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Europe Vacation Ideas #1: Copenhagen is one of the best places to visit in Europe. With numerous pedestrian streets and plazas, Copenhagen, Denmark is a great place to explore of foot while on vacation.

This also helps keep the vacation expenses down. Need a little more mobility, rent a bicycle. They are available all over the city at reasonable rates.

Biking makes it easy to explore the sights in this Danish capital city. One particular route that is quite popular with visiting walkers and bikers takes you along the Fredericksholms Canal.

This scenic route follows the inland waterways around a square shaped circuit. You can stop at the Christianborg Palace and browse the several outstanding museums along the way.

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A little bit north along the coast is Helsinger where you will find the Kronborg Castle, the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Copenhagen city guide that should help you when vacationing here.

#2: Athens - My favorite vacation idea took place when I was in Europe for the first time. We flew from London to Athens, Greece and had a wonderful time there.

Since the 2004 Olympic Games, Athens has undergone a lot of changes and now, not speaking Greek is not a problem at all. All signs in streets, subway and buses are in English, so, you won’t have a problem trying to communicate with other people.

Athens is a very warm and contrasting city, where ancient and modern worlds clash. We stayed in a small hostel near Monastiraki square and I certainly recommend people, especially young travelers, to stay in this area because it’s pretty close to the Acropolis and its museum.

You can practically walk from there to Plaka, the Ancient Agora and the Roman Agora and not even need to take a taxi or the subway. On the day we went to the Acropolis, we had breakfast at the hostel, walked around 15 minutes, visited the site, went to the museum, and then took the subway to Syntagma Square, where we had a great lunch in one of the many cafeterias.

We then went back to the hostel and had a nice bottle of wine in its bar, which of course, had a perfect view of the Acropolis! I would really recommend people traveling there, Athens is a very cultural, traditional and warm city that welcomes all and the food there is just great! - Veronica from NM

Europe Vacation Ideas #3: Belgium - You may not know that Bruges is in Belgium, or even heard about it at all. But let me tell you, it's quite a fairytale, full of medieval buildings and alcoves. I went there by train, for two weeks, while taking a break from my job. I was staying with my friend Ray (who is Irish) at the Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce Hotel , very central with nice and classy rooms.

We visited the Groeninge Museum which features "The Last Judgment" by Bosch and the Belfry at the center of the city: 366 small steps to go all the way up, but a magnificent view of the whole town. We also crossed the Meestraat Bridge and enjoyed the view of the river. Although Ray didn't enjoy it much at the beginning, I think he fell in love with this town. It's a perfect place to spend a nice and quiet vacation, like I said, it's a fairy-tale. - Ken from England

Europe Vacation Ideas #4: Agkistri Island - A while ago me and my two best friends decided to take a vacation trip just for 3-4 days. The place we selected was an island near Athens, called Agkistri. It is a pretty small island with around 500 people living there. The fact that the island is so small and almost uncivilized suited us well because all we wanted was to calm down a bit from our everyday stressed life.

We stayed at tents at a camping spot there by the sea. We spent almost the whole day swimming and relaxing at the beach, read books and chatted. We also met there very interesting people and because of the fact that there was not much to do on the island we had the opportunity not only to spend time with ourselves but also to know each other better and come closer. We went back home fully relaxed and calmed, ready to face again the everyday reality.

The Agistri Club is a friendly casual place to stay while enjoying the island. Check out Matt Barrett's Angistri Travel Guide ( for some good vacation ideas on the visiting the island. - Fifi from Athens-Greece

Chalkida Bridge to Evia Island Greece

Europe Vacation Ideas #5: Evia Island - I want to tell you about my Greece vacation. We found a small house that we could rent for a month on the Greek holiday Island of Evia. We stayed here for the duration of the trip. Evia is very quiet, being mostly a province for shepherds and fishermen.

There are few large cities but many small towns and villages. We did see the country, which is highly recommendable as Greece is a very beautiful country. Many of the small towns have draws like natural hot springs but most do not.

The majority of the towns are on the sea side, and feature a wharf and beach. The water was always nice, often spectacular. The entire month was very laid back and quiet, which was welcome after the stress of a busy life at home. - James from Canada

Europe Vacation Ideas #6: Lesvos Island would be my finest place to spend holidays. Lesvos is one of the many islands in Greece, suitable for most needs and preferences one might have.

