Cheap Vacation Destinations

Cheap Vacation Destinations #1:

By Cassie from MA - The best vacation ideas of my life weren't expensive stays at fancy hotels and popular tourist spots. I recommend a small town where you can relax and just enjoy the atmosphere.

When I was younger I spent many vacations with my family in a small town called Plymouth, New Hampshire. It was wonderful. Although my family had a house there, there are also many nice inexpensive hotels and quaint Bed & Breakfasts.

Cheap Vacation Destinations #2:

By Johnny D. from Dallas - My favorite cheap vacation idea ever was going to Vietnam. I'm an American and young enough that I never lived through the whole Vietnam war experience, so there were no "memories" for me.

The trip was all about fun. I went to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), which was fantastic place to go and interact with the locals. I've never been anywhere where the people were so friendly.

Being a tall white guy, I stuck out quite a bit, and even had children come up to me and say "hi!" in English. A great thing about going to Vietnam is that you can get by VERY cheaply. Consider that a lot of people there are making less than $100 a month and you'll get the idea of how far your money can go.

There are also exotic fruits that you've probably never seen anywhere else. I recommend going to the shopping districts and bargaining for cheap souvenirs (a lot of the people in big cities speak English, and even in cases where they don't everyone is so friendly that it is easy enough to get by with a smile and gestures).

Overall, it was the best trip I've ever had, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Just go to the doctor first and get your shots updated!

By Terry from Arkansas - One of our most enjoyable vacation ideas as well as cheap vacation destinations, as our children are growing up, is St. George Island, Florida. Planning for the trip starts early, renting a house and splitting the cost between three or four families of 5 is a cheap way to go. After a long 12 hour drive the island is a much welcome site. It is not crowded there like Panama City or Mexico Beach and the fishing is always top notch.

A short jaunt across the bridge will bring to historic Apalachicola where I highly recommend the Grilled Grouper sandwich from Papa Joe's restaurant -- it's a must try. Across from Papa Joe's you will find a replica of a statue that is in Washington DC at the Vietnam memorial.

About an hour away and worth the drive is Wakulla Springs where you will find a boat ride touring where you can see a bunch of native wildlife such as Alligators, Eagles, and the water is so clear you can even see fish clearly.

On our last trip there were three manatees that were swimming beside the boat. Wakulla Springs is also where the Creature of the Black Lagoon and many Tarzan movies were filmed. Picnic Area, swimming area, gift and snack shop are on the premises.

Cheap Vacation Destinations #4:

By Sasha from New Hampshire - The best vacation trip I ever took was to Washington, DC. It was me and my husband and we jumped in the car on a Friday and headed south. The drive took about 10 hours and we chose a hotel right in Alexandria, which was a short drive to the city. The hotel was very affordable and the building had an iHop on the first floor which made our breakfast selection simple.

We spent five days in DC and did some amazing things! We visited all of the big tourist attractions like the White House, the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial. We also stopped in at some of the Smithsonian Museums, which were amazing! The museum of Natural History was really cool and we spent a whole day there.

The botanical garden was a great stop along the way and we spent a few hours taking in the flora. There was also an outdoor sculpture park near one of the museums and we took some funny pictures there.

Another day we just browsed around some shops and stopped in at the Spy Museum to pick up souvenirs for the kids. By far, the best place we went was the zoo! There were tons of animals and it was a really nice walk; you actually forgot that you were in the middle of a major city. And, the best part was it was free. We found that most everything we saw and did in Washington was either free or very inexpensive.

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