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England Vacation Ideas #1: The Isles of Scilly are a group of islands off Lands End, Cornwall. You can get to them from England by boat, plane or helicopter. Once there, all the islands are serviced by an excellent network of inter-island launches that run seven days a week.

The waters here are clear, protected and littered with countless shipwrecks so there are plenty of great diving and snorkeling locations. The fishing is bountiful with Hake, turbot, sole, plaice, megrim, whiting, monkfish, mackerel and Pollack all living among the islands.

There are actually over 100 islands to explore, many small and uninhabited. There are organized tours and independent boat operators who will take you to them.

The Isles of Scilly are an excellent England vacation idea for sailing, kayaking and windsurfing and other outdoor activities.

England Vacation Ideas #2: Take a trip northwest of London to Warwickshire, famous as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. You can hire a boat and explore the wonderful canal network.

Visit one of the William Shakespeare museums. Take the kids to see the pygmy goats and other fun animals at one of the popular specialist children’s farms.

England Vacation Ideas #3: Stourhead Gardens located in Warminster is one of the grandest examples of the English landscape style of garden. These are classic gardens of the 18th century English gentry and were constructed by Henry Hoare II in 1780.

This is a great place for a family vacation spot. There is lots of room for kids to run and play as well as enjoyment of the garden’s intrinsic beauty.

Some of the highlights include temples to Apollo and Flora, a rock bridge, woodland walks, King Alfred's Tower, a thatched cottage, a grotto and Iron Age hill forts of Whitesheet Hill and Park Hill Camp.

England Vacation Ideas #4: A wonderful England vacation spot is The Linthwaite Country House Hotel in Windermere. This homey country-style boutique hotel sits on a grassy knoll with an excellent view of Lake Windermere.

It’s a perfect spot for a romantic getaway. The spectacular beauty of the surrounding Lake District has been the inspiration for many great literary figures including the poet William Wordsworth. The 14 acre grounds include a terrace and a tarn for fly-fishing.

England Vacation Ideas #5:
England’s Brighton Pier
My fun weekend getaway was to Brighton in the summer. I went for a couple of days which was enough to experience the area. The biggest attraction being the lanes, which host a number of small cafes, jewelers and boutiques which you won’t find anywhere else in the country.

The clubbing is brilliant there; there’s a variety of clubs and bars the best ones being Revolution and Oceana. I went out for a number of meals and I really enjoyed them specifically when I had a classic Italian pasta dish at Donatello’s in the heart of the Lanes.

Also those restaurants on the seafront where you can hear the sea as you eat your food created a fantastic atmosphere. Part of this memorable experience was going on the Brighton sightseeing bus which takes you along the seafront and through the heart of the City. You get to see the hustle and bustle of the City in a relatively quick ride which is perfect for a weekend away.

The people in Brighton are all so friendly and are always happy to give you directions around the city or direct you through the lanes where it can be a lot like a maze! For your vacation ideas in England, I think Brighton would do quite well for people. - Ross from England

England Vacation Ideas #6: England’s Lake District is tailor made for a walking tour. Most of the area is a national park and its beauty inspired Wordsworth to describe it as “the loveliest spot that man hath ever found”. A Lake District walking tour will have you following in the footsteps of many great poets. Country Walkers, The Wayfarers, Cross Country International and English Lakeland Ramblers are all good companies that can arrange a literary walking tour for you.

England Vacation Ideas #7: Chester is a walled city in England that dates back to the Roman times. The design and architecture are that of a Roman fortress and today it is a popular vacation spot. The walls themselves are nearly intact and walking the walls is a favorite way for tourists to see the city. Within the walls there is plenty of history to see and explore.

The partially excavated Roman amphitheater was the site of military exercises, gladiator bouts and public executions. There are numerous archeological digs going on, particularly in Grosvenor Park, that are continually unveiling more and more of the past. Grosvenor Museum is over 100 years old and houses a great collection of historical artifacts and exhibitions.

England Vacation Ideas #8: Weymouth is a seaside town by Weymouth Bay on the southern coast of England. Weymouth is perfect for England family vacations. This is a beach town that is quite popular for windsurfing on the bay as well as canoeing and windsurfing. From the promenade you can enjoy the wonderful scenic view and ocean air while walking or biking.

Deep Sea Adventure is a fun Weymouth local spot that the family will enjoy. The kids can experience underwater exploration through the use of computer games and special animation affects. Sharkey's is a huge indoor all-weather play area for kids with slides and games and lots of fun. Weymouth Sea Life Park will bring children face to face with the ocean's strange and beautiful creatures.

While vacationing in Weymouth stay at the B and B Guest House Weymouth. This charming Georgian style guest house is close to the beach and railway station. The B and B Guest House is run by Pat and Ray Cousins, who offer bed and breakfast plus evening meals. They are fully licensed and all rooms have en-suite, TV and central heating.

England Vacation Ideas #9: Ironbridge Gorge, in Shropshire U.K. is an important historical part of the Industrial Revolution. Today there are 10 museums dedicated to memorializing the Darby family and Ironbridge's role in shaping our modern present day life. Britain's railway system began here with factories mass producing iron locomotives, rails and wheels that made the Industrial Revolution happen.

The Ironbridge Gorge countryside is a beautiful place to visit. In the gorge are several charming villages with historic homes, parks and gardens. Some interesting spots are Acton Scott Historic Working Farm, Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom and the Victorian Village Theme Park.

England Vacation Ideas #10: Crystal Palace Park, in South London, is one of the major parks in the city. It is probably best known for the 33 life size dinosaurs that can be found lurking in the park woods. These creatures were built in 1854 by Benjamin Waterhouse.

Another fun feature of Crystal Palace Park is the Tea Maze. This is a circular maze was built in 1870, replanted in 1987 and is one of the largest mazes in England. Some of the other features of the ark include many old statues, terraces, historic buildings, water fountains, Children’s Farm, Crystal Palace Museum, Boating Lake. There’s a grand fireworks display in the park every November 5. Take a short ride on an experimental air-powered locomotive developed in the 1800s.

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