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Cool Vacation Ideas #1: Yosemite National Park - Last summer I vacationed with my family in Yosemite National Park, California. I really enjoy the outdoors so I was super excited when I found out our destination.

Since my family isn't the camping type, we rented out a few cabins. I personally wanted to camp in tents because I'm more of a "roughing it" type. The cabins were great though. We had running water and electricity. We got there at night and unpacked all of our belonging and just went to bed for the night.

The next morning we went on an epic hike. We saw waterfall, wildlife, and a bunch of great looking trees and rocks. We even saw a bear off in the distance. This was one of the highlights of the trip to me because I've never seen a bear in real life until that moment.

The hike was long, about eight hours to be exact. The days after that, we just had free time to ourselves to explore or eat food. All of the squirrels there are really domesticated. Many of them are over-weight, waddling about the camp site. They come right up to your and try to steal the food out of your hands. I thought that was pretty funny.

Overall, my experience at Yosemite National Forest was a great one. The cabins were just plain fun and the park is awesome. I highly suggest visiting there at least once in your life time. Here's a cool guide for help with camping Yosemite National Park vacation ideas. - Mitch from California

Cool Vacation Ideas #2: Barbados - For my husband and me the coolest place is Barbados. Barbados is a great little island in the Southern Caribbean. Although we went for the sandy beaches and great food, not to mention direct flights from Canada and the United States, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of culture and history that Barbados had to offer.

We stayed in a great little hotel near Rockley (Accra) Beach. The town of Rockley has built a great boardwalk all along the beach in this area, so you can walk along the boardwalk without getting your feet all sandy.

Since we're avid exercisers, we took advantage of the boardwalk to job in the mornings (as did many of the locals!). It's an easy run, clear of obstacles and the view is gorgeous! Rockley (Accra) beach is also wonderful. We spent many of the days just hanging out in the water and playing in the waves. For some reason, that never got old! We did pry ourselves away from the beach for a few days though.

We spent some time up on the Western side of the island, checking out the turtle migration grounds. That was so neat- you could snorkel around this beach and play with the turtles- for free! As a bonus, the water was quiet enough on this side of the island for my husband to learn how to snorkel for the first time! We also spent some time exploring Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados.

Boats on Barbados Beach

Since Barbados was once a British colony, there is all sorts of wonderful architecture and quaint British traditions (like afternoon tea!). The Caribbean influence is definitely there as well, though.

There is a cigar-making factory you can tour on the island, as well as an amazing Friday Night Fish Fry in Oistins where you can gorge yourself on freshly caught fish and Barbadian specialties.

If you're feeling the sunburn by the end of your trip, like we were, check out the air museum at the airport. The famous Concorde jet used to fly between Paris and New York City... and Barbados! They have a replica there for you to see. - Naomi from Toronto

Zante Island Greece

Cool Vacation Ideas #3: Zante Island - When I was a young, our family would often travel to Zante Island, near Greece, in the middle of summer. It was cool and amazing.

I went jet skiing, waterskiing, to a swimming park, and several other places.

The hotel was right next to the beach as well, and the quickest way into town was down the beach, so whenever we needed to get something I always wanted to go! It was really hot all the time, one of the locals told me it hadn't rained for four months!

The people around there were really nice, and if you needed information about anything they were always happy to help. There are lots of hills in Zante Island, one big one in the middle of the main town, which when you climb to the top, you get the most spectacular view, all over the island!

If you lie on the beach in Kalamaki, a quiet town in Zante, the planes fly right over your head, because the airport is right next to the sea. I really would recommend Zante Island for anyone who wants a peaceful, warm weather, exciting, relaxing holiday. - Tom from England

Cool Vacation Ideas #4: Aruba - This was by far the best vacation experience I have had. I traveled to Bucuti in Oranjestad in Aruba. I stayed at the Bucuti Beach Resort spent a whole week on the sandy Eagle Beach.

The water is very gorgeous to look at plus there is snorkeling and numerous other water sports. Nearby are several restaurants and a casino where you can do some gambling and for a real treat I go to the spa.

The reason I like it so much in Bucuti is because there is no place quite like it anywhere near my hometown it is so tropical there and warm with lots of palm trees and there’s always a breeze.

It truly is the best place to get away from the typical nine to five job and enjoy what nature has to offer. Aruba-Guide has info on vacation ideas for Bucuti beaches, activities and accommodations. - Breezy from Mississippi

Cool Vacation Ideas #5: Phi Phi Island - Just a 2 hour boat trip from Phuket, Thailand is Phi Phi Island, possibly the most beautiful place I have ever visited (and I've done a LOT of traveling). For the partygoer, the town itself is lively, upbeat but still full of bustling market stalls (and the occasional drunken Brit).

Island of Phi Phi Thailand

I stayed at Phi Phi Island Village Resort, an upmarket resort in the north of the island (longtail boats take you from the main port to each resort - there aren't any roads on Phi Phi Island!)

The picture postcard beach, the fabulous infinity pool are all very well but the best bit was discovering the little village behind the resort which housed tiny local (open-air) restaurants where western health inspectors would have a fit if they saw someone cooking everything on a single gas heater in the open air.

Phi Phi Island is the kind of destination where you can combine the luxury of a beautiful hotel with impeccable service whilst enjoying the local delights without being assaulted with noisy discos and loud partygoers. In the vicinity you'll also find both the island where James Bond - The Man With The Golden Gun was filmed and the beach where The Beach was filmed.

I didn't think I would like Thailand (a family wedding forced me to go) but to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement!! My vacation ideas recommendation is to try Phi Phi Island Village Resort. - Lucy from London

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