East Coast Vacation Ideas

East Coast Vacations #1:

By Amanda from Oklahoma – For east coast vacation ideas, my favorite place to go is Acadia National Park, Maine. The main city is Bar Harbor, but I usually stay in the small town of Seal Harbor which is about 15 minutes away.

Bar Harbor is a small town but it has several hotels, motels, and B&Bs. In both Seal Harbor and Bar Harbor you can rent a house for the week which is a great deal. Most people go to the national park to enjoy the outdoors and there are tons of hiking trails that range from easy, flat walks to very difficult climbing.

There are also two great beaches (Seal Beach in Seal Harbor and Sand Beach in Bar Harbor) and several smaller islands to explore if you want to get on the water. I would suggest taking a boat from Northeast Harbor to either Little Cranberry Island or Big Cranberry Island for the day. There are restaurants on the islands if you want to go for dinner.

From Bar Harbor you can also go on whale watching boats, puffin cruises, nature cruises, or sailing trips. Bangor airport is about an hour and a half from Bar Harbor. Portland airport is usually cheaper and easier to fly into and is about a three and a half hour drive.

East Coast Vacations #2:

By Carol from GA - St. Augustine, Florida is a home to the world's only standing Spanish civilization! With the enchanting stone ancient buildings and cobblestone roads, to the white sand on big beaches, St. Augustine is a family vacation done right! St. Augustine is in Northern Florida, right below Jacksonville, Florida.

My family actually stayed in the Holiday Isle Suites Oceanfront Resort. There is nothing like walking out from your oceanfront room, to being barefoot in the sand after 50 feet from your doorway.

The luxury of having the ocean during the day and the hot tub during the night in the hotel was amazing! Local shops line the town of St. Augustine and local crab shops sold fresh seafood all day long. Fresh Crabcakes for lunch, anyone?

The beach at St. Augustine was so spacious and quiet! Vacationers can enjoy fishing from the pier, which I witnessed someone pulling out a shark (a lil scary), shopping local arts and crafts, visiting some of the Spanish architecture and museums and eating fresh from the ocean seafood and soaking in the sun.

In St. Augustine the culture is very rich and the people appreciate the Spanish Civilization that still lives today. Instead of destroying the old architecture, St. Augustine embraces the buildings and keeps them up and running, waiting for you! If you want a quiet get-away made for the whole family, then come on down to St. Augustine, Florida- Where the culture is rich and the water runs deep!

East Coast Vacations #3:

By James from GA - When I turned 22, I needed to take a business trip to Atlanta, GA. I had only ever been to the beach once, so I picked a location near my destination that I could be at for a week before the trade show. I ended up at Tybee Island. It is a resort town with a single road through the mountains then over a bridge going over a small amount of the ocean.

The only camp ground in town was a reasonable $36 per night for a cabin within 4 blocks of the ocean. Being 22, my nights where filled with walking to and from bars then ending up at beach parties where they played southern music, techno or easy listening.

Tybee Island has several beaches with contests to build sandcastles and races in the water. I remember being adopted by a group of locals to work on a sand castle and ours ended up taking 2nd place in the overall beach contest.

The town has dozens of unique places to eat. Downtown (all 6 blocks of it) is littered with vendors selling their arts and crafts. There are dolphin shows, surfing intrusions and para-sailing hosts to provide entrainment on the stay. Tybee Island has since become my number one hidden East Coast vacations spot for adventure.

East Coast Vacations #4:

By Jennifer from North Carolina - If you are looking for a state that has everything, North Carolina is the place for you. On one side of North Carolina, you will find mountains, hills and forests, while only a 4 hour drive away; you will find the ocean, beaches, sand dunes and islands. The middle of the state is the perfect complement to the extremes of the borders, with rolling hills and plains.

The weather in North Carolina is almost always mild; it rarely snows, and though the summers can be warm, they are rarely unbearable. The state is home to several world-class universities, which attract fine minds and foster culture.

One night you can take in a rock concert, and the very next night go to the ballet. As far as food, the region in home to classic Southern dishes such as North Carolina BBQ, made with a mustard sauce, fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread.

East Coast Vacations #5:

By Brad from Michigan - My favorite vacation spot would have to be Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My family and I went to Disney World in April of 2011. We stayed at the Liki Tiki Resort while we were there, and that too was fantastic. Our room was clean, close to the pool and bar, and was also very quiet at night. There was even a baby alligator swimming in the lake that was inside the resort, my daughter loved the little guy.

As for Disney World, I can't say enough good things about it. My daughter got made up like a princess at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, complete with a princess dress and shoes. After that she had lunch with all of the Disney princesses in Cinderella's castle. The food at Disney was not at all outrageously priced, which made me quite happy, and the same can be said for the souvenirs.

The fireworks show at Epcot was beautiful; my daughter thought it was the best thing on earth. I wasn't a fan of Disney before we went on this vacation, but by the time we left I was wearing my Mickey shirt with pride.

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