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Cruise Ship Travel Vacation Ideas #1: I went on a cruise with my girlfriend and 4 of our friends. We decided to set sail on the Carnival Destiny out of Miami in December. My girlfriend and I went down to Miami the day before and spent a day in the sun prior to the cruise.

The next day we met up with our other friends at the Port of Miami and proceeded to check-in for our cruise. We were able to get on the boat and eat free lunch immediately.

We spent the rest of the afternoon familiarizing ourselves with the boat, and making our rooms comfortable. The cruise stopped at three islands, Nassau Bahamas, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, and Half Moon Cay.

We visited Atlantis while in Nassau, did a lot of snorkeling and shopping in Grand Turk, and were able to spend a whole day relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Half Moon Cay.

It was an experience like no other! While on the boat we all found our ways to have fun.

The ladies spent time getting massages in the spa, while the men found seats at the blackjack table. We were able to sit on our balconies after dark and enjoy cigars and drinks without hassle. It was a great vacation! - Devon from Ohio

Cruise Ship Travel Vacation Ideas #2: Last year I went on my very first cruise with Royal Caribbean. The ship itself was awe-inspiring, and much larger than I imagined. Every deck had a bar and restaurant, with many varieties of cuisines to sample.

The main dining area stayed stocked with fruits and snacks, and the actual display was entertaining (picture a cruise ship centerpiece - carved from ice!) Most of my time was spent on the upper deck; there were two large pools and four hot tubs! Two other hot tubs were located in the Solarium which was covered and had its own cafe.

I took a turn on the rock climbing wall, watched a hilarious comedy show, gambled in the casino, and watched the sunset while sipping pina coladas on a middle deck. The actual cruise took us from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, FL where we spent the first day docked.

I was surprised at how many chickens were running around outside! Apparently that is typical for the area. After fun shopping and seeing the sights, the ship sailed away and spent the next day at sea. I played bingo, checked out the spa (a little too pricey for my taste!), watched a cooking show, and went to a dance club featuring a live DJ and rotating floor!

We docked in Cozumel, Mexico for the last leg of the trip and spent a day there. There is an entire strip of international stores built for tourists, with kegs of Tequila for free tasting in each one. I was not impressed with the mainstream feel, so we hopped in a cab and asked the driver to take us to a beach where there would not be a ton of other tourists.

He found us a spot about 15 minutes away with a cafe, cute gift shop, and water rentals (power boats, snorkel stuff, etc). It was really relaxing and the weather was beautiful. White sand, cool water! Watch the coral under the water though; we should have had water shoes on!

After that we checked out a restaurant we heard about before going (cannot remember the name - something with the word Frog in it), stopped into a small bar with swings instead of stools for sitting, and got back on the ship. The ride home was just as great, Royal Caribbean does an amazing job! - Amanda from Delaware

Oasis of the Seas
Cruise Ship Travel Vacation Ideas #3: Last year my husband and I decided to take a cruise on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. We had been on several cruises and looked forward to cruising on a ship as huge as the Oasis.

However, after the first night we had already decided that we preferred a smaller ship. The ship's crew did not seem as friendly as what we were accustomed to on a cruise.

The ship was so huge that it was nearly impossible to find your way around. It seemed as if the food was not up to par.

This caught us both by surprise as we have sailed with Royal Caribbean many times and always hated to see our vacation come to an end. This time we were actually glad to see the seven day cruise be over.

Also, on all of our other cruises, to see a show all you had to do was walk into the theatre and find a seat. On the Oasis you actually had to get tickets to any show you wanted to see beforehand. We found this to be somewhat of an inconvenience.

Basically, the only thing my husband and I can say positive about the cruise is that we sailed on a ship as large as the Oasis. In Royal Caribbean's fleet of ships, we would recommend any ship other than the Oasis. - Stacey from Virginia

Cruise Ship Travel Vacation Ideas #4: It was summer about 2 years ago. I was looking for vacation ideas to spend for 3 days at holiday which would be not expensive and out of the normal vacation rut I was in. When I looked at the newspaper, I immediately knew the answer: a cruise.

It was so comfortable for me, and quite cheap (about 600$) for 4 days. In exchange, you get a full time vacation with all comedies you will imagine – shows all day long, 4 meals every day with plenty of food, casino, and much more… paying so little.

The cruise was all the way to turkey, through Cyprus. Of course, the ship anchored at Turkey and at Cyprus. In both places, we had about 12 hours free times, for doing whatever we like.

Yet there were organized trips for various locations, on each place. You could either go to shopping, lay at the beach or visit archaeological sites. Believe me I had some great time especially in turkey with all its mountain views and waterfalls … amazing.

We also had a party there organized by the locals, of course our Israeli top-rated song were played. I surely felt there as if I was at home. Well, if I was not a sea-sick, which was probably my ideal cruise ship travel vacation. - Avi from Israel

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