Cheapest Travel Destinations

Cheapest Travel Destinations #1:

By Craig from England - For cheapest travel destinations, the best vacation I ever took was a weekend trip to Prague and Vienna. I was staying in Aachen, Germany performing research at a university and decided to take a long weekend traveling without anyone else.

I left with no reservations other than a Eurail pass and departure times. Most of the first day was spent traveling via trains talking to whomever I passed that spoke English.

The time in Prague and Vienna was great but the best part about it was just being free to do whatever I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it. No one was there to tell me where I had to be or what I had to do.

It is a freeing experience to spend time by yourself-surrounded by people you don’t know in a foreign country.

Prague and Vienna of course are stunning cities with as many things to do during the day as at night. The best part of the whole experience was the sense of freedom I felt during it.

Cheapest Travel Destinations #2:

By Gilda from AL - My favorite vacation was one I took with my husband and three children. We went to Lake City Florida.

Most people who go to Florida stick close to the beaches, but staying further from the ocean is a lot less expensive, and Lake City is a beautiful small town to visit.

We stayed at the Lake City Campground to save on costs. We got a cabin for two people at an extremely reasonable cost. We were able to stay a week for what we would have spent in a day or two in a beach hotel.

They had a pool, and a room that had board games, a TV, movies to rent, and books to read. There is a little store where you can buy supplies and souvenirs.

On the first day, we took the kids to Jacksonville Beach, which is about an hour and a half from Lake City. They had so much fun playing in the sand and the surf, but they complained that the salt water hurt their eyes.

The next day, we went to the natural springs near Lake City. There are several nearby, but our favorite was Telford Springs.

It was small, but not very crowded, and there was a deep pool that the older kids loved swimming in. The little one could play in the shallows. These springs are 72 degrees all year round, so it's a great way to beat the heat without getting too cold!

After going to the springs, the kids didn't want to go to the beach anymore. They much preferred fresh water to salt water.

The next few days we spent exploring all the attractions near Lake City. We visited a nice little antique mall, went horseback riding, and stopped at Wild Adventures Theme Park.

Nothing was too expensive, or too far from the campground that was our temporary home. We got to see some of Florida's most beautiful places that week. Kids and adults alike are hoping for a chance to return there soon. Lake City Florida is our favorite cheapest travel destinations.

Cheapest Travel Destinations #3:

By Sue from San Francisco - Cruising to Alaska is our suggestion for cheapest travel destinations. If you have never cruised, you have missed been gently rocked out of the stress that builds up in your bones.

Give yourself the ultimate full body and mind massage with a vacation that combines sea, sand, and non-stop fun! You will find a whole city afloat with entertainment, free food, and all the amenities of a five-star luxury resort, and the most reasonable prices!

We took a Norwegian cruise lines tour of Alaska, departing from Seattle, and booked a balcony room to enjoy the amazing coastal views. Once on board, we spent a few hours just exploring the huge ship.

We rode up the glass elevators to the 12th floor and were amazed at the view from the observation deck; we would return here with our camera many times as we neared points of interest.

The Norwegian is freestyle cruising, so we were comfortably dressed and able to choose activities and dining rooms at our own discretion. Four main restaurants, and scores of smaller specialty restaurants, catered to our every craving.

There is no charge for food unless you want to visit a few boutique-type eateries, and you can purchase an unlimited soda pass for the duration of the trip.

Live musical theater, comedians, and dancers entertain you each night in a large and comfortable theater. You have access to free large-screen movies, sport facilities, slot machines, swimming pools, and special events.

There are duty-free shops, gift shops, and larger stores with all the amenities you may need. Music and laughter fill the decks, though it is also easy to find a quiet spot all your own. As you arrive at a port, you have dozens of side excursions available for purchase.

Or, you can head out on your own to discover the local color. We loved taking one tour a day offered through the ship’s scheduling office, and then going out on our own to explore the towns.

Humpback Whale Breach, South Shelter Island, Juneau, Alaska
Photo Credit:

In Juneau we hired a local "vintage cab" and were treated to all the interesting town-gossip and insider tips for places to spend more time exploring. We loved the freedom we had to enjoy the ship’s offerings as we liked, and to stop and visit so many cities in one week without the wear and tear of driving or flying hundreds of miles on a land itinerary.

When we wanted relaxation, it was right at hand. When we were ready for adventure, we had so many options from which to choose.

The cruise personnel were upbeat and very friendly, the food was delicious, and the balcony room just exquisite. We would easily have spent three times as much to have experiences as much fun on land!

Vacation Ideas: Cheapest Travel Destinations #4:

By Chris from MI - A fun and inexpensive vacation for me was a trip in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, US. It was November; it was just my boyfriend and I. We had the National Park almost entirely for ourselves.

Some days it rained and of course it wasn't warm, but overall the weather was very pleasant. We hiked, walked in the woods, sat near waterfalls or on the beach and admired the ocean. We saw lots of deer, snake, and birds in the forest.

It felt good being the only people there. We slept in bed and breakfasts that we found on the road. In most places we were the only guests except for a couple of places where another room was taken by local tourists and fishermen. It was a great experience, incredibly relaxing, plunging in nature and forgetting about people. Still have a lot of photos and some of the best memories ever of a vacation.

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