Cheap Carribean Vacation Ideas

Cheap Carribean Vacations #1:

By Raymond from Florida - One of the most adventurous vacations I've ever been on would definitely be my trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The people there are nice and down to earth; they literally treat you like family. The ocean is crystal clear and the sand feels like cotton under your feet. The water isn't warm and it isn't cool, it’s kind of a mix between the both.

It feels very much different from the ocean waters up here in the United States. My experience in Puerto Rico was fantastic, the food is very delicious and old San Juan looks absolutely stunning.

The buildings are painted in different colors and they look old fashioned. You don’t have to go on the beach. You could just go downtown to old San Juan and just go to a restaurant and enjoy your food while looking at the beautiful scenery.

This whole vacation idea turned out to be very low budget. You can have a great time without spending a lot of money. So if you should ever take a trip somewhere I would definitely recommend Puerto Rico.

Cheap Carribean Vacations #2:

By Michelle from Saratoga - An amazing, fun and low-cost vacation I went on was to Costa Rica. We started our trip staying at Alajuela Tropical Hostel. This was a great choice because it was both cheap and allowed me to see the real Costa Rica.

The owner was incredibly nice and knew a lot of information about the area. The only downside was the cold water for showers, but that's how it is in most places in Costa Rica. Our first stop was Manuel Antonio, which is a beautiful beach and jungle. We saw white faced monkeys and sloths. A white-face monkey stole our chips!

Our next stop was Monteverde. We went to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve and got a guide to take us around the jungle, just the two of us! He found howler monkeys and a male quetzal for us to view. The food at the reserve was home cooked and tasty, one of the best meals we had.

Our final stop was at Laguna de Lagorta, which was a lodge in the middle of the jungle. When we arrived there was a toucan sitting in the tree next to the porch. We used a canoe, which they provide, and canoed down the lagoon looking for animals.

We saw lots of birds. At night one of the workers did a caiman feeding, so all the guests got to watch him feed a caiman. The next day a naturalist took us on a hike and taught us about the flora and fauna. The food and accommodations were superb. Overall, one of the most fun trips I have ever been on.

Cheap Carribean Vacations #3:

Netherlands Antilles Beach
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By Jack from Long Island - I absolutely love going on vacation! The most fun vacation ideas I had was a cruise to the Caribbean.

I cruised to Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas with my family. Cruising is a fantastic way to enjoy the Caribbean and we got a great deal with Royal Caribbean.

We really got our money’s worth. Every day was something different between all the activities on board and excursions when the ship docked. We all had so much fun on board with all the pool and Jacuzzis’, we were constantly swimming it up.

There were other fun activities as well, there was a zip line rock climbing wall, boogie boarding and surfing, all of which were incredibly fun.

Oh! and the food! The food was amazing! If someone could not be found at one of the activities, they would most likely be at the buffet filling their plates with as much food as possible, or one of the other places where there was free food.

Not only was the ship tons of fun, but when the boat docked, there were so many fun excursions to do. When we were in Mexico, we swan with dolphins at the beach; it was such an amazing experience.

We also went to the beach, which was beautiful with the clear water, clear sky and clean sand. It was perfect. If we were not at the beach, we were either shopping or eating, it’s what we do best.

All the stores were awesome, there were so many cool things that you would not be able to find back at home, and for reasonably cheap prices too! Cruises are so much fun and I cannot wait to go on another one! I recommend it if you are looking for cheap Carribean vacations.

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