Cheap Vacation Ideas From Canada

Cheap Vacations From Canada #1:

Forget the expensive and crowded tourist spots and instead head to the great outdoors in Canada’s Manitoba Province. Outdoor adventure vacation ideas are good for the budget minded vacationers and your next nature adventure awaits you in Manitoba’s great outdoors.

Gaze in awe at thundering waterfalls; ancient rugged cliffs; boreal forests teeming with wildlife; cool quiet lakes; and fields of wild flowers swaying in the breeze.

Choose from peaceful campsites and world-class lodges, to spectacular woodland parks and the rush of whitewater.

Wolverine Lodge on Vandekerckhove Lake in Northern Manitoba is a great family resort that offers excellent fishing and hiking.

For a romantic getaway or family nature vacations, try Falcon Trails resort on the shore of Falcon Lake in Eastern Manitoba.

Parkland Ranch is a working horse ranch offers trail riding, cattle drives, canoeing and fishing.

Cheap Vacations From Canada #2:

By Jake from Pennsylvania - A great, inexpensive vacation spot is Ray’s Camps, in Ontario Canada. If you are looking for a nice place to relax that is off the beaten path, this is the place for you. Ray’s Camps is a fishing camp located on Ramsey Lake.

I have been going there for about four years, and have loved every moment. You spend a week in a remote fishing camp that is accessed by barge. I have always gone in July, where the weather has usually been nice.

During the week, you rent a boat and go fishing on the lake. I have always loved fishing, especially for walleye and northern pike, which is exactly what you will find in this lake. We caught a lot of fish, probably fifty each per day; it made it a very memorable experience.

On one nice day we took some of those fish we caught and had a shore lunch. It was a great place to go with my family, because I got to spend a whole week with them, when I usually do not see them very much.

Cheap Vacations From Canada #3:

By Patty from California - We went on a great vacation to Canada at Red Mountain Resort. It’s in Rossland, BC which is just across the border of Washington State.

There are a lot of things to do there, and the place definitely has the feeling of a getaway destination. The drive to the area was gorgeous. Flying into Spokane allowed for a beautiful drive past giant lakes and mountains up to the resort.

There were also many things to do. The snow is great for skiing, but we preferred snowshoeing and sledding. Sitting outside with a cup of hot cocoa and watching the skiers go down the mountain was a wonderful treat, since there are a lot of advanced slopes.

In the town nearby there are a couple restaurants that have some delicious food. Everything feels quaint but modern. The condos were all fitted with hot tubs on the porches, which were perfect after a long day of trekking or skiing in the snow at Red Mountain Resort.

Cheap Vacations From Canada #4:

By Art from New Jersey - A reasonably-priced vacation destination that each member of the family will enjoy is not easy to find. That’s why my family and I were so happy when we discovered Prince Edward Island in Canada several years ago.

If you enjoy breathtaking scenery, you will get your fill just driving the rural roads. We pulled off at a small park along the coast and had a picnic lunch with the most beautiful panorama in the background.

We stayed at Anne’s Windy Poplars Cottage Resort in Cavendish, a rural resort area perfectly situated in the north-central part of the island. The cottage was clean and spacious and only a very short drive to everything there is to do.

Miles of immaculate beaches are just minutes away and we wanted to spend all day there. The water in the bay is fed by the Gulf Stream, making it as warm as the ocean water off the New Jersey coast.

Families with small children or anyone who enjoys "Anne of Green Gables" will want to visit Anne’s house and take the tour. Also, be sure to walk the grounds for a very relaxing hour or so before heading to Charlottetown, the capital. It is a short drive away and we spent a fantastic day there. We visited the provincial capital building, Founder’s Hall, the art gallery and museum.

Before leaving we were treated to a free impromptu thirty-minute musical in the outdoor court of the government complex. For a combination of family entertainment, relaxation and cultural activities superimposed on beautiful landscapes, you will not find anything better than Prince Edward Island.

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