Family Vacation Ideas in Canada

Family Vacation Canada #1:

If your family is into nature and the great outdoors, consider a vacation idea at the Strathcona Park Lodge in the heart of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Strathcona Park Lodge is a family owned wilderness resort where you can take full advantage of the incredible and vast outdoor recreation opportunities of Vancouver Island.

Outdoor adventure activities are the theme here and they are all designed for both fun and education. This is a wonderful opportunity for every member of the family to test themselves and bond together in a shared experience.

Some of the outdoor activities include kayaking, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing, zip lines, camping out, and nature survival. Supervision and instructions are provided by the lodge staff.

One of their very unique programs involves inter-generational family groups (grandparents & grandchildren) together for a nature adventure vacation.

Family Vacation Canada #2:

By John from Edmonton - Our family went to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for our vacation. We stayed at The Drake Hotel, and we went to MarineLand, where we had a fun day of watching the many different shows they had (dolphins and seals were the subject of those, they performed), going down to the aquarium area and observing the many exotic sea creatures.

We then had a nice lunch, where we returned back to the place we were staying at. The following day we went to Canada's Wonderland where we went on various rides all day, looked at various spectacles (rather broad term, but there were many different things to do there) and had a great meal.

The rest of the day we went around Toronto exploring the various sights and spectacles of the city. The highlight was the CN Tower, which provided an amazing view of the city. I would highly recommend this vacation idea.

Family Vacation Canada #3:

By Jennifer from Comstock Park, Mi - The best family vacation I remember going on was when I was a child. My parents and I visited Toronto, Canada on our yearly summer vacation. We stayed at the Skydome Hotel, it now has a different name, but back then it was the Skydome, where the Toronto BlueJays play their games.

I will always remember the address of that hotel as it is 1 BlueJays way and connected to the Skydome is the HardRock Cafe. Next door to the hotel was the CN Tower, which when we visited it was still the tallest building in the world.

It was amazing up at the top of it. They had a glass floor you could walk out on and look down into the city of Toronto. Amazing view, and there is nothing like it in the world.

While in Toronto we also visited Sir. Henrys Castle and took a tour there. We spent one afternoon in China Town in Toronto, and what a different world and experience that was, but we had a great time none the less.

We did a lot of shopping while in Toronto in their many shops and malls, we took a tour bus through the whole city and learned many wonderful things about the city. On our last day there we went to dinner and a show at Medieval Times. What a blast that place is as well. I just loved everything about our vacation in Toronto and someday I hope to share those with my husband and kids.

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