Family Ranch Vacation Ideas

A family ranch vacation can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and learn a few things in the process. Ranching is a way of life that is foreign to the majority of Americans but is an integral part of both our history and our present-day culture.

A big part of ranching has always been the cattle drive. Taking part in one can be the family adventure of a lifetime. A family ranch vacation cattle drive will challenge each member of the family in a way that will boost confidence and self-esteem.

Going on a cattle drive at a real working ranch does not necessarily call for super riding skills. There are some that allow you to participate even though you’ve never ridden a horse before.

Others require some varying level of experience. It all depends on the individual ranch so just make sure you know the level of experience required before you sign up.

Your level of riding experience can also determine how much work you can do on the cattle drive. To get into the thick of things usually will require some riding experience.

You can still go if it’s your first time on a horse but expect to be more on the sidelines. You can still have fun; you just won’t be in where all the action is.

All ranches that offer a family ranch vacation will provide riding instructions and teach you trail safety. There are lots of other things that you can learn as well like roping, branding, caring for the livestock, mending cattle fences, how a ranch is run and the history and culture of ranching.

The Cottonwood Ranch, in Nevada, has a number of cattle drive opportunities on their huge 40,000 acre ranch. Some are for kids as young as eight and require little to no experience. Others will have you herding horses over rugged terrain so some experience is necessary.

The Big Horn Mountains on the border of Wyoming and Montana is where the Double Rafter Ranch has been working cattle for over 100 years. Help drive the cattle through the mountains and canyons while sleeping in tents or chuck wagons.

You’ll work right alongside real wranglers as they go about their normal ranch tasks. They have opportunities for all levels of experience so everyone in the family should be able get in on this great vacation idea.

At the Hargrove Cattle & Guest Ranch you can have a Montana family ranch vacation with the focus less on riding and more on working the ranch.

You sleep in a normal bed instead of camping out. During the day you can take part in real cowboy experiences like branding, ear tagging and caring for mothers-to-be and baby calves. And if herding cattle is really what you are wanting then they have that too.

Flying A Ranch, located 50 miles southeast of Jackson Wyoming, is not your typical guest ranch. They have an old west ranch with some great activities like horseback riding, hiking, fishing, trap shooting and mountain biking.

But you won't be sleeping on the open range and eating beans out of the cast iron frying pan. At Flying A Ranch they've stepped up the amenities. Fine china, Ralph Lauren sheets and gourmet meals make this more of a resort than a rustic working cattle ranch.

A family ranch vacation can be hard work but it is also an adventure and a lot of fun. Bring a pair of work gloves, a hardy pair of cowboy boots and be ready for an experience you and your family will never forget. This is a very powerful family vacation idea.

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