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Couples vacation ideas #1: Outer Banks - We really love vacationing on North Carolina's Outer Banks. We have been going to the area for almost 30 years both as a family and also just the two of us. Though things have changed a lot in the area over the years, it still has a nice, friendly atmosphere. It is a very laid back area, with friendly people and lots to do.

Check out the cute town of Manteo. Eat at the many great seafood places. Try the BBQ (or tuna-que, or catfish-que) at Pigman's. Rent a beach home for a true authentic "Nags Head" vacation.

Go to the North Carolina Aquarium and check out the new re-built pier at Jeanette's. Take an afternoon to drive from the northern beaches of Duck and Corolla to the Southern Beaches at Oregon Inlet.

While at Oregon Inlet, stop by the fishing center and check out the charter boats coming in and see what they were catching. Stop by Jockey's Ridge and fly a kite or learn to hang glide.

Get some groceries at Wink's, one of the oldest (and friendliest) businesses on the Outer Banks. Even if you just sit on the beach with a book, you're sure to have a great vacation in the Outer Banks! - By Paige from Virginia

#2: Ashland, Oregon - Our favorite place for a romantic vacation getaway is a small town in the Western United States called Ashland, Oregon. Ashland is a quirky, artsy town with a wide variety of residents from artists selling their wares out of small shops they’ve owned for decades to actors temporarily in the area to audition for the yearly, well-regarded Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is one of my favorite features of Ashland. The Bard’s plays are often performed on the stage of a full-scale replica of the Globe Theater, where the works were originally intended to be performed. It’s an experience that is second to none, experiencing Shakespeare the way it was meant to be experienced.

Country Willows Inn
Country Willows Inn

The geography is a mix of low, rolling hills and mountain ranges in the distance. Summers are mild and winters bring a type of snow that seems to be unique to these types of quaint villages and their picturesque town squares, brushing the historical buildings with a dollop of white watercolor. Ashland is the type of city where a tourist can simply walk and walk and never see all there is to see, even though the city limits are quite small.

We always stay at the Country Willows Bed & Breakfast Inn . It's a lovely and quiet place for us to enjoy some alone time. And the surrounding countryside is so picturesque and relaxing. - By Sarah from Oregon

Charleston South Carolina
Charleston South Carolina Colonial Railing

#3: Charleston SC is a great getaway spot for couples. Charleston is a beautiful and romantic city to visit. It has old world architecture, history and many fascinating places to visit.

One of my favorite spots is The Slave Market which was originally built to be just that but is now used for a flea market/farmer's market. Throughout the market are placards that give history about the location. As far as food is concerned, Charleston boasts a thriving seafood trade that keeps you filled.

But I have to say the best part of Charleston is the people. When you walk down the street in Charleston enjoying the old buildings and houses, enjoying the laid back charm, people on the street actually look you in the eyes and say hello. That makes a great city even better. - By Robert from Charleston

Couples vacation ideas #4: St. Marteen - My wife and I recently went to the island nation of St. Maarten. We stayed at the Pelican Resort Club and loved every minute of our trip there. The beaches in St. Maarten were breathtaking – the kind of beaches that you see in catalogs stretching endlessly towards the horizon.

There was one that was even a sightseeing opportunity; it was so close to the airport that the airplanes flew right over our head! The activities scattered around the island were varied and engaging. We went zip lining across great valleys producing beautiful views while getting a pretty good workout. And we took personal water crafts out with a guide from Rhino Safari to some of the best snorkeling sites I’ve been to.

The food was delicious and our options were endless. We had amazingly fresh seafood from Skip Jack’s and the next evening drove to the boardwalk where all of the big cruise ships dock and ate some Italian fare at a small bistro. And thanks to the traffic from the cruise ships the shopping is delightful and varied. - By Andrew from MI

Experience St. Maarten

Couples vacation ideas #5: Aruba - Our favorite place to go together is Aruba in the Caribbean. This is where we go for some time together away from our hectic lives at home. The island has almost perfect weather for most of the year -- temperatures consistently hover around 82 degrees, there is little to no humidity, rainfall is infrequent, and there is almost constantly a pleasant breeze.

In addition, the ocean water is so calm that you could be forgiven for confusing it with a lake. The island is significantly more developed than other vacation destinations in the Caribbean. The local population is very friendly to tourists, and English is spoken throughout the island.

Aruba features a number of hotels, timeshares and resorts along the coast that can accommodate a range of budgets. There are also a number of excellent, high-quality restaurants. My favorite is the Screaming Eagle, a wonderfully romantic restaurant where you can sit literally within reach of the water.

Like most of the other vacation destinations in the Caribbean, Aruba also has a fairly extensive shopping district featuring high-end clothing and jewelry stores. With so much to offer, Aruba truly is an unparalleled vacation experience. - By Scott from Princeton

Aruba Beaches

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