Family Summer Vacation Ideas

Family Summer Vacation Ideas #1:

By Anna from Salt Lake City - Every summer, my family and I travel to Sun Valley, a grand American resort in Idaho. I love going to Sun Valley because there is so much to do! Bike riding, tennis, golf, swimming, skiing, ice skating, and shopping are just a few of the things that my family and I do while we are there.

Sun Valley is like my home away from home. It is less than 6 hours away from Salt Lake so the drive is not bad at all! Definitely worth the trip! We have gone there once a year for as long as I can remember. The Sun Valley staff is all very friendly and it is fun to get to know them.

Sun Valley employees are from all over the world so it is fun to find out where they are from. Sun Valley is a great place for families to travel year round! I can't wait until I am able to have a family of my own and introduce them to Sun Valley!

Family Summer Vacation Ideas #2:

By Kay from Oklahoma - One summer, my husband and I didn’t really know what to do for our family vacation, but we decided to visit Arkansas because it was near our home state. We were looking for a quiet getaway, somewhere where we could relax, but where there were some activities to participate in as well.

We visited the Hot Springs, Arkansas area. We enjoyed this trip very much. We went hiking several times, both in Hot Springs and around nearby Lake DeGray. We toured a Victorian bath house, and saw a local music show which was entertaining and funny.

We stayed at DeGray Lake State Resort for part of our vacation. We were able to rent bicycles to go for a ride there, and we also rented canoes for a short ride around the lakeshore. There was a grocery store nearby, and we would go there to get picnic supplies which we took with us each day for a picnic lunch whether we were hiking or biking.

Family Summer Vacation Ideas #3:

By Michael from San Francisco - One of the most memorable vacations I have had was a summer family trip to Yellowstone National Park. After arriving in Yellowstone, I was immediately taken aback by the gorgeous landscape.

My parents and I stayed in a small, cheap Best Western to save on costs. After all, you're only sleeping at the hotel and enjoying all there is to see throughout the day. We rented a Ford Taurus from Hertz and explored Yellowstone for four solid days. There is so much to see and five days would have been ideal without feeling like we had run out of things to do.

The Yellowstone Lodge, Old Faithful and the falls were highlights of the area and although Yellowstone does not have a standout landmark like El Capitan or the Half Dome of Yosemite, the entirety of the landscape is breathtaking. Byson have thousands of acres to play with but will often park their giant behinds in the middle of roadways, blocking traffic for significant amounts of time, but the tourists remain more amused than annoyed.

We spent out last day in Jackson Hole, in which there is little to do during the summer, but the gorgeous drive to and from was well worth the journey. I highly recommend Yellowstone if you are want to enjoy nature's beauty. You can move at a snail's pace and still be entertained by the vast beauty on display.

Family Summer Vacation Ideas #4:

By Sue from SC - My favorite vacation would have to be going to Branson, Missouri the summer of 2005. This vacation meant the world to me and my siblings. The reason was 2 months before my mother passed away from breast cancer and my dad wanted to get us all out of the house for the summer.

Sixteen hours in a van isn't incredibly fun but the joy of being around family makes up for it. While in Branson we visited Mini-golf courses, bumper cars & Silver Dollar City to name a few things. We also went out to eat at the Golden Corral, a treat that we didn't get very often growing up.

One of the most fun things I can remember doing is going to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. This was a dinner and a show kind of atmosphere. Horses, rings of fire, and races to name a few things it offered. This city has so much to do, that’s probably why it is nicknamed the Little Vegas. Very fun time, wouldn't trade time with family for the world.

Family Summer Vacation Ideas #5:

By Lin from Rhode Island - One of the best summer vacations I’ve ever taken was to Mackinac Island, Michigan. The island is near the upper peninsula of Michigan and is the perfect place to forget all your troubles. The main perk of visiting the island is the fact that there are no motorized vehicles allowed. To get anywhere, you need to walk, bike, or take a horse and carriage. The lack of engines adds to the appeal.

If you visit in late May, you can experience the full beauty of the island when it’s covered from end to end in lilac trees. There are many fun things to do at Mackinac, from relaxing at the water’s edge to visiting the elegant Grand Hotel to shopping in the quaint stores.

Night life is exciting, and the island has a long line of pubs on the main street. Guests of the island do a pub crawl and can purchase tee shirts stating which bars they stopped in. Mackinac Island is perfect for families or couples who just want to get away from their hectic lives. Don’t forget to purchase a block of the famous Mackinac fudge before heading home.

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