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Cheap Vacations Ideas #1:

California is one of the top vacation ideas but if you go to the tourist areas where most people spend their vacations, you will likely spend a lot of money. Santa Barbara is a good example.

But an alternative cheap place to go is Carpinteria, just a dozen miles down the coast from Santa Barbara. In Carpinteria you find a relaxing California vacation spot that’s away from the crowds and the high prices.

There are some nice economical hotels. Another great way to keep the vacation budget low is tent camping at the Carpinteria State Beach. You can also bring your RV travel trailer here.

Waterfront campsites are available. The Carpinteria area is a great place to explore by bicycle. During season wildlife like sea lions, seals and even whales can be seen.

A not very known but very interesting place to visit is the Harbor Seal Preserve. This is a super spot to watch the local seals up close and in their natural habitat. For surfers, Rincon Point has made Carpinteria a top surfing destination.

Overall, Carpinteria is an excellent family vacation place near Santa Barbara which is both affordable and fun. Try Carpinteria for a summer weekend mini vacation idea.

Cheap Vacations Ideas #2:

For an inexpensive tropical destination, consider the Dominican Republic. Typically you can find great deals on airfare, particularly through low-cost carriers like Southwest and Jet Blue. Use one of the airfare tracker services like

Punta Cana is the main vacation city in Dominican Republic and flights will be coming in here. Of all the thousands of beaches in Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is considered to have the most beautiful. Very reasonably priced hotels rooms can be found even right on the beachfront.

Barcelo Premium Resort, Dominican Republic
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Barcelo Premium Resort is a good example. They have wonderful rooms overlooking Bavaro Beach which should fit well into a tight vacation budget.

Barcelo Premium offers all-inclusive deals that can also save you a lot and has the added benefit of making your whole trip more hassle free. You can save even more by looking for deals online via sites like Low budget vacation rentals in Punta Cana can be found at hotels like El Cortecito Inn, Hotel Naragua, Da 'Tonino Hotel, and El Cortecito Inn. It’s always a good idea to check out customer feedback on sites like

Reasonably priced adventure trips and excursions are plentiful. Often your resort hotel can help make the arrangements. Some affordable fun vacation activities near Punta Cana include trips to protected nature areas like Del Este National Park, Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia in Higüey and Los Haitises National Park.

Check out Punta Cana Adventure Tours for a variety of cool things to do like exploring the Dominican countryside on a four-wheel ATV or a Jurassic Buggy. They also offer horseback riding on the beach, a whale watching bus trip and a zipline adventure.

Cheap Vacations Ideas #3:

For those who accumulate frequent flyer miles, getting cheap vacations by using this perk is a good goal. Here’s a few quick tips to help you use those frequent flyer miles.
  • You can often get a nice chunk of free miles when you get the credit card offered by the airline. If you are a little short of miles as your vacation looms close, this can be a quick way to get you where you need to be to keep your vacation plans on track.
  • If you are counting on your frequent flyer miles that have been sitting around for a year or two, check with the airline. Some require you to use them within a set period of time. This can also be an issue if you haven’t flown for a while. The airlines want you to be a regular customer and if you haven’t flown for a year or two, those old miles may not be good anymore.
  • If you are having trouble redeeming your frequent flyer miles on a flight that fits your vacation plans, look into using them for other things that can save you money on your vacation. Often those miles can be used to rent a car or get a few nights in a nice hotel. Hey, whatever works to make your inexpensive travel idea a reality.
  • Another idea if your miles don’t seem to fitting your plans, don’t limit yourself to the major airports. With a small adjustment to your plans, you may find those miles suddenly useful at a smaller airport.
  • To really save money and make those frequent flyer miles work for you, plan your vacation way ahead. Sometimes these tickets are available as much as a year prior to the flight. Call the airline or a travel agent. Typically these great deals won’t be online.
  • If you are trying to accumulate miles, you are not necessarily stuck with one single airline. Most carriers make deals with other airlines so their frequent flyer miles programs work together. This gives you a lot more flexibility both while you are building up the miles and also when you go about redeeming them.

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