Exotic Beach Vacation Ideas

Exotic Beach Vacations #1:

Harmony Hall is a luxury beach resort in Antigua. The Caribbean island is known for its beautiful beaches and Harmony Hall sits on one of these remote beaches along the east coast of the island.

The setting is exotic and unique as this resort sits on 9 acres carved out of an old 19th century sugar plantation. Harmony Hall was actually built around a sugar mill tower which still today provides visitors with a spectacular view of Brown’s bay.

A main attraction here, besides the beach, is the art gallery where gifted local artists showcase their work. There’s a top world class restaurant featuring Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant sits next to an old sugar mill and is a popular spot for Sunday lunch.

Exotic Beach Vacations #2:

In Malaysia, the island of Langkawi home to monkeys and lizards and ringed with beautiful beaches. The four main beaches are Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah, Pantai Kok and Tanjung Rhu. Each has a slightly different flavor but they all showcase the quiet natural beauty of Malaysia.

The island is also the site of the largest aquarium in Malaysia, Underwater World. Sungai Kilim Nature Park is a great place to see the mangrove swamps and the wildlife that lives there like the brahminy kites and sea eagles.

Exotic Beach Vacations #3:

Samara Beach in Costa Rica is a great vacation idea for beach lovers. The exotic tropical Costa Rica is a perfect setting for beach destination. Samara Beach looks out onto the Pacific Ocean along the upper west coast. The coral reef off shore makes this a popular diving and snorkeling spot. There’s a small wooded island to explore and you can reach it by kayak.

Surfing, sport fishing, canopy tours and boat tours are all part of the fun at Samara Beach. The Flying Crocodile Lodge is an Ultra-Light flying center, the only one in the country. Nearby Buena Vista Beach is a protected turtle habitat as well as a popular spot fishing spot.

Exotic Beach Vacations #4:

By Luke from Texas - If you're looking for fun beach vacation spot then Varadero, Cuba is the right place for you. I've been there and it is absolutely awesome. I went over there about 4 years ago, and the fun is endless. I stayed at a hotel named "Sol Palmeras", which is a five star hotel, for a whole week.

The beach is great and beautiful, the sea is so tranquil and relaxing, the food is delicious, and not to mention the people, who are nice and very polite. You can find people from all over the world there, America, Europe, South America, etc.

The fun starts at the hotel, where you can find tons and tons of activities, like walks on the beach, wine tasting, different types of sports, etc. If you don't like any of these activities, you can always go to the beach, where native people offer you the chance to go fishing on their boat, or they also offer you the chance to go scuba diving or snorkeling.

Nevertheless, you can also visit small towns around the hotel, or even The Habana, were you are able to experience a country that was under the rule of Fidel Castro.

Exotic Beach Vacations #5:

By Susie from Ohio - My favorite vacation, by far, is the trip we took to San Quintín, Mexico. Although there are many tourist areas to visit in Mexico, we wanted to take a trip somewhere a bit off the beaten path. My husband loves fishing and I love the beach; so, armed with a guidebook for Baja, we set out to drive down the Mex 1 in search of a great ocean fishing spot.

In San Quintín, we encountered just enough English-speaking persons to make our trip pleasant and easy, although knowing a bit of Spanish is helpful when one ventures out of the regular tourist areas. We found a hotel right on the beach for $35 USD, Hotel Cielo Linda. The room was spacious, three beds and a sitting area; the hotel also had its own bar and restaurant that served a great crab dinner and delicious margaritas.

Although you will not find fine-dining and upscale shopping, the local food stops boasted fantastic authentic food and the scenery were beautiful. The small town had a cyber cafe that we visited for our daily fix of coffee and paleta (ice-cream popcicles that I became addicted to); otherwise, we lounged on the beautiful and un-crowded beach, me with a book and my husband with his rod and reel.

Had we more time to spend in San Quintín, we would have taken advantage of the boats that regularly take passengers out for ocean fishing. San Quintín was quiet and peaceful; our vacation there the most relaxing we've ever had. We were sad to leave Mexico behind, but we hope to return someday soon.

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