Exotic Island Vacation Ideas

Exotic Island Vacations #1:

Get away for a tropical paradise vacation on Dolphin Island in Fiji. This little slice of heaven is a small private island located just a short boat ride from the main island of Fiji. There are only two Fijian style (yes, they are air-conditioned) bures on the island so you will have plenty of privacy.

This is a great spot to simply relax and enjoy what you have come for; tropical weather, palm trees, beach, clear blue water, ocean breezes. The Fijian staff on Dolphin Island knows the area and can help you enjoy your time here. They can provide snorkeling equipment and also kayaks and catamarans.

Exotic Island Vacation Ideas #2:

Catalina Island is a 22-mile ferry trip from Long Beach California. The distance is short but it's a world away from the hectic California lifestyle.

The 72 acres of Catalina Island are an exotic wilderness providing great camping, biking and hiking vacation activities.

There are miles of trails to explore like the 27-mile long Trans-Catalina Trail that traverses the island with campgrounds and small beaches along the way.

The secluded coves and caves and magnificent cliffsides draw kayakers to the coastal waters.

Avalon is the port city and offers more comfortable amenities if camping is not your style. Try the Banning House Lodge or the Catalina Cabins for affordable and comfortable accommodation.

Avalon has a nice family beach and you can have some family fun at the popular 18-hole miniature golf course Catalina Island’s Golf Gardens.

Exotic Island Vacations #3:

About 300 miles off the coast of Brazil is the beautiful and eco-protected Fernando De Noronha Island

It's part of the pristine National Marine Park and access to the island is strictly controlled. Fernando De Noronha is a prime destination for diving, surfing and snorkeling.

A popular fun activity here is tow-diving where you ride the water on a small board while being towed by a boat. Watch the world's largest resident pod of spinner dolphins in the Mirante dos Golginhos. Climb down cliffside ladders to reach Sanch Beach.

To protect the pristine natural environment, tourists are limited to only about 500 per day. There are no luxury resorts here but there are many modest comfortable guesthouses. At the Pousada Maravilha you can have a private bungalow with an ocean view.

Exotic Island Vacations #4:

Kangaroo Island, Australia is a nature lovers paradise and an excellent wildlife viewing destination. Located just a short ferry ride off the southern Australian coast, Kangaroo Island is sparsely populated and teeming with wallabie, koala, platypus, and other Australian wildlife.

Visit the Flinders Chase National Park for the best wildlife viewing and explore the hills and bushland hiking the "Kangaroo Island Coastal Wilderness Walk". Right next to the park entrance is the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat which makes a great base for enjoying the island.

Some of the popular island spots are the Platypus Water Holes, Kelly Hill Cave Tours, Little Sahara Sand Dunes, Seal Bay Sea Lion Colony, Hanson Bay Beaches and Grassdale Kangaroos. The Southern Ocean Lodge is an exclusive luxury destination with spectacular views of of this tropical island vacation spot.

Exotic Island Vacation Ideas #5:

The Regional Natural Preserve on the eastern Caribbean Sea island of Martinique provides a wild and rugged setting for anyone who likes to spend their vacation canyoning.

Martinique's exotic jungle interior draws lovers of canyoning from around the world. The landscape provides a wide variety of trails, canyons, rivers and waterfalls for trekking, rappelling, hiking and rafting.

Bureau Rando Martinique and In West Indies are two are outfitters that can arrange this outdoor adventure vacation idea for you. Bureau Rando Martinique and In West Indies. You don't have to be a super athletic type to enjoy canyoning.

Although many of the island locations are very challenging, canyoning outings can also be arranged which are very family friendly requiring only the desire to have fun. A great place to stay on Martinique, with great coastal views, is the Le Domaine Saint Auburn.

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