Disney Vacations are the Best

by Julie
(Texas )

My favorite vacation was when I was in 5th grade and we went, as a family, to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was so much fun and there was so much to do. I really love all of the cartoon characters and we even got to eat breakfast with some.

We stayed at a hotel called Disney's Inn and it had rabbits running around all over the place. We were there for 5 days but I really believe that in that time we did not see all that they had to see. It is such a large place with so many things for all age groups. One day we were able to go to the water park which I loved the most. I really enjoyed the warm weather and fun in the sun.

By Kelly from Idaho - My favorite vacation was as a child going to Florida with my parents. All five of us crammed into a midsized car packed to the maximum. We drove across the country for three days straight to get to Orlando, Florida. Once in Orlando, we ran around Disney for 3 day straight from morning until night in extreme heat, seeing everything at Disney possible. Even after driving forever, we got back in the car and drove even more to the beach.

At the beach we swam in the ocean and played in the sand. We ate at the cheapest places and stayed in a small hotel rooms. My brother, sister and I took turns sleeping on the floor. We didn't do much back then, so we were happy to go anywhere. Today for vacations, we fly and stay in multi room condos or on site at Disney, yet somehow never lives up to those vacations as a child.

By Vernon from Roseburg - My favorite vacation activity is to go to Disney World. I like all the rides that they have available especially the roller coasters. One of my favorites is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it looks real as if you’re really there.

Another one of my favorites is the ride where you watch a screen and the chairs jolt up and down and side to side. It makes it feel like you are really there on the ride. They also have 3-d films where you wear glasses and the films you watch makes you feel like you are a part of the film. They have special effects like mist that sprays at you or bubbles etc. It’s really neat.

You can meet all the Disney characters there plenty of dining tours and entertainment to last months. Disney land is located in Orlando, Florida and all the parks are located in very close proximity from one another. Nothing beats a fun vacation that’s never ending.

By Rebecca from GA - I would have to say going to Disney in Orlando, FL was the best and only vacation so far! This was our first family vacation with my two girls, and we had a blast. We rode almost every ride at every park we could. The workers there were the absolute best everyone had a permanent smile on their face.

We tried to go to all the shows and they were unlike anything we have ever seen. My girls had grins from ear to ear the whole trip. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom that had animals roaming all around the resort and the kids, and we loved watching them every time we were leaving to go to the parks.

I would have to say Animal Kingdom was the adult’s favorite part of the trip mostly because of all the shade! They had many animals to see there and even had a petting zoo. Over all it was a great trip and can't wait to go back. We will for sure be going back on more Disney vacation trips.

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