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Caribbean Vacation Ideas #1: Cayman Brac - My favorite vacation experience was a scuba diving trip I took with my family to , one of the Cayman Islands.

It's a very rural and a very laid back place to visit. This was really nice because we did not feel at all like tourists. The area around the island is a wildlife preserve so no fishing of any kind is allowed. This made for some spectacular opportunities to observe the marine life.

In addition, there is some great wall diving and one of the deepest points in the world is a mile or two offshore. We stayed at the Brac Reef Beach Resort. The staff was great and all of our meals and dives were included in our week long vacation package. I would love to take my family there again. - Jon from North Carolina

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He calls it his Backyard Bahamas Vacation Resort

#2: Beaches, Negril in Jamaica - My favorite vacation was when my family and I visited Beaches, Negril in Jamaica. We stayed in the resort and it was so perfect because it was all inclusive.

There was not only the beach but a pool with a swim up bar and many places to lounge around it. The restaurants were all very good, especially one that was a Japanese barbecue.

It was a family resort so there were many things for people of all ages to do. They had a game room for children, the beach and night clubs for the teens, and the fine restaurants for the adults.

The staff were all very friendly and actually learned your name. The weather in Jamaica is perfect for a vacation, just remember to bring your sunscreen. - Natalie from Michigan

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #3: Reefs Hotel and Resort in Bermuda - I remember when I was about 8 years old when I went to Bermuda with my mom and step dad. I remember we went during Hurricane season, but luckily we did not run into any problems until we left the island.

We stayed at the beautiful Reefs Hotel and Resort, which had a lot of beaches and places to eat. I loved it because I had never seen blue water before and you could see dolphins and things from the beaches out in the ocean. It was so cool.

Our first day, we went into town and ate at this little seafood restaurant in Hamilton. Too bad I was too young to pay attention to the name. The second day I hung out on the beach all day. My mom was too far pregnant to get in the water but I stayed in it and afterwards had the sunburn to prove it.

The resort had a restaurant we went to just about every day because my step dad constantly wanted to eat at the hotel or room service which was a drag. Overall my stay at the hotel and on the resort was great. I cannot wait to one day go back myself and stay with my fiancé!
- Arthur from North Carolina

Cocktails in Bermuda

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #4: Bermuda - My favorite vacation spot is Bermuda. My parents had gone to Bermuda on their honeymoon and always told such lovely stories, so I wanted to see it for myself.

I found a good deal on a flight from Spirit airlines and a lot of good deals on beach-front hotels on, so I planned a trip for me and my boyfriend. The island is beautiful, the weather was perfect and the Bermudian people went out of their way to be welcoming.

We spent our days lying on the beach and drinking cocktails and then ate wonderful seafood at the local restaurants at night. We rented a moped one day and had so much fun exploring the island – the drivers can be a bit crazy though. We also spent one day walking around the shops of Hamilton which was fun.

My favorite part of the trip was taking early morning walks on the beach. We only got to spend five days in Bermuda, but it felt like much longer. I’m already ready to go back! - Margaret from New York

Costa Rica Nature Lodge
Costa Rica Nature Lodge

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #5: Vacation surrounded by jungle at the Costa Rica eco-lodge Bosque Del Cabo. The lodge is located in the tropical wilderness of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. To reach it you fly in from Puerto Jimenez and then ride 45 minutes through the rainforest.

Macaws, toucans, parrots and monkeys are just a few of the wildlife that can be sighted on hikes from the lodge to the deserted beaches along the Pacific coast. Nature guides are available to help you explore this tropical paradise.

Solar and hydroelectric powered bungalows make for environmentally friendly lodging. Many activities are available at Bosque del Cabo including yoga, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, horseback riding and treetop ziplining.

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #6: By Jennifer from Michigan - We were considering weekend vacation ideas and with the money being so tight, we decided to go local. We chose Ann Arbor, Michigan as our tropical locale. Granted, the 2 inches of snow somewhat detracted from the theme, but we were determined to have a tropical weekend getaway.

First we reserved a hot tub at Oasis. It was really nice, they have rooms that are open to the elements, but we chose an indoor closed room, it was just what we needed, and after an hour and a half soaking and luxuriating, we were already feeling tropical.

The decor was tropical themed too with plants and a rain forest like atmosphere, it was perfect. For dinner, keeping with the tropical theme, we went to the Palm Palace. It has great Middle Eastern food, and good vegetarian options along with their meat courses, so my meat eater boyfriend and I were both happy.

After that we were warm and our bellies were full. We were going to stay the night but opted against it, deciding to spend the money we would have otherwise spent on the room, on another great weekend getaway the next week.

