Eco Tourism Vacation Ideas

Eco tourism vacations respect the planet and the people and animals that live here. This is a good thing! Eco friendly travel is the responsible way to vacation and many companies are responding to this challenge.

This page will highlight vacation ideas offered by Greenloons, one of the top providers of eco travel tours. Greenloons has over 1,500 eco travel packages. These worldwide ecotours all focus on preserving the integrity of the natural habitat as well as respecting and nurturing the local culture.

This is all done while providing you with a memorable and fun family adventure. This is a win-win for everybody. Here are a few of the many eco friendly vacation ideas open to you with Greenloons.

#1: Eco Tours Costa Rica - One of the most bio-diverse places in the world, with 13 separate ecosystems, is Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

This isolated area is home to hundreds of different bird and wildlife species including endangered animals like the puma, crocodile and harpy eagle.

The heart of the OSA Peninsula is the world famous Corcovado National Park. All this makes an eco tour Costa Rica a popular and exciting vacation idea for people around the world.

Enjoying this environment, while at the same time protecting it, is the focus of Greenloon’s Rainforest Adventure Package.

Kayaking and horseback riding are primary activities but you also have plenty of opportunities for other things like scuba diving, rainforest sailing, bird watching, photography and more.

This Costa Rica eco travel package is designed for physically fit people, especially families with teenagers.

Eco Tourism Vacation Ideas #2: Bali Eco Tour - Another of the eco travel packages offered by Greenloons id their Indonesia Explorer Tour. This tour covers the islands of Bali and Java in Indonesia. It starts with an exploration of art and history in Jakarta. During the two weeks you will: Explore for wildlife in the coastal reserve at Pangandaran the Seloliman Nature Reserve
  • Visit the markets, temples and workshops of Yogyakarta
  • Visit the indigenous Tenggerese people on the slopes of Mt. Bruno for a lesson on traditional medicine
  • Enjoy the spectacular beaches of Bali with snorkeling, scuba diving and dolphin watching
  • Swim in the ancient stone pools of Tirta Gangga on Bali Finish up with Bali’s woodworking and silversmith artists in the town of Ubud.

Great Wall of China
#3: Asia Eco Vacations - Greenloons has almost 500 eco travel packages to Asia. There are many eco vacations in India available. One example is their India Family Adventure that includes Delhi museums, mosques and tombs, camel rides in the desert sand dunes, walk with the Pushkar pilgrims, go bazaar bargain hunting in Jaipur, safari in Ranthambore National Park, and see the world famous Taj Mahal.

China is another very popular destination with Greenloons’ Asia eco vacations. Whether it’s the urban settings of Beijing or Hong Kong or the rural areas with temples and the Great Wall, Greenloons has a package to fit your interests. Their Asia eco trips are as short as 2 day Beijing – People and Culture Tour all the way up to the 28 day China In Depth Tour.

Eco Tourism Vacation Ideas #4: Australia - Greenloons has over 70 Australia eco tours that cover anywhere you would like to go in that country. There’s a Kakadu Camping Safari up in the far northwest near Darwin. The Fraser Island and Reef Experience Tour explores the beaches, reefs and rainforest off the coast of Queensland. Experience the northern territory with Greenloons’ Central Explorer Tour.

This is 4 days in the rugged Australian countryside around Alice Springs. Learn about the indigenous people and their culture. The Kangaroo Island Tour takes off from Adelaide in South Australia. Kangaroo Island is wild and rugged. It is home to koalas, seal, sea lions, penguins and, of course, kangaroos. You will have plenty of opportunity to kayak, hike, swim, watch wildlife all in a pristine natural setting.

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