The best time to visit Lesvos would be summertime, if one loves swimming, beach parties and/or quiet walks by the sea. The food is absolutely amazing, consisted mainly by fresh seafood, combining Greek traditions with modern European standards.

Mytilene, being the capital, of Lesvos is a vital place full of friendly and hospital people, cafeterias, bars and night clubs. Of course there are other easily accessed areas in Lesvos like Molyvos, which is the best place to enjoy a delicious dessert, while admiring the beauties of the island from the balconies of the cafes on top of the hill.

If one loves a quiet little place to relax, a small village called Kalloni is the solution. Right in the centre of the island, far enough from the noise of the cities close enough to have a quick escape for drinks or coffee.

Favourite Beaches: Skala, Vatera, Eftalou. Favourite Spot in Lesvos: Parasol Bar; best cocktails I have ever had, great decoration, super friendly and kind service and hours of dancing, from morning to midnight. For me, Lesvos Greece is one of the best places to visit in Europe. - Aris from London, UK

Europe Vacation Ideas #7: Oslo, Nroway - One of the best places to vacation in Europe is Oslo, Norway! It's an underrated spot that's filled with beautiful scenery and wonderful hospitable people. One of the great things about Oslo is that almost everyone there speaks English! No need to learn another language when traveling here! Some of the sights to see are the many Viking ships in the Viking ship museums.

Walking around the downtown area will provide plenty of changes to see quotes from Henrik Ibsen, a famous Norwegian playwright, right on the sidewalk. The City Hall of Oslo is also a beautiful building, and make sure you visit the rooftop for a breathtaking view.

The newly built Oslo Opera House is also a great tourist attraction to visit both by day and by night. Though a little bit away from the downtown area, the Frogner park is a must see. It features the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which houses over 200 sculptures by Norwegian Sculpture Gustav Vigeland. - Firiora from Washington

Europe Vacation Ideas #8: Santorini, Greece - My absolute favorite place to visit has to be Santorini, Greece. First of all, the island is absolutely gorgeous with breathtaking cliffs overlooking the pristine ocean. The island truly looks like a postcard, with gorgeous white houses with blue roofs dotting the hillside.

The food on the island is absolutely delicious; it’s fresh, healthy and amazingly prepared. The people in Santorini are friendly and always willing to help, whether it’s to help you with directions or to order a specialty item.

Within one small island you can explore red sand, black sand, and white sand beaches, which all are surrounded by the pristine and warm Mediterranean. While going to the numerous beaches is an activity in itself, there are many other amazing things to do in Santorini, such as go on a volcano cruise, explore the island on four-wheelers or go wine tasting. No matter what, Santorini never fails to impress and I recommend it to any one in search of a beautiful adventure! - Bethany from Denver

Europe Vacation Ideas #9: Madrid, Spain - I visited Madrid, Spain earlier this year for the first time and found it to be an excellent vacation destination. I stayed with some friends which allowed me extra money for sight-seeing and also some handy Madrileno's (people from Madrid) to help as tour guides.

The underground train system is excellent and efficient and gets you where you want to go without delay or disturbance. As for the sights, I enjoyed the Bernebeau Stadium because I am an avid soccer fan. This massive stadium is located right in the heart of the city and tours cost around the $20 mark.

I also enjoyed Las Ventas which is the bull-fighting arena and is a beautiful part of the city. The Queen Sofia museum is excellent if you enjoy art and it has some of Pablo Picasso's most famous pieces on display. It's also free if you're a student. The Retiro park is great for picnics but is always packed full of people on warm days. In the night time the best place to go is the many, many excellent Tapas bars. - John from Ireland

Europe Vacation Ideas #10: Greek Islands - Visit the Greek Islands and relax looking over gorgeous blue seas. We visited three places in Greece, "Mykonos", "Santorini" and "Athens." We enjoyed the nightlife and clubs and beaches on the island of Mykonos. And we were blown away by the beauty of the Caldera on the Island of Santorini, not to mention the fresh goodies we got at bakeries all throughout the islands.

