Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Ideas

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Ideas #1: Pacuare Lodge is located on the Pacuare River in the heart of Costa Rica’s most pristine rainforest environment. The lodge and the thirteen bungalows are designed, constructed and operated to adhere to strict ecotourism good practices.

Pacuare Lodge has a week long adventure package with a variety of adventure activities. There’s a rafting (class II-III rapids) tour on the Pacuare River.

There are guided hikes through the tropical rainforest. There is the physically demanding Cabecar Indians Tour where you make your way through the jungle to visit a local Zutkia which is the Cabecar Indian’s shaman.

The canopy tour has you gliding through the tropical rainforest canopy on zip lines. Everything is designed to provide you with an unprecedented glimpse of Costa Rica’s biological diversity.

#2: The Hanging Bridges is a project that is being built for the adventure ecotourist to Costa Rica. This is a private natural reserve which can be explored via 14 standing and hanging bridges and the adjoining trails.

The bridges provide a unique and exciting way to experience the incredible natural surroundings without disturbing the delicate balance of nature. There is a Naturalist-Ornithologist guided bird watching tour that regularly encounters 50 and 60 species of birds on their outings.

A naturalist guide is available to guide you through the reserve and help you fully appreciate the incredible diversity of the rainforest diversity of flora and fauna.

#3: Take a 7-day Costa Rica mountain biking tour with Bike Arsenal. This adventure tour will take you bike riding through the rural countryside, along the northern Volcanic Range and to Samara Beach on the Pacific Coast.

The route takes you to the base of Arenal Volcano, the most spectacular of Costa Rica’s active volcanoes. Visit the beautiful Eco Termales Hot Springs. Ride along the amazing Rio Celeste (Blue River) and around Lake Arenal. The package includes support van, mountain bike, guide and meals.

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Ideas #4: If you are up for a real challenge and want to push yourself on a real adventure, try the Costa Rica eco challenge: The Cabecar Trail (also known as Bushwhacking to the River). This is provided by Serendipity Adventures.

This trip is four days of hardcore adventuring. One day is mountain biking to an isolated village where you can swim in the river and camp out under the stars.

Another day has you hiking (or more accurately - "bushwhacking") the mountains and rainforest on rough natural trails to a local ranch with a swimming hole and dinner with the farm workers.

Then there’s a day where you descend out of the mountains on horseback and pack horses to the Pacuare River to experience the primitive lifestyle of the Cabecar Native American. The final day is a white water rafting trip on a section of the river that is accessible only by foot or horses. It is a challenging rafting experience but not seriously risky.

#5: Caño Island, is off Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica. Cano Island is considered by many to be the best dive location on the mainland. Costa Rica Adventure Divers-Drake Bay has a dive shop at Hotel Jinetes de Osa and is one of the original companies to offer dive excursions around Caño Island.

Costa Rica Adventure Divers-Drake Bay has several great dive sites that they use which average 60 feet or more visibility.

There is an incredible amount of marine life that you will encounter such as five species of dolphin, false killer whales, humpback whales, giant pacific manta rays, green sea turtles, eels and many more.

The Devil's Pinnicle is one of the best dive locations in the country. It is known for its towering rock pinnacles, excellent visibility, frequent encounters with giant mantas and large schools of barracuda, jacks, and reef sharks.

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Ideas #6: Wildlife viewing is a popular Costa Rico vacation activity and July is the prime season. Want to avoid the crowded, touristy packaged nature tours?

Wild Planet Adventures has eco-tours that take you into private nature reserves where you can experience the Costa Rico wildlife without the crowds. Two of their top wildlife vacation trips are the 9-day and the 14-day Costa Rica Ultimate Wildlife Eco-tour.

The increasing large numbers of visitors to Costa Rica are scaring off the wildlife in the typical over-used spots. The Pacuare River and the Reventazon River areas are a good example of place to avoid. They are wildly popular for river rafting and wildlife viewing.

Unfortunately the constant interaction with humans has scared off much of the wildlife and those animals that remain are de-sensitized to people and can no longer be considered truly “wild”.

Wild Planet Adventures has experienced naturalists, biologists, guides and tour drivers who can track wildlife sightings and provide you with an exclusive wildlife viewing experience. So consider Wild Planet Adventures for your Costa Rica vacation ideas.

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