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Disney Vacation Ideas #1: Hotel deal - Planning for our vacation to Disney, I found a great hotel deal through a phone conversation with a hotel representative. They gave us a 4 day 3 night hotel for an incredibly low price. All we had to do was listen to a two hour meeting about their new resorts.

It wasn't high pressure at all and was easy to complete. Be on the lookout for these types of packages! The Disney tickets themselves are the most expensive, and is hard to find deals for them. However, if you are military they had a deal for 4-day pass for a very minimal charge.

For food in Disney, make sure to pick up any brochures at the front because mine had a 30% off coupon for a bunch of restaurants in Magic Kingdom. My family and I had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back! - Tim from Chicago

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Disney Vacation Ideas #2: This past summer, my family and I went to Los Angeles to visit our relatives. During our week-long stay, we went to Disneyland on one of our last days.

We hadn't been there before, so our L.A. folks showed us around. Although the entrance fee was pretty pricey, we knew it would be worth it to visit the Happiest Place on Earth.

We only bought tickets to enter the Disneyland Park, not a park hopper pass because we knew it would probably take the whole day to explore everything Disneyland had to offer.

So we didn't want to spend money for both parks and end up only visiting one. To save time and money, we used the park map to find out which attractions and rides to see first. We also packed our own lunches at home and brought them into the park to save money.

Although we did buy souvenirs, like pressed pennies and postcards, we refrained from purchasing anything that wasn't worth the price. Also, since we weren't actually staying at one of the Disney hotels, we saved a lot of money by staying with our relatives.

Overall, our Disney vacation was so much fun, especially because we didn't waste any money. Since then I have been hooked on everything Disney! That experience was so magical and amazing for me. - Polly from Illinois

#3: Disney budget - Disney is a vacation spot that tends to really take a toll on your budget, especially if you're taking kids. Visiting the park on a budget is not impossible though. As long as you lay out a plan and stick with it you'll be okay.

First off, don't stay on Disney property is you really need to watch your budget. Even though their hotels are very nice and capture the feel of Disney, they are also expensive. Sacrifice the convenience of them for a smaller price tag.

Another quick and easy tip is to pack coolers of premade food into your car and store it all at your hotel. This way you bring your own food and now don't have to purchase food in the surrounding restaurants of the park. Once inside the parks try and keep souvenir purchases to a minimum. It's hard to turn the little trinkets down but at the same time they are drastically overpriced. Only buy maybe one per park, if that. MouseSavers has a good list of hotels nearby Disney World. - Andre Brooks from Dallas

Disney Vacation Ideas #4: A Disney vacation on a budget can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Many people may want to watch for simple solutions such as getting meal plans in hotels in order to avoid expensive meals at the parks.
Disney Parade Grand Marshalls Pinocchio, Mickey and Jiminy Cricket

Keeping track of special event times or special offers can make a huge difference by giving you more to do at less (or even no) cost.

Souvenirs can be nice, but the best way to remember your trip is to have fun. If you really want a souvenir, then look for special shows or events that have a chance of winning prizes or giving free things away- they're more common than you would expect.

And finally, if anyone offers you to take a survey- do it. They often offer compensation for anyone who takes these surveys, and you can even be registered for a raffle to win prizes like a spot in the Disney Parades or a night in Cinderella's Castle. It's well worth the short time the survey takes. AllEars is a good place to find out about Disney special events. - Jennings from Georgia

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