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Cruise Vacation Ideas #1: Alaska - One of my favorite trips of all time was travelling to Alaska.

I traveled with Princess Cruises because they offered a great package deal that assured me and my family an unforgettable experience.

You will experience some of the most amazing scenery along with a very relaxing accommodation. Travelling in a cruise ship will allow you to discover countless and beautiful natural scenery, places which no man has ever intervened

You will appreciate the natural habitat of Indians that still remain in those parts of the continent. One of the main attractions of the cruise to Alaska is the access to these places that can only be visited by boat and this alone is reason enough to make your vacations even more unique.

Glaciers are a big part of our planet, and about 80% of Alaska is covered by these amazing natural sculptures. These beautiful white veils of ice can be much appreciated throughout your journey.

Even if you are planning to travel on another cruise line, just remember that most cruises will depart either from Mexico or South of the United States. - Steve from Tennessee

Cruise Vacation Ideas #2: Carnival - One of my favorite vacations ever was a cruise. And it wasn't a cruise I went on with my boyfriend, but one I went on with a group.

My boyfriend had to work, so I found a group for people traveling alone. Yes, some of these people were truly single and there were some affairs that happened over the week, but I just wanted a congenial bunch of people to eat dinner with and to go dancing with afterward.

We all met aboard the Carnival Liberty in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It's a huge ship with all the amenities, and we were traveling to St. Thomas, St. Martin, and Cozumel. The ports of call were wonderful.

I'd always wanted to try snorkeling and I did this in two of the three ports. The beaches were so amazing, and in St. Thomas I took a ferry over to St. John, where you can snorkel right from the beach and there's an underwater pathway of signs telling you what you're seeing.

In St. Thomas I did something different. I'd met a woman friend in the group and she liked designer things. I'm not much for that, but it was fun to follow her around and be treated like royalty as she checked out and purchased some high-end jewelry and designer bags.  

he meals on the ship were wonderful, there was a sense of ease and freedom, and (I made sure I had my own cabin even though it cost more) I had a nice balance between new friends and time alone to sun and exercise. No minor disagreements with the boyfriend, no feeling as if other people were having more fun than I was. It turned out to be one of my best vacations ever. - Mary from Philadelphia 

Belize Beach
Belize Beach
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Cruise Vacation Ideas #3: Western Caribbean - I recently went on a 5-day cruise to the Western Caribbean. It was one of the few cruises that was within my budget and still seemed interesting to me. I had never traveled outside the U.S. before, so I was excited to experience different cultures.

We departed from Key West, which in itself is a fun place. The cruise ship was huge and included five-star meals, nightly entertainment, a pool, and a waterslide. I spent most of my time on the ship relaxing on the balcony. The food was by far the best part of the trip; I had lobster one night and filet mignon the next night.

The first stop on the cruise was Belize, which was beautiful and rich with culture. It was my favorite destination out of the whole cruise. I took a taxi ride around the city with my boyfriend for around $40, and the driver was more than happy to give a mini-tour of the local attractions and important buildings.  

The standard of living in Belize seemed much lower than most places I had visited before, but the people were vibrant and welcoming. We also stopped in Cozumel, Mexico for one day, and we paid extra money to visit some Mayan ruins. The temples were breathtaking, and our tour guide was extremely nice and knowledgeable. We had extra time to walk around by ourselves, so I used that time to take pictures and explore the area.

We also paid around $20 extra per person to visit a private beach in Belize. It was more beautiful than I could ever describe. I got to hold a live starfish, talk with locals and other tourists, and relax under the sun. We also visited Yucatan, Mexico.  

I spent most of the time in Yucatan looking around at various tourist shops. I found an awesome little shop with handmade jewelry, purses, and trinkets, so I bought a green necklace while there. The ride home seemed very long, but I didn't mind it because the ship was so comfortable.

usually have a very weak stomach, but I didn't get sea-sick at all throughout the course of the trip. I'm glad I chose a cruise ship that was more laidback and less of a party boat. Most cruise lines have a variety of ships to choose from to help meet individual needs. 

I wish I wouldn't have had to pay extra for activities I wanted to do, but the prices for extra activity packages weren't totally outrageous. I was pleased to find that most prices in Mexico and Belize were much lower than prices in America, and the locals were willing to bargain with anyone carrying American Dollars.

The gift shops on the ship had mostly overpriced items, so I didn't buy anything while on the ship. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I plan on taking a longer cruise to the Western Caribbean sometime in the future. I wish I would have paid extra money to swim with the dolphins in Mexico, and I would like to visit the Mayan ruins again. Next time I'll be sure to bring sunscreen and extra storage for my camera! - Mary from Nashville 

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