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My cheap Disneyworld vacation by Sarah from Houston - You don’t have to make tons of money to go on a really fun vacation. My boyfriend and I are college students with average paying student jobs. Neither of us had ever been to Disney World and decided that it would be fun vacation idea. We managed to go for 6 nights and 7 days for under 1500 dollars (not including souvenirs).

Here’s how we made a dream vacation happen on a shoestring budget: We managed to get 4 day Disney passes for 140 dollars each on eBay. That is a savings of a little more than 50% of the average cost.   

Proceed with caution when buying these passes from any site besides legitimate travel sites or the official Disney site. There are a lot of scammers out there. Be sure to buy from a respected EBay seller. 

We also decided to go to other local attractions that were free or moderately priced. We found those on Orlando based websites such as the news and events calendars off the local news station websites.

Once you are in the park only spend money on things you need. Bring a back-pack to store water bottles and refill the ones you buy in the park. When we started looking up airfare, we realized it was about 100 cheaper to fly out of Dallas rather than Houston. I also had flier miles from my debit/credit card and we were able to apply those to our flight. 

So, for two people to fly into Orlando from Dallas, it cost only 400 dollars for both of us. We parked our car at a friend’s house. Don’t be afraid to fly on discount airlines, or change to other airports in your area. This can save you anywhere from 50-100 dollars per ticket. 

If you don’t have a friend or relative in the city you drop your car off, consider keeping it in a discount lot off site from the airport. The airports charge higher rates for the same services. 

Hotel costs can kill a budget. Learn how the hotel rating systems work and hunt for the best hotel for your money. I recommend paying more money for a hotel closer to the attractions you want to visit. If booking online, do a Google search for coupon codes for the Hotel before booking.  Every once in a while you can find them for 10% off per night, to 3 night one night free deals. 

Giraffes at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Giraffes at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

We managed to find a discount hotel that still had a pool and mini kitchen (important for food costs) for around 48 dollars per night. So, for six nights it cost us approximately 300 dollars.

Although we found cheaper hotels in Orlando, the one we chose was within walking distance of main attractions. Everyone has got to eat but since we had the kitchenette we only ate out once a day while in Orlando. The rest of the time we cooked “at home”. This really helped with our cheap Disneyworld vacation idea.

We made sandwiches and other simple foods on the cheap. This saved us tons of money and kept our budget in check. Getting around was not really a huge problem for us. We had a good hotel location and could walk anywhere we needed to go.

We decided to rent a car the last 2 days with a weekend rate of 15 dollars per day and booked online with a coupon code. If you rent a car, don’t care about looks. Just get the budget rental. This is usually the compact car. The best thing about compact cars is that they also consume less gas. Less gas means less money.

Finally, to properly achieve a cheap Disneyworld vacation you must be patient. Deals do not happen when you want them to. You need to take time and compare prices, find coupon codes, and research the area. Plan out what you want to do before you even begin hunting for cheap hotels or tickets.

Also, use your resources. Many companies offer discounts to employees on hotel stays and car rentals, they just don’t advertise it. If you are a veteran, you can also find some good deals and get an extra 10% off in most cases. Remember that a cheap Disneyworld vacation doesn’t mean giving up on fun.

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