stalagmite formations in the Caves of Damas.

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