Cheap Family Vacation Ideas

Cheap family vacations are a necessity when you are on a tight budget. You have to decide where you can afford to go and how you can keeps your expenses down. Here a few money saving vacation ideas. One thing you can do is to stay flexible when planning your trip.

Most people travel on weekends so shifting your plans to fly on a weekday will save you money. This can also help with car rentals. By traveling on a weekday, you then are vacationing on the weekend and car rentals are typically cheaper on weekends.

Flexibility is important when it comes to timing your vacation. The more popular vacation spots will usually cost you more during peak season. Do a little research and find out when the off-season is. Then plan your holiday for when the rates are cheaper.

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Don’t get fixated on one particular destination. If you want a tropical beach vacation there are many different choices. Again a little research will go a long way. Don’t rush off to the one that everyone is raving about.

Find an out of the way spot and you will do your vacation budget a big favor. Planning ahead is the key to achieving cheap family vacations. Waiting until the last minute will force you into going with the more expensive vacation costs.

You can have a cheap family vacations by joining up with friends. Vacation together to reduce the cost. This can mean sharing a hotel suite, a lodge room, a cabin or maybe rent an RV together. Why not everyone hop in the car, drive to the nearest warm beach and camp out in tents.

Another way to keep that vacation budget in line is to use travel clubs. Travelers Advantage, Vacations To Go and Moment’s Notice are three popular travel clubs.

These clubs are an exception to the rule of planning ahead. For people who are willing to travel on short notice they offer discounts on unsold airline tickets, cruises and vacation packages.

Maybe you would consider a home exchange for inexpensive family vacations. It’s not as out-there a vacation idea as you may think. Lots of people are doing it.

There are a number of companies that will help you find another family to exchange homes with. This can be a unique and very interesting way to save on hotel costs and maybe meet some new friends in the bargain.

You can travel cheap on Amtrak by purchasing discount promotional coupons on eBay. Many of these are "buy one get one free" deals.

These are seats that Amtrak discounts for various reasons and you can pick them up for a song. If you are flexible with routes and travel times then this will help you achieve your inexpensive family vacation plans.

To make the best of your inexpensive vacation ideas, you need to keep your travel expenses down. The best way to find affordable air flights is to spend some time researching on the internet. Yes, it’s a hassle but it is time well spent.

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To help you out, here are some sites that specialize in helping you find airfare deals and discounts.

  • Opodo, Sky Scanner and Cheap Flights UK are low cost European flight search engines.
  • Cheap Flights US and Cheap Tickets will help you search for the cheapest U.S.A. flights

    How about volunteering on your next vacation? This is a cheap family vacation idea combined with the opportunity to actually help out a community somewhere in the world?

    Global Volunteers – Family Volunteering

    Global Volunteers has a volunteer service program that has arranged volunteer vacations for thousands of couples, families, groups and individuals. You live with locals and work on community development projects. It's a great way to get away, get involved and get tremendous satisfaction from your vacation.

    canoeing vacation ideas

    Some other cheap family vacations ideas are...stay local rather than flying across country…...Camping is an inexpensive vacation idea.

    Try a camping trip to one of our great National Parks...A canoeing vacation is a wonderful family vacation idea. It’s relatively cheap and can provide a real family bonding experience. Put some money aside each week during the year, plan ahead and, most of all; just have some plain old-fashioned fun.

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