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East Coast Beach Vacation Ideas #1: My wife and I took a relaxing beach vacation last summer. Using her parents' timeshare program, we went to a small resort in Sebastian, Florida called Oyster Bay. Sebastian is located on the Atlantic coast of Florida just North of Vero Beach. It is not a "touristy" area by any means, which is one of the reasons we chose to go there.

Probably the biggest reason we chose to go to Oyster Bay is the boat rental that guests can take advantage of. For only $50 for the entire week, you can take a speed/fishing boat out into the inter-coastal waterway anytime between 8 and 5 every day for as long as you want.

There is not even an extra fee for gas! What an incredible deal! My wife loves fishing and I love just sitting on the beach.

At Oyster Bay, we are each able to enjoy both of these activities to the fullest. Within the inter-coastal waterway are small islands that you are able to pull up to, beach your boat, and just hang out.

The nice part is, you can always find a side of the island (if not the entire island) where there is no one else.

So we actually had an island that we called "our island" that we would go to every day.

My wife would fish off the beach and I would just kick back in my beach chair with my feet in the water. Perfect!

I can't recommend Oyster Bay enough for your east coast beach vacations.

If your vacation ideas goal is relaxation – away from people, away from life, away from it all – this is the place to go. My wife and I are actually going back this year! Ciao! - Lou from Ohio

East Coast Beach Vacation Ideas #2: A great family east coast beach vacations place is Ocean City, NJ. You can rent a house for a week, or you can stay in a hotel or B&B. My family usually rents a house for a week, that way it’s just like home!

The beaches in Ocean City are guarded, and the waves usually don’t get very rough. On the busier beaches there is also the opportunity to rent an umbrella if you forgot yours – and the nice young man who is working there will put it in for you too! Just don’t forget to tip!

After a great day at the beach and you’ve cleaned up at home base, it’s time to hit the boardwalk. One thing is, you won’t go hungry. From Mac & Manco’s pizza, Kohl Bros. custard, Johnson’s caramel corn (best when it’s freshly made and warm…yum!) and Fralinger’s salt water taffy (you can watch them make it!) you’ll always have something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Before you eat, however, be sure and take the kids on the rides at Wonderland or Pirate’s Cove; and see if you can squeeze in a few games of 10c skeeball yourself! If all the food from the night before is leaving you feeling a bit "unwell" the next morning, put on your running shoes and get out to the boardwalk. There are mile markers (the boardwalk is 3 miles long) that will tell you when you’ve passed every 1/2 mile.

If jogging’s not your thing, in the morning you can rent bicycles and have a nice ride while the ocean breeze whips by you. And don’t leave the kids behind. They will enjoy riding too.

East Coast Beach Vacation Ideas #3: A memorable vacation idea for me was Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. This place is gorgeous and it is very quiet with very few people knowing about this secret island paradise. In my mind this is a memorable location because I caught my first fish here on their hotel's fishing pier and because I have been going there since I was just three years old.

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina Kite Festival
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

I stayed at the Sheraton Atlantic Beach Hotel which is part of the luxurious Sheraton Hotel chain. The area I stayed in has many great family owned restaurants which are very cheap and tasty like Cox's family diner which is one of my personal favorites.

The only bummer about this area of Atlantic Beach is that it is frequently hit by hurricanes and it took a bad beating last August from Hurricane Irene.

The Sheraton’s fishing pier (my favorite part of the hotel) was completely destroyed and the Hotel itself took some major flooding damage. Aside from that the beaches are quiet and secluded and it has a very relaxing atmosphere.

If you have kids the North Carolina State Aquarium is very close by and has hours of entertainment inside. I really recommend you to visit Atlantic Beach, North Carolina if you want a nice relaxing vacation and if you love saltwater fishing.

Atlantic Beach is very close to Morehead City, North Carolina if that helps you geographically find the area. The Sheraton Hotel also has two swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor pool) if you do not like the beach. - Dylan from Pennsylvania

East Coast Beach Vacation Ideas #4: One of my favorite things is a Hilton Head Island SC vacation. There are several reasons why I love to visit this South Carolina Island. The first of which is that I love to play tennis. On the Island there is no shortage of tennis courts.

Everywhere you look there are tennis courts. Some are public and some are private. Depending on where you stay your hotel should be able to hook you up with a place to play. Many places offer daily clinics or round robins. The second thing I love about Hilton Head is the golf. There are also several golf courses. Many of them are a little difficult due to their tight layouts, but they are all nice.

The night life can be a little dull sometimes due to the fact that many people on the Island are older, but there is still a younger crowd at a few places. If you visit here be sure you hit the triangle. This consists of a three bars that all open up to a courtyard and you are able to enter and exit each of the three. This is the place to be at night. Good dancing or just relaxing and hanging out.

Lastly, if you’re not into sports or going out there is the beach. The beaches here are not crowded and they are well kept. Take a Hilton Head Island SC vacation and you will not be disappointed. People are friendly and inviting and always willing to make suggestions to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Hilton Head Island is a great spot for east coast beach vacations. -Sam from Indiana

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