Colorado Vacation Spots

Colorado Vacation Spots #1:

Once you’ve tried it, Summit County, Colorado just might become your headquarters for great skiing. Just count the number of first class hotels in the county and you’ll know that you’re dealing with success.

These hotels all recognize top-notch skiing, so there are many discount offerings for lodging and amenities. With four ski areas that are world class plus a beautiful lake and a national forest, you’ll find that Summit County is a very busy place all year long.

Please don’t forget that snow is good for more than skiing. There are also opportunities for sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and an old fashion romantic sleigh rides.

Colorado Vacation Spots #2:

About 20 miles southwest of Denver Colorado is the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. This gem is an open amphitheater which was carved out of existing rock in the early 1900’s.

Due to its awesome natural beauty, its rare acoustical properties and its closeness to Denver, the amphitheater has been used over the years for various types of musical performances and concerts.

Many singers and musical ensembles have used the amphitheater for making commercial recordings.

These include; Fleetwood Mac, U2, Stevie Nicks and John Denver. The park is used for weddings and a variety of meetings and is full service restaurant on the premises.

Colorado Vacation Spots #3:

Many rafters and kayakers have recently discovered that the Arkansas River in central Colorado has more whitewater than any other location in Colorado. Now, if you believe the equation “whitewater equals exciting fun”, then you’ll take action accordingly.

On the Arkansas the whitewater varies between Class II and Class V, so how can you go wrong? In fact, the Arkansas River in Colorado has 60+ miles of whitewater and there are over 25 companies in the Arkansas River Valley who are equipped to help you in your quest. Just imagine the thrill of being carried down river bathed in the shadow of the snowcapped Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Vacation Spots #4:

This vacation idea contributed by Carly, Kansas - One place to go for vacation is anywhere in Colorado. From the activities to do in Heritage Square to the nightlife in downtown Denver there is something for every person or situation.

I have stayed in places such as Holiday Inn or the Ramada hotel and depending on where you are headed there are numerous hotels and bed and breakfast accommodations.

If you have always wanted to learn to ski or if you an experienced skier there are numerous places to ski such as Vail, Breckenridge, or Aspen. If you are a shopper then there are the factory outlets in Love land or the sixteenth street mall.

If you are a person that likes to hang out and have a good time then there is always historic Lodo which has numerous places to go and relax. If you want to get away for the day there are always the casinos in Cripple Creek, Black hawk, or Central city.

I have been to all of the examples I listed and I have always had fun. The casino drives allow for sightseeing and beautiful scenery, the shopping is plentiful no matter where you decide to stay, and the other various attractions are always fun. I cannot wait to go back soon and take my back to the museum or to six flags for the first time.

Colorado Vacation Spots #5:

This vacation idea contributed by Andrew, Colorado - I love to vacation in Denver, Colorado. The terrain is a little rough at some points, but the sights are beautiful. You can visit Pikes Peak, which is pretty close by. You can see the mountain ranges from miles away.

It has plenty of tourist spots as well. It has an incredible arcade called Dave & Busters, and it’s a great place to spend some time. It's not hard to find your way around, even at night. It's one of the few places in a big city that you can actually see stars at night too.

I was also there one year for the 4th of July. Fireworks are visible from all around the city, and if you find a great hill to sit yourself on, you can spend hours just watching all the fireworks explode.

Denver is a great city to visit. As i said earlier, it has plenty of tourist spots and great ways to spend your time. The houses are beautiful, the sights are plenty, and the animals are interesting.

It is home to mainly deer and foxes. There are deer all around, often walking around through neighborhoods. The Denver Zoo is one of the best Zoos' in Colorado.

Denver is home to many interesting sights and sounds, standing 5,280 feet above sea level. Denver has a magnificent art museum, botanical garden, and it’s also home to one of the Coors' brewery.

Colorado Vacation Ideas #6:

Estes Park, Rocky Mountains ColoradoEstes Park, Rocky Mountains Colorado

My favorite vacation activity is to spend a week in the incredible Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains I am talking about is located in Estes Park in Colorado off of highway 36.

There is a large bridge that offers the best view you could ever see. Wind blowing in your hair old mining tracks way down below.

I like to take long walks with my digital camcorder and record the scenery and take photos for my family to see. Another thing I like to do when I am down there is river rafting. It is so much fun to ride the rapids. It is a little dangerous but the thrill is very worth it.

When you are hungry there are several places to dine and see the scenery. . One last thing while you're down there. The camping in Estes Park is excellent. There is nothing quite like spending time in nature. - By Nathan from Washington

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