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Dallas Vacation Ideas #1: Old Red Museum - If you have a little extra time on your trip to Dallas you might look up the Old Red Museum. Now Old Red is a retired County Courthouse that is having a second life as a wonderful art museum.

The building itself is a gorgeous work of art with its red brick exterior and its exciting 1800 architecture. Local artists show their work either on the Old Red Community Bulletin Board or in the main exhibits which are shown a few times a year.

Due to the beauty of the building itself there a strong emphasis on art works that include Old Red. It’s really an interesting museum.

Due to the beauty of the building itself there a strong emphasis on art works that include Old Red.

It’s really an interesting museum. There are several teaching programs including summer programs for children which emphasize the development of creative talent.

It is rumored that they have the handcuffs which were used on one of the presidential assassins.

#2: The Women’s Museum in Dallas is unique, in a modern way, with its affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution and its inclusion of women’s accomplishments over the years.

Permanent exhibits include Women in History, Thought and Expression, It’s Amazing, Breaking Boundaries, Women’s Health and Business and Technology.

Traveling exhibits include Annie Leibovitz, Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections and Lauren Greenfield’s THIN.

Exhibits planned for the last half of 2010 are Dreams of Flight: A Journey Through Air and Space, Changing the Face of Power: Women in the U.S. Senate and Citizens at Last: The Women’s Suffrage Movement.

The Women’s Museum encourages visitors to look into the history of the remarkable women in their exhibits and examine how their skills and fortitude could be applied in today’s society. The hope is that visitors will be inspired to accomplish greater things in the future.

Dallas Vacation Ideas #3: The Kimball and the Modern art museums - I am most definitely an art fanatic, and one of the most memorable vacations I have taken in recent years was to Dallas, Texas to see two very unique and intriguing museums. The drive was only a couple of hours away, and we stayed in a quaint little motel, though the name now escapes me. It was nothing very fancy, and we stayed there only to sleep before getting up and leaving once more.

Downtown Dallas
Downtown Dallas

We went with two Dallas tourist attractions in mind: The Kimball and the Modern art museums. The Kimball is a collection of older art pieces from various well-known artists and cultures. It holds an intriguing amount of information about each piece, with informative tour guides making sure you received the full experience when being introduced to each work.

The art, overall, was very interesting and the ages of some things were mind-boggling. The architecture, also, is a work of art. The guide went into extensive detail about how the building was designed to manipulate light, texture, and space in order to give its audience a full sensory experience. 

Quite happy with this experience, we then traveled to the Modern. This museum was, by far, my favorite stop. Once past the initial security gates, we were pretty much set free to explore the multiple stories on our own.

They were having a special focus on Andy Warhol, with almost the entire second floor being dedicated to him and his work. Unlike the Kimball, the Modern had no glass cases, and unless otherwise marked one could stand mere inches away from some of the works.  

This museum features more modern artists, and I enjoyed seeing what the people of my time are capable of. Besides its scope of awe-inspiring art works, the building is also surrounded by a stunning water feature that can be viewed from many places in the museum by large glass panels.

Though the painting and similar works are protected on the inside of the museum by walls, away from damaging sunlight, the areas near the windows were filled with interesting constructs and portables. I found this museum one of the most interesting I have ever been to, and there is even a modern little gift shop in the lobby.  

I felt extremely inspired after leaving the museum and the thought of it still excites me. Dallas itself is full of wonderful artistic expressions, and while there we also viewed the Art Institute of Dallas and the World Trade Center and ate some delicious gelato. Overall, it was definitely one of the best vacations I have had in many years. - By Kelli from Texas

#4: The Museum of American Railroad is dedicated to all of those people who have fallen in love with railroad engines, railroad cars and railroad travel. Yes, there are a lot of folks out there who fit that description. Railroads made America what it is today. Just imagine how long it would have taken to develop the western states without the railroads!

This museum has an astonishingly strong collection of engines, cars and accessories. Their collection of engines includes the St. Louis - San Francisco steam locomotive, Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 electric locomotive and Santa Fe Railway FP 45 diesel electric locomotive. Along with these they have four Pullman cars.

There are five complete trains in the collection. One of these is the Baltimore & Ohio/Seaboard Coast Line/Amtrack "Gulf" 6 duplex roomette with a 4 double bedroom Sleeping Car. All of this and much more should just about wet your train whistle to get on board.

Dallas Vacation Ideas #5: Dallas World Aquarium Restaurant - Here’s an idea for anyone who’s vacationing in Dallas, Texas or even if you're on a business trip. Since you have to eat in either case, why not enjoy a little eye candy while you eat. No, this isn’t about adult entertainment. It’s about dining at the Dallas World Aquarium Restaurant and the enjoyment you can add to your fine meal as you watch the graceful swimming of a wide variety of fish.

Just imagine being nose to nose with a shark with only the glass wall of the aquarium separating you and your friend. Fancy meeting him nose to nose in any other setting?Of course, if you haven’t had enough fish watching and you have the time, just shuffle over the aquarium and spend a few relaxing hours around the fish tanks.

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