Carribean All Inclusive Vacation Ideas

Carribean All Inclusive Vacations #1:

By Maggie from Virginia - I stayed at my first all-inclusive resort this past fall; it was one of the greatest vacation spots ever. I stayed at Cocobay Resort in Antigua. I found myself awakened each morning to the sounds of nature in my cottage and incredible views of the bay.

Here you have the option of being completely open in your room or closing doors, both with equal amounts of privacy...including your bathroom. I found the accommodations at Cocobay Resort incredible, king size beds, Adirondacks chairs on your private porch, a hammock for two as well and my very one private pool.

There was never a time I had to hunt for something to. Taxis were close if I felt the need to spend the day in town, snorkeling equipment was on hand and I could explore the countryside with no worries. I felt like I could just be me with no concerns.

While I was slightly apprehensive about what the food wood would be like, I found that I had so many choices, it was not at all an issue. All-in-all this was one of the best vacation ideas I have ever hard, completely stress-free!

Carribean All Inclusive Vacations #2:

By Derek from Wisconsin - After a lot of discussion about where we would go for our honeymoon, I finally submitted to my new wife's demands (the first of many times), and reluctantly agreed to go to Sandals in St. Lucia.

Though I wasn’t initially excited to go, I am very glad I was convinced to come along for the ride. We stayed at Sandals Grande St. Lucian in a beach front Rondoval suite.

Typically, I am not the romantic type, but this was just that, utterly romantic. The rooms (more like houses) were large, airy, serene and quiet. Quite possible the most comfortable night of sleep I have enjoyed in my entire life. But, by far and away my favorite part of our stay, other than the romance, scenery, calm, and sun, was the food.

If I could, I would eat like that every day of my life. Sushi. Italian, Carribbean, steak, mageritas, and so much more. I think I gained 10 pounds in under a week. Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort, with the all-inclusive package is a must for anyone. Never thought I would go even once, I have now been there 3 times. Go if you can.

Carribean All Inclusive Vacations #3:

By Bill from MD - I stayed at CocoBay Resort in Antigua in a small cottage with a private, personal pool that overlooked the sandy beach and only footsteps from the restaurant and my room. Birds were everywhere; in fact, some even came into the open bathroom on a daily basis.

Imagine never having to use heat and sleeping in the dead of summer with a cool breeze flowing through your room, snoozing under a mosquito net. The food was absolutely phenomenal with the morning fruit and made-to-order omelets being my favorite. The lagoon was so shallow that I walked across to the Jolly Roger one afternoon for lunch; the water never got over my shoulders.

I was able to take a personal watercraft out and explore the entire water area within the lagoon and even visited an old sugar plantation within walking distance from the resort. The views from the top of this hill were to-die-for; in fact, so was the entire trip and the friendly staff at CocoBay.

Carribean All Inclusive Vacations #4:

By Emily from Baltimore - I spent a long weekend at Barcelo Capella in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic with a friend. Having never been to an all-inclusive resort before, neither of us had a lot of expectations. The ability to eat and drink whatever you want whenever you want was great!

The resort, however, was pretty dull. There were no activities (or they were not well advertised), some of the bars weren't open, and we were constantly harassed on the beach by people offering pedicures or selling things.

The part of the sea that this resort is on is not conducive to swimming or other activities--it was full of seaweed and just in general wasn't the crystal clear water that you picture in the Caribbean. I didn't realize just how much the resort was lacking until we took an excursion to Sedona Island and walked through another resort to get to the boat.

The other downside for us was that we were in our mid-twenties at the time and there were few others in that age range. I will do an all-inclusive vacation idea again, but will be choosier about the resort.

Carribean All Inclusive Vacations #5:

By Steve from NJ- I am a huge fan of all-inclusive resorts. I have visited Sandals in the Caribbean and thoroughly enjoyed myself. You can do as much or as little as you want in one of these resorts.

I am one of the people who tries to do as much as I can when I'm on vacation, so I took full advantage of the resort. The food at Sandals was great, with plenty of options and a fairly high quality. I am quite picky when it comes to food, so I was impressed.

I was also happy with the variety and quality of the drinks that were served there. In terms of recreation, I also was quite impressed. They provided several means to keep both me and my girlfriend entertained. Overall, when considering the value of an all-inclusive resort, I'd recommend it. When it comes to the Sandals brand of all inclusive vacation resorts, I'd recommend them!

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