Family Adventure Vacation Ideas

Adventure Family Vacation Ideas #1:

Mariah Wilderness Expeditions specializes in family rafting and kayaking trips on the American River. This is the most popular river in California for white water rafting. Here you will find excellent rafting opportunities due mostly to the Chili Bar Dam. Every morning, during the hydroelectric process, water is released creating 21 miles of family friendly raftable water.

Adventure Family Vacation Ideas #2:

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, on Lake Superior, is a great place for a family sailing adventure. The Apostle Islands are made up of 22 small islands off the tip of Bayfield Lake. There are a number of marinas as well as many protected coves for safe anchoring.

The family can charter a sailboat through The Apostle Islands Yacht Charter Association. If you want to learn some real sailing, try the Blue Waters Sailing School at the Madeline Island Marina.

Adventure Family Vacation Ideas #3:

Get a close-up view of the hot geysers steaming up from the surface of Wyoming’s Yellowstone Lake. This is Earth’s hottest show and you have a ringside seat in your kayak.

Outdoor Adventure River Specialists has this Yellowstone adventure on the itinerary of one of their family-friendly whitewater rafting vacations.

You learn kayak basics, then paddle along the lake to Lakeshore Geyser, where eruptions can shoot as high as 25 feet in the air.

A boat is the only way to explore this area of active hot springs and Outdoor Adventure River Specialists will be your guide on this family adventure vacation idea.

Family Adventure Vacation Idea #4:

Lake Powell just may be the houseboating capital of the world. It is located at the border of Arizona and Utah in Glen Canyon National recreation Area. There are hundreds of houseboats available for rent. Start your family adventure with Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas. They have everything from a standard 44-foot 8 person houseboat up to a 75-foot luxury houseboat for 12 persons.

Adventure Family Vacation Ideas #5:

Cumberland Island National Seashore is a great spot for a family adventure vacation. It’s a large barrier island off Georgia that is basically wild and uninhabited and perfect for camping and nature tours. There are no luxury hotels but there is plenty of opportunity for kayaking, hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, biking and bird watching. For organized tours you can’t go wrong with Wilderness Southeast Outfitters.

Adventure Family Vacation Ideas #6:

Traveling with the family? You might want to check out the Family Concierge service offered by Loews Hotels. They can provide you with a list of local family activities for your vacation. There are in-hotel family-friendly and kid-friendly activities. They go out of their way to cater to teens with things like loaning them DVDs and Gameboys or letting them have their own room. This seems like a good bet to keep your family vacation as stress free as possible.

Adventure Family Vacation Idea #7:

You will sample a taste of the real Alaska wilderness with a stay at Zacher Bay Lodge. This full-service wilderness lodge is on Zodiak Island where you can go kayaking in the Gulf of Alaska, enjoy the wildlife, such as the Kodiak Brown Bears, or have a spectacular fresh or saltwater fishing adventure.

Adventure Family Vacation Ideas #8:

The Green River, in Utah, is a great spot for a family river rafting experience. The 86-mile long Green River has rafting sections that are safe enough for children as young as 5 yet still offers the excitement that more experienced rafters are looking for.

The desert canyon walls and scenery provide a beautiful backdrop while inspiring a sense of history as you pass through wilderness previously visited by Butch Cassidy and other notable historical figures. Bill Dvorak Kayak and Rafting Expeditions is one of the more popular outfitters that can help you arrange your family adventure vacation.

Family Adventure Vacation Idea #9:

For a fun family adventure vacation idea how about drift boating and fly fishing in the waters of the Eastern Sierra area of California. Sierra Drifters is a professional guide service that can take you on a great fishing adventure as well as drift boating, float tubing and wading.

They specialize in the Lower and Upper Owens River and Crowley Lake. They love to organize family trips and will happily instruct the first timers in your group. Sierra Drifters promotes a "catch and release" fishing experience.

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