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Charleston Vacation Ideas #1

Tour the USS Yorktown. Charleston has the honor of having the USS Yorktown enjoying its retirement in her environs. This ship is the second US Aircraft Carrier to bear that name. The first one was sunk at the battle of Midway.

America got busy and built this second Yorktown that is now available, after many days of service for her country, for visitation at the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum in Mount Pleasant, SC.

The 2nd Yorktown was commissioned in April 1943 and served proudly in WWII and the Vietnam War. After serving as recovery ship for the Apollo 8 space mission and the movie “Tora! Tora! Tora!” she was decommissioned in 1970.

The Yorktown is chock full of memorabilia and detailed history of the Navy’s Aircraft Carrier service. A visit to the Yorktown is the stuff that good vacations are made of. The submarine, Clamagore is also at Patriots Point and is available to tours.

Charleston Vacation Ideas #2

Have you heard about the 1,400 year old Live Oak Tree in Charleston, South Carolina? Now we know that you wouldn’t be coming to Charleston on a vacation just to see a tree. However, if you find a couple of other reasons to vacation there you just might find this an interesting attraction to include in your trip.

The most significant thing about this tree is that it just might be the oldest living thing in the USA and perhaps even in the whole world. You can probably also add "man-made" to that claim.

It’s located on John’s Island just outside Charleston and has its own personal name, “Angel Oak“. Now, don’t let that "Island" word fool you. No boat trip is needed; the location the site is accessible via automobile.

This special tree is large with a 63+ feet height and the largest limb is 90+ feet long. It’s many large branches and leaves form a canopy of shade of well over 16,000 square feet. The juxtaposition of all the intertwined branches is a mosaic of beauty.

Charleston Vacation Ideas #3

Mention Charleston SC and the first thought is the first shots of the Civil War. Yes, there are many historic mementos of that important period in our national history, so you'll probably want to start your tour with that emphasis. .

Fort Sumter, where the Civil War started, is located on an island at the entrance to Charleston Harbor. It sits strategically in the middle of a narrow waterway such that theoretically the Federal guns in the fort should have been able to control the early fighting. As it turned out, the confederates used this advantage after they captured the fort from the Federal Troops. .

They say that you can stand on the site of the first shot in the Civil War. Sounds interesting but does that refer to the Rebel cannon that shot the first shot or the Federal forces in the Fort who were the target of the first shot. By the way, history tells us that that first shot missed. The fort is accessible via a regularly scheduled ferry service which also includes tours of Charleston Harbor. Some of these are dinner tours.

Charleston Vacation Ideas #4

There is one common thread among the Charleston things to do, and it’s the fact that it’s a City of Parks and Beaches. Here are some of them. Old Santee Canal has hiking, canoeing and an abundance of nature and Hampton Park is beautiful with its camellias and azaleas in the spring and roses in the summer. .

White Point Gardens, at Battery Park, has excellent views of Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor and beautiful Charleston mansions. Charles Towne Landing has a gift shop, a museum, and a history trail plus a visitor’s center where you can learn about the early settlement of South Carolina. .

Beach-walker Park is just what the name says. With its great parking, dressing areas, outdoor showers, board walks and snack bar it is just made for beach walkers. .

Folly Beach County Park is a beach access park with large ocean frontage and all the normal accouterments. Francis Marion National Forest has boat ramps, fishing, a rifle range, picnicking & camping sites, hiking plus horse & motorcycle trails. North Charleston Wanamaker County Park has two playgrounds, picnic sites with grills, paved trails, bicycle/pedal boat rentals and a seasonal water-park.

Charleston Vacation Ideas #5

How long has it been since you fished off of a pier like Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn? Well, the Edwin Taylor Fishing Pier at Folly Beach is the place to relive old memories. Bring your friends and family as there’s room for all with a pier that’s 25 ft. wide and over 1000 long. .

That means that this pier extends 1/5th of a mile out into the ocean. That alone is worth the trip. Now if that’s not convenient just try James Island County Park where they have a series of floating docks which you can fish from. This site is also good for crabbing. .

Don’t stop, there’s more. Mt. Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park also has a 1,250 foot pier along with fishing gear rentals. They also have a Café and gift shop plus fishing gear rentals. Waterfront Park stretches along the Charleston Harbor entry and includes spectacular fountains and gardens along with a long fishing pier. You’ll also find picnic tables and swings for the kids while you are fishing.

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