Santorini Island

The Greeks love all the good things in life, good fresh food, desserts, and wine. In addition, the hotels we stayed at on the mainland, like Eradinus Hotel in Athens were so luxurious that we had our own balcony, and from our marble shower we saw the Acropolis. I highly recommend that hotel, we were even able to walk to the Acropolis and other ruins from our hotel.

Europe Vacation Ideas #11: Glasgow, Scotland - My favorite place to vacation is Glasgow, Scotland. It is right in the middle of the small country, so if you were to take a bus or the train anywhere there, it doesn't take that long, only a few hours. My most favorite part is the history of all of the castles. From Aberdeen to Edinburgh, they are in abundance. I am a bit of a history buff and I love the fact that I can go from place to place there and it is just teeming with history.

My favorite castle that I like to frequent is Bothwell castle, located in the outskirts of Glasgow. You can walk a bit around the fields of this one and really get the feel of what it was like hundreds of years ago. All in all, Glasgow has very fine restaurants along with an abundance of different pubs. I love the Solid Rock Café, and recommend it to anyone who wants a taste of modern nightlife.

Europe Vacation Ideas #12: This autumn, some of my friends invited me go with them to Germany, Europe. The trip was really short, 3 days only, but my favorite was a day in Heidelberg. It's worth mentioning that autumn colors made the town look fascinating. I have no idea what were those trees, but everything looked orange, gold and green.

That, along with the bright sun and the blue, cloudless sky, actually made quite an impression on me. Heidelberg is beautiful place, with a few mini-fortresses, a lot of old-styled buildings and an absolutely stunning Castle on top a hill.

The whole feel of the place for me was uniquely pleasant - I don't think I've ever seen a place with such a fine vibration. The whole town was a fusion of baroque (makes me think of Mozart) and modern architecture.

And in the suburbs, I've seen houses like nowhere else - made of marble, or big, dark bricks, ornate with wooden gantries and green vines, and stuff I can only guess about... Truly original and stylish.

The streets are long and narrow, with lots of trees, gardens and mini-parks. There's also a river and some popular bridges, but I didn't spend too much time there.

In short, the town looked like a freshly modernized 14th century village, built in high class. For me, it felt more like time-travel than anything else. For good Europe attractions I say visit Heidelberg, Germany. - By John from NY

Europe Vacation Ideas #13: By Carol, NH - I took a vacation in August to Rome, Italy. It was wonderful in every way I imagined—food, hotel, sightseeing, and people I met. I began my visit on the Spanish Steps near my hotel, one of the many piazzas where people meet near fountains with coffee and that delicious gelato.

The art is everywhere you turn, on the buildings, in the buildings, and in all the piazzas. You can walk to most of the major attractions in the city although they also have cabs available at many taxi stations. I did the "tourist" things like visit Vatican City where the Sistine Chapel is breathtaking (you enter in numbered groups and are not allowed to talk or take photos).

Rome Italy
Rome Italy

There are long lines unless you hire a tour guide which will take you closer to the front of lines. The guides are great as well because of all the information you learn as you walk through places like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum.

There are so many artifacts in the Vatican Museum that you could view each item for 1 minute and it would take seven years to see everything! Needless to say, you want to schedule some time for this visit.

In Rome, I also visited the Roman Colosseum which is one of the popular Europe tourist attractions. We enjoyed it a lot especially with the tour guide who told our group about the history of the construction and eventual de-construction of the massive arena.

The floor is gone now so you can see the maze of hallways where the gladiators roamed before their fights underneath the structure. Its sheer size is almost overwhelming. The Colosseum is near the Roman Forum, another must-see to first-time tourists. This is the seat of ancient Roman government and well-worth the price of a tour guide to get all the history of these ruins.

Rome is full of restaurants and cafes that serve some of the best food and wines in the world. A Roman specialty is Pasta Carbonara which I tried in 5 different places! It is delicious. There are inexpensive places to have a slice of pizza or sandwich to the more expensive meals—you can find anything you want there.

Their coffee is small and strong. If you want a cup of coffee like most Americans are used to, you have to order it that way! Rome is a great city to take a vacation to, though it is an expensive place to visit if you want to really enjoy all it has to offer.

Many of the shops are high-end designers though there are some areas of the cities where you can shop markets. I found the Italian people to be helpful and friendly, especially with directions. By far, this is the best vacation I have ever had for Europe tourist attractions.

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