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #7: One of the best Caribbean vacation ideas is a trip to the Virgin Islands. If you are thinking about vacationing in the Virgin Islands, you may want to consider planning your trip around one of these annual events.
  • International Rolex Cup Regatta: The top event of the summer sailing season, this exciting 3-day sailing competition is held at the end of March each year. It’s hosted by the St, Thomas Yacht Club and attracts world-class racers.
  • B.V.I. Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival: Held in April in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, this is a both a racing event and an excuse to party. This is a fun time for anyone interested in sailing.
  • Virgin Gorda Easter Festival: Every Easter the island of Virgin Gorda celebrates the holiday with this fun cultural event. The focus is on Caribbean food with a carnival atmosphere which includes a parade, Calypso and Gospel music and a beach picnic.
  • Virgin Islands Carnival: If you like carnivals, this is the big one. Loads of music, food, street celebrations and all the fun that goes with it.
  • B.V.I. Emancipation Celebrations: Celebrating the 1834 freeing of the slaves, this is a two week long non-stop party held in Road Town, Tortola that draws locals from across the Caribbean. It’s held in August.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament: Fishing enthusiasts take note, this charity event is open to all. Compete with anglers from around the world each August.
  • St. Croix Christmas Festival: A great way to spend the Christmas holiday with events starting mid-December and continuing thru the first week in January.

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #8: Our best Carribean vacation - By Sal from NY. My wife and I had a great idea for a three-week vacation. If you've got the time and you want to head off to warmer weather, follow this little itinerary for the vacation of a lifetime!

We started in Orlando, Florida with three wonderful days at Disney World. We decided to book our hotel through Hotwire, and we ended up at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club on I-Drive. This hotel was awesome!

The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. We are definitely going back in the future. The hotel has a $6 shuttle straight to Epcot, and Disney's transportation system is quick and easy so it was no problem getting to the other parks.

Make sure you utilize the FastPass tickets to get the most of your short time there. Next, we caught a cheap bus to Miami. We stayed with a friend on this vacation, but any of the unique little art deco hotels on South Beach are fun and usually pretty reasonably priced.

We love soaking up the sun on South Beach and the shopping on Lincoln Road (a pedestrian-only street close to the beach) is fantastic. Be sure to check out the Peter Lik gallery and grab a bite at Pasha's (it's the best price for the best food on Lincoln).

We stayed the weekend in Miami and then took a shuttle bus to the port and hopped on a 12-day cruise with Royal Caribbean on the beautiful Jewel of the Seas. We found the coolest itinerary ever: two sea days straight to Aruba, then Cartagena, Colombia, another sea day to Panama, then Costa Rica, another sea day up to Grand Cayman, and then back to Miami.

It was the perfect combination of sea days and port days, and the variety of ports was phenomenal. We knew this would be the best Carribean vacation.

In Aruba, we took the $1.50 public bus to Eagle Beach (which is one of my favorite beaches in the world) and then another bus up to Palm Beach (check out the gardens at the Hyatt - they're amazing) and the new Paseo Herencia for some shopping.

We took a taxi to old town Cartagena and then wandered the city over to the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas. This castle gives a great view of the city and is really fun to explore. There are miles of tunnels (some of which lead to nowhere) that wind around under the massive complex.

In Panama, we went with some new cruise friends over to the Panama Canal (of course) and then to a little village called Portobelo. The Canal was awesome and really interesting. We had no idea that there would be no water pumps used to fill or drain the locks - they all use gravity! Portobelo was beautiful. This old fortress town has cannons, thick walls and garitas (sentry boxes reminiscent of Old San Juan, PR), and beautiful blue water.

Panama Canal

You need to go to the rain forest in Costa Rica. We took a taxi out to Cahuita, a little beach town just south of Limon. The beach turns right into a rain forest, and we hiked barefoot through the jungle and saw monkeys, sloths, crabs, crazy killer ants, lizards, and even a raccoon.

In Grand Cayman, you need to go to Stingray City. This is a sandbar about 3 feet deep with friendly stingrays with wingspans up to 4 feet! Your guide will catch one for you so you can give it a kiss - which gives the kisser 7 years good luck!

Grand Cayman also has some of the best shopping in the Caribbean. With all the great activities in the ports, it's also important to remember that we were on a cruise, which itself has fantastic activities and awesome food.

If you've never been on a cruise before (which was the case for me before this vacation) I highly recommend it: mini-golfing, dancing, napkin folding, fruit carving, relay races, swimming, trivia contests, bingo, casino, a movie theatre, and we found out that we rock at shuffleboard. :)

So our three-week vacation covered seven cities, six countries, three time zones, and two continents. Crazy? Maybe a little bit, but it was an adventure and it was the best Carribean vacation of our lives. You should do it.

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #9: By David from North Carolina - My wife surprised me with a weekend getaway to Boone, North Carolina. We stayed at a little log cabin bed and breakfast, complete with an old dog sitting by the fireplace all day long, that let us sleep in until 10 and still get a hot breakfast.

We spent the weekend hiking off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, reminiscing on Appalachian State campus and eating at Macado's and Murphy's. At Julian Price Park there are several easy trails that are only a couple of miles but they provide some gorgeous photo opportunities.

It was so nice to be back in the mountains and feasting on Murphy's cheese fries...ohh their cheese fries... Add to the fact that the children were safely tucked away at the grandparents and the whole weekend was a spectacular vacation ideas!

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