Caribbean poker cruise is a fun vacation idea

by Wyatt
(Louisiana )

My favorite vacation was a Caribbean Ante Up poker cruise through Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. I took one that was leaving out of New Orleans. I started my vacation early so I could spend a night in New Orleans. After all, New Orleans is a great place to visit anyway. I spent most of the time on Bourbon St.

During the day they have great places to eat with excellent New Orleans style food like gumbo and red beans and rice. At night, Bourbon St. is alive with the party life.

I happened to be there a night after New Orleans Saints won a game so the mood was exiting. That was an awesome way to kick off my vacation.

The next morning I boarded the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. I decided to take the Caribbean Ante Up poker cruise because I have been playing poker for a few years prior and this was a great way to combine my love for poker with a vacation cruise.

Our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico. I like Cozumel because it has a lot of shops with great deals plus the best Coca Cola you will ever drink. Be careful not to buy too much there because you have to carry it all of the boat when you get back to New Orleans.

Our next stop was George Town, Grand Cayman. I'm not too big on tourist places but I rode around Grand Cayman and visited many interesting spots.

The most memorable was a place called Hell (yes there is a Hell on earth). It actually started raining in Hell which was kind of funny. I had a good time.

The last place we visited was Jamaica. I rode for about an hour through hundreds of banana trees and Jamaican culture to a place that was actually quite familiar. It was a river or swamp like place. I boarded another boat where there were alligators.

The Jamaicans fed the alligators pieces of chicken and actually had the alligators come right up to the boat! This place was interesting because I have been to a few alligator farms here in Louisiana where I am from. It was cool seeing a place that felt like home.

Every night there was a three coarse meal serving some pretty extravagant meals. For example one night I ate escargot (snails). They were not as bad as I had expected. They served almost anything you could think that you want. I ended the meals with a slice of cheese and a glass of wine.

There was food around the clock. Anytime I was hungry I was able to get something to eat 24/7. The people treated me like I was a millionaire. Free room service and hundreds of items delivered right to your door at no cost anytime of the day. Plus they cleaned my room every day.

Besides all of that I came in second in the main event poker tournament. My whole Caribbean Ante Up poker cruise trip was paid for! I actually made a few dollars on this vacation. This was one of my best vacation ideas and I recommend it to anyone. Happy sailings.

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