Chile Vacation Ideas

Chile Vacations #1:

Farellones is a village that serves the three ski resorts of El Colorado, La Parva, and Valle Nevado. Located about an hour and a half from Santiago, the skiing here is considered among the best in South America. You can stay in Santiago, Farellones or nearby Los Andes. The ski season lasts from July through September.

Vacations Ideas in Chile #2:

Valparaiso is a seaport city that sits on a sliver of land along the bay and has built up into the surrounding hills.

The most remarkable thing about it is the fifteen lifts that have been taking people up and down the hillsides for the past hundred years or so.

At the top of each is a magnificent panorama view that is especially beautiful at night when the city lights reflect off the waters of the bay.

Chile Vacations #3:

The little town of Andacollo in northern Chile is the site of the annual Fiesta Grande de la Virgen that attracts over 100,000 people.

Besides the four days of music and dancing they come to see the small wooden carving of The Virgin of Andacollo.

The Virgin is believed to have miracle-working powers and the pilgrims come to petition her and leave gifts.

Vacations Ideas in Chile #4:

In the extreme desert of the north there is a small oasis town called San Pedro. Tour operators take you the three hour run up to The Tatio Geysers, the highest geyser field in the world. Every morning the geyser shoots water up from holes in the ground, which then sprays down and collects into pools. It is an unforgettable sight that is well worth the effort. There is also a pool nearby for swimming.

Chile Vacations #5:

The cowboy culture is alive and well in central Chile as evidenced by the six month long rodeo competition. The winning cowboys move on to the Rodeo National Championships which take place in Rancagua. The rodeos are an impressive display of horse skills as well as an opportunity to sample local foods, wine, music and dancing.

Vacations Ideas in Chile #6:

Pucon, along the shores of Lake Villarrica, acts as a base for a multitude of activities. Many tour companies operate here offering trips. You can climb the volcano, Volcan Villarrica. You can go horseback riding along the volcano slopes or in the mountains of Villarrica National Park. The Trancura River has excellent fishing as well as rapids for rafting. A number of hot springs spas are nearby. There many other activities available too.

Chile Vacations #7:

For a quiet relaxing time visit the Island of Chiloe. The island is famous for its wooden churches and the best place to see them is in the small villages around the city of Castro. To the west, the Chiloe National park, has a number of hiking trails and a nice white sand beach.

Chile Vacations #8:

In the south the Carretera Austral is a 600 mile long paved road through the wilderness rainforest. It offers an endless variety of sights and adventures for anyone willing to rent a mountain bike or vehicle and take the plunge. Hiking, camping, fishing, hot pools, and white-water rafting are just a few of the options.

Chile Vacations #9:

Take a week long hike around the Paine Massif in the Torres Del Paine National Park. The famous peaks and towers of these mountains are the perfect setting for a hiking vacation. There are two well-established routes, The Circuit and The W, that provide a safe way to explore the wilderness beauty.

Chile Vacations #10:

Robinson Caruso Island is the actual island setting from the famous book. It is accessible by airplane. You can visit sites associated with the real life Robinson Caruso, Alexander Selrik, including his lookout point and a replica of the cave that he lived in. Lobstering is an island mainstay and you can go along on the lobster run. There are less than a thousand islanders and one village so accommodations are a little rough.

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