Exotic Caribbean Vacations

Exotic Caribbean Vacations #1:

Lapa Rios Ecolodge, in Costa Rica, is the place for exotic Caribbean vacation ideas. Enjoy activities in the rainforest and the ocean are at your door on this 1,000-acre private nature reserve.

A few of these are sunrise bird watching, interpretive forest hikes, boat trips for whale and dolphin watching, surfing, kayaking, educational visits to local projects, local medicine walks. The main lodge and the 16 private bungalows sit on forest ridges.

You can walk among them using steps and walkways laid along the forest floor. Both the Brisa Azul restaurant and the lodge are built high above the ground and command wonderful views of the forest canopy and the ocean.

Next door is Corcovado National Park and you can arrange to fly in for an exciting day hike and even spend a night on a platform high in forest trees. Lapa Rios Ecolodge offers the perfect place for anyone seeking adventurous vacation ideas in Caribbean paradise setting.

Exotic Caribbean Vacations #2:

By Jessica from Canada - One of the best vacations I ever went on was in the Cayman Islands. We stayed on Grand Cayman at the hotel that was used for filming a scene in “The Firm” starring Tom Cruise.

It was the most beautiful place I’d ever been too, and I’ve been to Hawaii, Jamaica and Mexico. The sand was picture perfect. The ocean water was so clear you could see the floor of the ocean for at least a mile out.

Not only was Grand Cayman breathtakingly beautiful, but it offers so many wonderful things to do. We went to a place called “Hell” where the rock formations look like you’re in hell.

We visited a sea turtle farm where we saw turtles of all different sizes ranging from little hatchlings to an old lady who was about 150 years old. But by far the best thing we were able to do was to swim with the sting rays.

Sting rays are actually very gentle creatures and there is a spot in the ocean called Sting Ray City. There were thousands of sting rays all around us! I even got to feed one! The Grand Cayman Islands are, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places on earth and should be a part of your vacation ideas.

Exotic Caribbean Vacations #3:

By Rob from Connecticut - Without a doubt in my mind the best vacation idea I’ve ever had (and plan to go again MANY times) was my trip to St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands. While on the island, we stayed at a very nice resort called Bluebeards Castle. Inside they had a pool, a bar (a very good one at that), 2 restaurants, and a mini casino; so obviously some days were spent just at the resort.

On days outside of the resort we would go down the road only a few miles to the downtown area where there were many gift shops, jewelry stores and restaurants. Very fine hand-made and unique jewelry is sold at these shops and for a good price too.

Scattered around the island are lots of beaches but there are two main ones that we went to; Morning Star Beach and Limetree Beach. There we would snorkel in the crystal clear waters.

People on the beach would be selling dog cookies and we would buy them so we can feed the fish while we snorkel (very exciting, fish come up and eat it right out of your hand!).

We also took the ferry from St. Thomas to St. Johns and spent the day over on that island where there were new beaches to explore and new native cuisine to try. All perfect family or couple activities.

Something I wasn’t able to try but plan on doing the next time I go is hopping on the zip-line where you can get an amazing mountain side view of the beautiful island hundreds of feet up. All in all St. Thomas has much to offer and is perfect family vacation.

Exotic Caribbean Vacations #4:

By Carol from New Hampshire - My best friend and I decided to go to Cancun for a girls only vacation. We left the husbands at home and stayed at a wonderful all inclusive resort, Aventura Spa Palace.

The rooms were beautiful and had a Jacuzzi on the patio. There were great restaurants within the resort including a Greek place that was exceptional. There was also a full spa with a multitude of treatments. We enjoyed massages, facials, reflexology and hot stone treatments every day.

Because the resort is part of the Palace Resort chain, all of which are all inclusive, we could enjoy dining and drinks at all the other Palace Resorts all over the Cancun area with no additional fees. We also went horseback riding on the beach, on a boat trip out to Isla Mujer, a scuba diving adventure, swimming with dolphins, quad bike excursions and a trip to the Mayan ruins.

It was an unbelievable week and surprisingly affordable. By far the best vacation of my life. It's also a great trip for families with children as there are many activities for them also. I will definitely do this vacation trip again and highly recommend it for anyone!

Exotic Caribbean Vacations #5:

By Priscilla from San Francisco - Last year I got to travel for the second time to one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world: Cancun, Mexico. Planning exotic Caribbean vacations to Cancun can be very affordable if you plan in advance. There are many things to do and there is something for almost everyone.

For the people who simply want to relax and stay indoors, there are many affordable hotels with direct access to the white-sand, turquoise waters. For the more adventurous personalities, Cancun offers plenty of water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking among others.

Make sure to visit Xcaret, an ecological park not too far from the city, where you will enjoy more traditional shows, more water activities and see some archeological sites without the inconvenience of going too far.

For those who don’t mind to travel off the beaten path please do not leave the area without visiting the archeological site of Chichen Itza; now considered to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. With a good, guide your experience can be both educational and exciting. My trip included all of the above. Going to Cancun was one of the best destination choices I could have made. I relaxed, had fun, adventure and even learned a thing or two.

Exotic Caribbean Vacations #6:

One year my mom and I decided to boycott Christmas and flew down to Cancun, Mexico for five days. Neither of us had ever been there before but with three years of high school Spanish under my belt, I wasn't concerned.

We stayed at Aventura, a beautiful spa resort belonging to the Palace Resort chain. The hospitality was amazing and being an all-inclusive resort, we really felt like we could take advantage of the great dining, bars and activities at the resort.

With the all-inclusive package, we could also take advantage of the many amenities at the other Palace Resorts situated in the Cancun area. Because they all have a different theme, we enjoyed a game of golf, spa treatments, nature walks, downtown nightlife and marine adventures at no additional cost.

I have to say, we really got our money's worth out of that trip, mostly due to drowning our sorrows. But even with our lingering sadness, we had such a great time that we were really able to escape all of the worries and problems back in "real life."

I would highly recommend this vacation for any age group and at any time of the year, especially winter as a getaway from the cold. I'd love to share more about the details of our exotic Caribbean vacations adventures in Cancun but as they say, what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico...go find out for yourself!

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