Extreme Adventure Vacation Ideas

Extreme Adventure Vacation Ideas #1:

If you are into high-altitude hiking and backpacking, try the mountains of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. Ash Mountain is the park headquarters that manages both of these two side-by-side parks.

The terrain of the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks is the snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada rising up among high-country lakes and alpine meadows.

There are over 800 miles of mountain trails for you adventure hikers and backpackers to explore the wilderness. This is the home of Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the "lower 48" states.

This is a very popular vacation spot for mountain day-hikers who enter at the Whitney Portal Trailhead. The High Sierra Trail is a more extreme hike taking at least 10 days to complete a round trip.

Extreme Adventure Vacation Ideas #2:

The Celestial Mountains of Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan is the destination for an action adventure vacation with Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel. This is physical outdoor activities in a beautiful and exotic location.

Wild Frontiers is one of the top adventure outfitters in the world. On this expedition you will experience the culture staying with the local eagle hunters and nomads.

Tour the Tien Shan Mountains by helicopter. Hike the glaciers of Mount Khan Tengri. Go horseback riding in the Mountains of Heaven and challenge your white water rafting skills on the Chui River. Wild Frontiers designed this trip to combine outdoor adventure with local culture for a unique vacation experience.

Extreme Adventure Vacation Ideas #3:

Travel to the Antarctic with Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions, one of the best and most experienced adventure companies in the world. Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions focuses their vacation trips on the little known exotic spots where you won’t find throngs of tourists.

Their luxury cruise to Antarctica is no exception. Your destination is the Antarctic Peninsula as well as Elephant Island, Sea Lion Island, Bleaker Island, Falkland Island and South Georgia.

Of course the scenery will be spectacular so are plenty of great photo opportunities. You will see cape petrels, albatross colonies, Antarctic shags, whales, crabeater seals and gentoo penguins. Learn about the natural history of the Antarctic while hiking and sightseeing. Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions has been there over 250 times so they know how to show off this frozen wonderland. This is not a trip of extreme physical activities. It’s a trip to an extremely beautiful and isolated spot in our world.

Extreme Adventure Vacation Ideas #4:

Take a trip to Canada’s Columbia Mountains for some high adventure heli-skiing and heli-hiking. One of the oldest and best adventure companies, Canadian Mountain Holidays specializes in providing top heli-skiing and heli-hiking mountain adventures trips. CMH has 12 winter lodges in the Columbia Mountains. Some are best for the most experienced and aggressive skiers.

Two of the lodge ski areas are designed for families that include teenagers who are strong skiers. In summer CMH operates 6 lodges for their heli-hiking. You will be transported by helicopter from the lodge to some of the Columbia Mountains most beautiful spots to hike deep river basins, lush meadows, ancient glaciers and along pristine crystal alpine lakes.

Along with your hiking or skiing activities, Canadian Mountain Holidays ensures that you enjoy your stay with skilled chefs and pastry chefs providing meals that help make your vacation a memorable experience.

Extreme Adventure Vacation Ideas #5:

One of the most extreme and exciting places in the world for hiking, white water rafting and kayaking is the Himalayas Mountains in Nepal. Bio Bio Expeditions is one of the top adventure outfitters anywhere.

They have a challenging Nepal Adventure Vacation to three exciting rivers in the region – Karnali River, Marsayangdi River and the Sun Kosi River. These rivers are located in an extremely remote and unexplored area of the Himilayas.

The scenery is magnificent, the rivers are among the best in the world and the culture is exotic. It all adds up to an unforgettable adventure trip experience. Bio Bio Expeditions has superb experienced professional guides. Safety is a top priority. Bio Bio Expeditions provided the river safety for the World Championships of White Water Rafting on the Futaleufu River in Chile.

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