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Denver Vacation Ideas #1: The Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is a very interesting place to see on your Denver Colorado vacation. The sandstone theater took thousands of years of geological changes to find just the right shape to enhance the musical sounds of orchestral instruments and the human voice. In other words, it’s really good listening.

Many Pop & Rock performers have used the sound characteristics and beauty of the amphitheater to enhance their video recordings.

Some of the past performers have been The Beatles, John Denver, The Carpenters and Sonny and Cher.

The members of the Denver Symphony Orchestra and others find that the amphitheater has the characteristic of mellowing their tones and adding overtones.

Artists are enthralled by the fact that just about every place you stand has a view that is worth starting an oil painting.

A newly built road to the top of the adjacent Mt. Falcon has added to the artist’s delicious choice of scenes to capture in oil paintings.

Denver Vacation Ideas #2: The Museum of Nature and History is a great place to visit when you are vacationing in Denver, Colorado. It is an independent and non-profit organization with a wide variety of activities and exhibits.

They are very successful at educating the youth of greater Denver as measured by the large number school groups that visit each year. It sure helps that the museum utilizes IMAX films as a teaching tool. It also helps to have many thousands of fossils and artifacts available for teaching.

The museum has an excellent series of permanent exhibits. The following three are typical of the quality of these exhibits.

First is a display of Egyptian Mummies and the information regarding what civilization was like in that period.

Another exhibit covers Minerals and Gems with a simulated mine demonstrating what a gem search is like. Modern times are addressed with another display called Space Odyssey which takes you through the universe and back home safely.

Denver Vacation Ideas #3: If you’re a typical USA citizen you often wonder who makes those nickels, dimes and quarters that you handle every day. One of these places is the government mint located in Denver, Colorado and you could visit that mint on your next vacation. You can see coins stamped out at over 500 per minute.

It’s a great tour but very popular so you may want to call a couple of months ahead for a reservation time. There are obvious restrictions for your visit to the mint. Guns, knives and explosives are seriously frowned upon.

It’s a good idea to find out all of these restrictions before you take the tour. When the Denver mint opened in 1863 the miners would bring their gold directly into the mint whereas today there is no gold or silver in any of our coins.

There are two other mints in the USA. They are Fort Knox and West Point. The Denver mint does not have a restaurant but it does have a gift shop which has numismatic collectibles, commemorative coins and souvenirs.

Denver Vacation Ideas #4: Starting in 1896 with one Native Black Bear the Denver Colorado Zoo has successfully grown into a World Class facility. They were one of the first zoos to adopt the open enclosure, more natural method of keeping animals.

Not only that, but they have also pioneered in the method of rotating species grazing area to expose them to a broader range of smells that simulate their natural home. Some of the many species you will find at the zoo are: pachyderms, carnivorous mammals, fish and birds.

Some typical exhibits include the Monkey House and Monkey Island, Red River Hogs, Bear Mountain, Bird World, Primates Panorama, Wolf Pack Woods, Jewels of the Emerald Forest, Predator Ridge and Pachyderm Habitat.

The Northern Shores exhibit includes California Sea Lions, Polar Bears and Sea Otters in their natural habitats with a glass wall for visitor viewing of their underwater shenanigans.

Among the exhibits that set Denver apart from other zoos is the Indoor Rainforest which has a walking path that weaves past a waterfall and enters a dark cave where you can explore an ancient jungle temple.

Denver Vacation Ideas #5: "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"! If you said that in Denver Colorado on vacation, they would take you to Coors Field to watch the Colorado Rockies play a major league baseball game. The field got its name from the Coors Brewing Company of Golden, Colorado.

The first thing you would notice upon entering the stadium is that all of the seats are painted green. The second thing you would notice is that the upper deck’s 20th row is painted purple. Sitting in the purple row puts you exactly one mile above sea level.

For many years Coors Field had the reputation as an easy home run park since more home runs were made there than any other major league park. After following many theories and after considerable effort and money changes were made to correct the situation so that today Coors Field has the typical number of home runs per year.

With the Phillies and the Mets and the rest of the National League teams coming to play the Rockies, the baseball is top-notch. There is, however, another reason to go to Coors Field. The food is really great. The selections include Denver Dogs, Tuscon Dogs, Rockie Dogs and Sushi.

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